DCCC Expands Red to Blue by 11

Or maybe they should be calling it “Keeping Blue Blue”. The list:

District Candidate Incumbent Obama
2008 (R)
AR-01 Chad Causey OPEN 38%
AR-02 Joyce Elliott OPEN 44%
HI-01 Colleen Hanabusa Djou 70% -58%
IN-08 Trent Van Haaften OPEN 47% -30%
MI-01 Gary McDowell OPEN 50% -32%
MN-06 Tarryl Clark Bachmann 45% 3%
MO-08 Tommy Sowers Emerson 36% 45%
PA-06 Manan Trivedi Gerlach 58% 4%
WA-03 Denny Heck OPEN 52% -28%
WI-07 Julie Lassa OPEN 56% -22%
WV-01 Mike Oliverio OPEN 42%

In their first batch of Red to Blue endorsements, the DCCC only snuck in two blue seats into the program. This time, only four GOP-held seats made the cut, including the one held by freshly-minted Hawaii Rep. Charles Djou. It’s interesting that the DCCC chose not to include Steve Raby (AL-05) and Matt Zeller (NY-29) just yet. Can you spot any other omissions?  

SSP Daily Digest: 5/4 (Morning Edition)

An all-House digest today – and it’s an hour earlier than usual! Remember, today is primary day in IN, NC & OH, so be sure to check out SSP’s handy election guide.

  • AL-07: Attorney Terri Sewell, who is probably the candidate ideologically closest to outgoing Rep. Artur Davis, is going up with a TV ad buy in Montgomery and Birmingham which will stay up through the primary (which is a month from now). No word on the size of the buy, though.
  • CT-02: Republicans are courting former television news anchor Janet Peckinpaugh to run against Rep. Joe Courtney, who has luckily skated by without much in the way of opposition this cycle. Peckinpaugh says she’s considering it. She was most recently seen shilling for a now-defunct mortgage company in deceptive, TV news-like ads, clearly trading on her reputation as a newsreader. The company, Lend America, shut down in December after it was placed under federal investigation.
  • FL-12: After screwing up the establishment’s efforts to clear the GOP primary field for ex-state Rep. Dennis Ross by jumping into the race, Polk County Comm’r Randy Wilkinson is bidding adieu to the Republican Party. Instead, he’s going to run as the Tea Party candidate (there’s an actual Tea Party in Florida, just like the Whigs). Wilkinson has raised very little money – his FEC reports are a mess, and he seems to like filing them in hand-written form, so he doesn’t even appear in their electronic database.
  • FL-21: What a bummer – zero Dems filed in the open 21st CD, which means that Mario Diaz-Balart will automatically inherit his brother Lincoln’s seat. I can’t really blame folks too much, though, as Florida has especially onerous ballot access requirements. If you don’t petition on, you have to pay a filing fee, which is an insane $10,000+.
  • HI-01: The DCCC threw down another $70K for negative ads against Charles Djou.
  • ID-01, OH-15: We mentioned the other day that GOPer Steve Stivers, busy with a rematch against Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy in OH-15, said he favors repealing the 17th amendment – the one which gives citizens the right to vote for their senators (rather than having them be appointed by state legislatures). Well, after taking a lot of much-deserved heat, he’s backed off that fantasy. But his would-be colleague, Vaughn Ward, is taking up the mantle. Ward, running against Rep. Walt Minnick in ID-01, offered a rationale worthy of Miss Teen South Carolina, saying “When you look at how come state’s rights have been so abrogated, it’s because of things like the 17th Amendment that has taken away those rights from our states.” Yuh huh. Exactly.
  • IL-08: Just click the link and read about the greatest political implosion of the entire cycle. (Thankfully, it’s the bad guys.) More here, here, and here.
  • KS-03: Along with Joe Garcia (see yesterday’s morning digest), the DCCC added another candidate to their Red to Blue list, Stephene Moore, who is the wife of retiring Rep. Dennis Moore.
  • MA-10: State Rep. Jeff Perry, running for Bill Delahunt’s open seat, scored an endorsement from ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney. Perry, who was also previously endorsed by Sen. Scott Brown, has a primary against ex-state Treasurer Joe Malone. Malone has some baggage-related cooties, which probably explains Perry’s run of good fortune.
  • MD-01 (PDF): Public Opinion Strategies (R) for Americans for Prosperity (R) (4/25-26, likely voters, no trendlines):
  • Frank Kratovil (D-inc): 36

    Andy Harris (R): 39

    Richard Davis (L): 6

    Other: 1

    Undecided: 18

    (MoE: ±4.9%)

    Two things about this poll: First off, in contravention of appropriate practice, POS asked all kinds of axe-grindy issue questions (“Gov. O’Malley raised taxes by $1.3 billion”) before getting to the horserace question. This does damage to POS’s reputation as a supposedly respectable pollster. Secondly, the weird thing is that Harris switched pollsters – and his last survey, from the Tarrance Group back in November, had him up by a whopping 52-39. While it’s not a proper trendline, you gotta wonder – is Harris slipping? Or is he getting snowed by his various pollsters? (Update: D’oh! Our mistake — this poll was not done for Harris, but actually the right-wing consortium of douches known as the Americans for Prosperity.)

  • MI-01: Dem state Rep. Joel Sheltrown, who got into the race to replace Bart Stupak just a few weeks ago, is bowing out.
  • MI-09: Self-funder Gene Goodman is dropping out of the race to take on Rep. Gary Peters, despite having loaned his campaign $450K. That leaves ex-state Rep. Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski and former Oakland County GOP Chair Paul Welday in the running, both of whom have had unimpressive fundraising – and in fact, Rocky is yet another victim (albeit a more minor one) of Base Connect.
  • Meanwhile, we missed a Welday internal poll from a couple of weeks ago (taken by Mitchell Research & Communications), which had Peters leading by just 44-43. The poll sampled just 300 LVs, though, and according to the Hotline, was in the field at two discontiguous times. Peters’ camp attacked the poll’s sample composition, but Steve Mitchell says he used the same methodology as he did in September of 2008, when (according to the article), ” he declared Peters was going to defeat Joe Knollenberg.” Is this hindsight proving to be 20/20? Mitchell’s poll from back then had the race tied.

  • NY-13: Global Strategy Group (D) for Mike McMahon (4/7-11, likely voters, no trendlines):
  • Mike McMahon (D-inc): 56

    Mike Allegretti (R): 24

    Undecided: 20

    Mike McMahon (D-inc): 56

    Mike Grimm (R): 23

    Undecided: 21

    (MoE: ±4.9%)

  • OH-09: Dem Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who is not really on anyone’s radar in terms of having a competitive race, is nonetheless facing a moneybags challenger. Former Food Town CEO Rich Iott just dumped $319,000 into his campaign. Kaptur has over a million on hand, and the 9th CD voted 62% for Obama and 58% for Kerry.
  • PA-12: Anzalone-Liszt (D) for the DCCC (4/27-29, likely voters, no trendlines):
  • Mark Critz (D): 43

    Tim Burns (R): 41

    (MoE: ±4.9%)

  • TN-08: A couple of disgusting low-lifes running for TN-08, Ron Kirkland and Randy Smith, had this delightful exchange at a candidate forum:
  • Kirkland, of Jackson, referred to his Army training during the Vietnam War and said: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.”

    Smith, a chef from Mercer who served in the Navy during the Gulf War, said: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

    These sick bastards have serious issues.

  • SD-AL: Heh – GOP state Rep. Kristi Noem has a biographical spot up on the air, talking about her return to her family farm after her father’s death. The only problem is that she shot the ad in Texas – which became apparent given that the backdrop (a grove of leafy green trees) is something you can’t really find in North South Dakota this time of year. Reminds me of when Bob Schaffer ran an ad pretending that Alaska’s Mount McKinley was actually Colorado’s famous Pikes Peak while running for CO-Sen in 2008.
  • SSP Daily Digest: 5/3 (Morning Edition)

  • AR-Sen: Former President and governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton cut two radio ads on behalf of Blanche Lincoln. One of them highlights Lincoln’s alleged support for Clinton’s economic agenda back in the 1990s – not an issue likely to resonate, especially in today’s economic climate.
  • FL-Sen: A Public Opinion Strategies poll for Charlie Crist, taken before he left the GOP primary, had him at 36, Marco Rubio at 28, and Kendrick Meek at 23. A McLaughlin & Associates poll (taken for “the Associated Industries of Florida,” also before the switcheroo) had Crist up as well, 33C-29R-15M. Meanwhile, The Buzz takes a look at which boldfaced names showed up to Crist’s first fundraiser following his political party reassignment surgery.
  • On the Dem side, zillionaire mortgage-shorting mogul Jeff Greene says he’ll “spend whatever it takes” to win his primary against Rep. Kendrick Meek. That must be music to Joe Trippi’s ears. Greene is unelectable but thanks to his monstrous bankroll, he can do a lot of harm to Democratic chances in this race. Trippi is aiding and abetting this bullshit, and will profit handsomely.

  • NY-Sen-B: Chris Dodd, in the midst of working on financial regulation reform, says he won’t attend a Wall Street-sponsored fundraiser on behalf of Kirsten Gillibrand in NYC tonight.
  • UT-Sen: A poignant poll for Bob Bennett: While Republican delegates to the state convention despise him (he’s in third place with just 16%), rank-and-file Republican voters like him much more (first place, 39%). In other states, the GOP would have cause for concern, since a convention process like this is clearly aimed at producing the most conservative candidate imaginable. But in Utah, it probably won’t matter. Though if Bennett gets toppled, I wonder if other nervous establishment officials might consider eliminating the convention and replacing it with an ordinary primary.
  • MI-Gov: Thank god: Geoffrey Feiger, Jack Kevorkian’s attorney and the Dems’ disastrous 1998 gubernatorial nominee, says he won’t run again. Now all we have to worry about is Andy Dillon.
  • HI-Gov, HI-01: Hawaii’s legislature unexpectedly passed a civil unions bill on the last day of the session, which now goes to Gov. Linda Lingle (she has until July 6th to decide whether to sign the bill into law or veto it). Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona (R), running to succeed Lingle, wants her to veto it. Ex-Rep. Neil Abercrombie is strongly in favor of the bill (and gay marriage), while his Democratic primary opponent, Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, opposes gay marriage but hasn’t expressed an opinion on the current bill.
  • This may also have repercussions in the HI-01 race, where state Sen. President Colleen Hanabusa may have pushed the bill through in an attempt to repair relations with the LGBT community after the same bill got scuttled in January. Hanabusa says she doesn’t support gay marriage, though, while Democratic rival Ed Case does. Republican Charles Djou opposes the measure.

  • FL-05: Unsurprisingly, local Republicans are grumbling about Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite’s filing-deadline handoff to Sherriff Ted Richard Nugent, including state Sen. Mike Fasano, who apparently has had his eye on this seat for some time. You have to wonder if this is the kind of thing which will taint Nugent and make him vulnerable to a primary challenge next cycle. Also among the complainers, interestingly, is state Sen. Paula Dockery, whose current district overlaps with the 5th CD. Dockery’s gotten nowhere in her FL-Gov primary against AG Bill McCollum, so you have to wonder if she isn’t gnashing her teeth about a lost opportunity here.
  • FL-25: Joe Garcia’s candidacy is a rare bright spot for Dems in this otherwise putrid cycle. Now the DCCC, which lobbied heavily for him to get into the race, has given Garcia their official stamp of approval, adding him to their Red to Blue list once again.
  • GA-09: Dems never had a chance in the special election in this ruby red district, but you gotta figure it’s almost always better to actually have a Democrat on the ballot rather than not. We had a candidate here, pastor Mike Freeman, but he dropped out a couple of weeks ago. Now, though, he says he’s back in the race, but his website is offline.
  • IN-08: Democratic state Rep. Trent Van Haaften, running to fill Brad Ellsworth’s open seat, has been talking to local teabaggers to see if they might support him. Yeah, I’m in as much disbelief as you are. But, as is always the case, there’s a lot of hostility between the tea partiers and the establishment, and at least one ‘bagger says they want to “teach the machine a lesson.”
  • PA-12: Freedom’s Defense Fund, an arm of the incredibly dodgy Base Connect (formerly BMW Direct) has made a $20K “independent” expenditure on behalf of Bill Russell, who is challenging Tim Burns in the GOP primary. (Recall that there’s both a special election and a primary on the same day.) FDF is supposedly distinct from Base Connect, but given that they share the same office (according to TPM), the idea that their expenditures are actually “independent” is a real stretch.
  • More importantly, the NRCC just threw down another quarter million bucks on behalf of Burns, bringing their total spending on this race to over $725K. The DCCC has yet to respond to this latest blast.

  • DCCC: The DCCC is about to begin its biennial rite of splitting off its independent expenditure arm. Thanks to stupid federal laws against “co-ordination,” the DCCC staffers who make spending decisions about IEs can’t be in contact with the rest of the D-Trip, because those folks are in contact with individual campaigns. This is senseless. Anyhow, political director Robby Mook will head up the IE arm, and John Lapp (who once ran this shop himself) will serve as a “senior advisor.” Incumbent retention director Jennifer Pihlaja will replace Mook as PD of DCCC proper (and keep her current title).
  • DCCC Unveils 2010 Red to Blue Slate

    I think it’s safe to say that the days of six rounds of Red to Blue waves are well behind us. The DCCC has just launched their first slate of Red to Blue candidates for the cycle. The lucky 13:

    District Candidate Incumbent PVI 2008 (R)
    CA-03 Ami Bera Lungren R+6 6%
    CA-45 Steve Pougnet Bono Mack R+3 16%
    DE-AL John Carney OPEN D+7 23%
    FL-12 Lori Edwards OPEN R+6 15%
    IL-10 Dan Seals OPEN D+6 5%
    KS-04 Raj Goyle OPEN R+14 31%
    NE-02 Tom White Terry R+6 4%
    OH-12 Paula Brooks Tiberi D+1 13%
    PA-07 Bryan Lentz OPEN D+3 -19%
    PA-15 John Callahan Dent D+2 17%
    SC-02 Rob Miller Wilson R+9 8%
    TN-08 Roy Herron OPEN R+6 -100%
    WA-08 Suzan DelBene Reichert D+3 6%

    Of course, the DCCC is cheating a bit here by including a pair of Dem-held open seats (TN-08 and PA-07), but I suppose they didn’t feel the need to create a separate program called “Keeping Blue Blue” or somesuch. This is a bit of a dog’s breakfast, but it’s no secret that offense is not exactly a priority for Team Blue this year. Some will probably question the placement of Lori Edwards, who only managed to raise $35,000 in the 4th quarter. (Even Charlie Justice found a way to raise more than that!) I suppose that’s just a sign of the times.

    Still, the most striking thing to me is the realization that, beyond this list, it’s hard to think of too many other potential Red to Blue targets that could constitute a second wave of the program. Beyond the winner of the PA-06, MN-06 and LA-02 primaries, and probably John Hulburd (AZ-03), I’m drawing a bit of a blank.

    DCCC running radio ads against 28 House Republicans

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running radio ads in 28 Congressional districts held by Republicans.


    The ads focus on the Republicans out of step priorities by putting bank bail outs and building schools in Iraq before the needs of the Americans in the struggling economy. The Putting Families First ads begin airing on Tuesday morning during drive time and will run for a week.

    In addition to the strategic radio ads in 28 Republican districts, the DCCC will also begin a grassroots initiative which includes targeted e-mails to 3 million voters and nearly 100,000 person-to-person telephone calls.

    House Republicans just don’t get it.  They celebrate being the party of no and status quo, while more than 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs, the stock market has plummeted wiping out nearly $7 trillion stock market wealth and endangering thousands of investors’ nest eggs, and one in 10 homeowners was delinquent on mortgage payments or in foreclosure this fall.

    “These are serious times, hard working families are worried about keeping their jobs, health care and homes – they want action, not House Republicans cheering about doing nothing,” said Brian Wolff, Executive Director of the DCCC. “Republicans’ champagne wishes and caviar dreams simply don’t connect with middle class families struggling to make ends meet and furious that their tax dollars are going to bail out banks, build schools in Iraq, or send American jobs overseas.  The Putting Families First campaign is only the first step, we will continue to go district by district to hold Republicans who continue to vote in lockstep with party leaders and against the folks in their districts accountable.”

    There are several versions of the ad, all featuring elements of the economic stimulus bill (click here for transcripts). Here is one focusing on the education angle:

    Did you know Congressman Thad McCotter opposed over $526 million to modernize crumbling Michigan schools, but supported building new schools in Iraq?  Times are tough, tell Thad McCotter to put American jobs first.

    If you’ve heard any of these radio ads, please post a comment or send me an e-mail (desmoinesdem AT yahoo.com) to let me know where you are and what issue it covered.

    There is a lot of overlap between the 28 districts where DCCC ads are running and this list of the 20 most vulnerable House Republicans going into 2010, which Crisitunity compiled at Swing State Project last month. However, there are a handful of Republicans on Crisitunity’s list who are not (yet) being targeted by the DCCC’s ad campaign.

    Conversely, the ads are running in some districts where the incumbents may not seem vulnerable at first glance. Tom Latham did not make Crisitunity’s list after he won re-election by more than 20 points in November, despite the fact that Barack Obama carried Iowa’s fourth district. However, the DCCC is running ads in IA-04 and clearly has not ruled out making a serious play for this district in 2010.

    It’s worth noting that Bruce Braley (IA-01) is now the DCCC’s vice chair responsible for “offensive efforts including recruitment, money, and training.”

    Taking out Latham in 2010 would make it highly likely for Iowa Democrats to hold three out of the four Congressional districts we will have after the next census. Even if we don’t beat him in 2010, running a strong campaign against Latham could bring down his favorables and improve our chances of holding IA-03 if that district includes Story County in 2012.

    UPDATE: At Daily Kos, brownsox demolishes Fred Hiatt’s criticism of this ad campaign.

    DCCC Releases 6th Wave of “Red to Blue”

    The DCCC has unveiled an unprecedented sixth wave of their Red to Blue program, adding eight new candidates to the list:

    AL-03: Josh Segall

    CA-50: Nick Leibham

    IA-04: Becky Greenwald

    LA-01: Jim Harlan

    MN-06: Elwyn Tinklenberg

    NJ-05: Dennis Shulman

    SC-01: Linda Ketner

    TX-10: Larry Joe Doherty

    The committee also upgraded a number of candidates to their slate of “Emerging Races”: Bill Durston (CA-03), Rob Hubler (IA-05), Bill Mitchell (FL-09), and Georgianna Oliver (OK-01).

    We saw in 2006 that the later a candidate gets added to the program, the less meaningful that endorsement is. Although keep in mind that the DCCC added a fourth wave to Red to Blue on October 27, 2006 — far too late to have any meaningful impact, and five of those candidates are serving in Congress today.

    IN-03: DCCC Adds Montagano to Red to Blue Program

    Blue Indiana has the scoop:

    This morning, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee named Third Congressional District Candidate Mike Montagano to its Red to Blue Program.  Candidates named to this program are considered to be amongst the top candidates across the country, having skillfully demonstrated that they stand for change and will represent new priorities when elected to Congress.

    “Mike Montagano’s appointment to the Red to Blue program is further proof that Hoosiers are tired of the economic mess we’re in and are clamoring for change.  He is set to unseat Mark Souder and deliver results for the Third District,” said Dan Parker, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party.

    Souder, an anonymous GOP wingnut with a thin record of legislative accomplishments, gave the NRCC some heartburn in 2006, when he won by a 54-46 margin in this R+16 district — but only after the NRCC stepped in with several hundred thousand dollars worth in attack ads against Democratic candidate Tom Hayhurst.

    Democrat Mike Montagano has been up on the airwaves in this district for the past couple of months, and internal polling from a few weeks ago showed him cutting Souder’s lead from 27 points to 13. Given the conservative tilt of this district, Montagano still faces an uphill battle against Souder, but this is a timely boost for the Democrat.

    Red to Blue: How Meaningful Is It?

    Earlier this week, the DCCC unveiled an unprecedented fifth wave of its highly-touted “Red to Blue” fundraising and support program for Democratic candidates running in GOP-held House districts. With the DCCC bolstering the ranks of this program with so many up and comers, it’s worth asking: just how valuable is this endorsement, and what can its participants expect in terms of tangible support?

    The “Red to Blue” distinction is essentially the DCCC’s stamp of confidence in a local campaign. Roll Call has more:

    The list started in the 2004 cycle. Democratic consultant Mark Nevins worked at the DCCC before the list became akin to “the Good Housekeeping seal of approval” for Democratic Congressional races.

    “If a candidate is on the Red to Blue program, it is an easy way to identify people who the party believes have a realistic shot at winning,” he said.

    In other words, the distinction is an arrow drawn by the DCCC for potential donors saying: Hey, this candidate is worth your time — and money. CT-04 candidate Jim Himes sums it up well:

    “It certainly got us a lot of assistance from the DCCC,” Himes said. “It certainly helped with validation and credibility, and it helped to some extent with fundraising as well.”

    But after seven months on the list, Himes said Red to Blue was more helpful in the beginning stages of his campaign.

    “I guess I would agree that the Red to Blue program is more helpful early on than when it comes down to people making a decision about voting,” he said. “At this point, my critical challenge is really telling my story in my district.”

    In other words, the earlier a campaign can secure this endorsement, the more valuable it is in terms of attracting national donors. (That’s not to say that late-bloomers can’t win – but more on that below.)

    But what about attracting cash infusions from the DCCC itself in the form of independent expenditures? Looking at each of the DCCC’s four waves of R2B in the 2006 cycle gives us a similar answer: the earlier that a campaign is added to the program, the more likely the committee has been to make independent expenditures in that particular race.

    Let’s go through each of the DCCC’s Red to Blue waves in 2006, and tally up how much the DCCC spent on each race. We’ll start with the first wave, and continue with the remainder below the fold. (UPDATE: As per suggestions in the comments, I’ve added up the NRCC’s totals in these districts, too — to give you a sense of how much of a bullseye gets painted on an R2B candidate’s back.)

    Wave 1 – April 27, 2006:

    District Candidate DCCC IEs NRCC IEs
    WA-08 Burner $2,024,515 $2,361,739
    FL-09 Busansky $0 $33,705
    CT-02 Courtney $2,067,241 $2,744,512
    OH-01 Cranley $1,277,033 $1,459,563
    NV-02 Derby $416,329 $481,992
    IL-06 Duckworth $3,170,023 $3,356,473
    IN-08 Ellsworth $2,210,822 $1,870,406
    CT-04 Farrell $1,638,141 $1,655,045
    CA-11 Filson $0 $0
    NY-20 Gillibrand $789,029 $591,744
    NV-03 Hafen $307,977 $475,871
    IN-09 Hill $3,075,634 $3,251,553
    OH-15 Kilroy $1,634,501 $1,807,722
    FL-22 Klein $2,306,050 $3,352,554
    TX-22 Lampson $201,596 $1,681,554
    KY-04 Lucas $2,708,524 $2,246,547
    NM-01 Madrid $1,997,158 $2,032,807
    AZ-05 Mitchell $2,117,826 $2,250,474
    CT-05 Murphy $2,074,486 $1,875,722
    PA-06 Murphy $3,007,531 $3,885,491
    NC-11 Shuler $171,161 $1,541,197
    VT-AL Welch $424,440 $719,963

    Wave 2 – July 13, 2006:

    District Candidate DCCC IEs NRCC IEs
    NY-24 Arcuri $1,923,916 $2,251,040
    IA-01 Braley $1,899,748 $2,443,149
    PA-10 Carney $1,105,863 $1,512,989
    IN-02 Donnelly $917,818 $383,327
    FL-13 Jennings ? ?
    VA-02 Kellam $1,157,266 $1,361,623
    PA-08 Murphy $1,724,669 $3,616,675
    CO-07 Perlmutter $2,014,273 $556,032
    PA-07 Sestak $1,934,247 $3,683,379
    OH-18 Space $2,480,933 $3,399,150
    NJ-07 Stender $103,663 $47,868
    KY-02 Weaver $330,664 $41,569
    MN-06 Wetterling $1,123,022 $2,485,283
    OH-06 Wilson $607,761 $666,741

    Wave 3 – September 18, 2006:

    District Candidate DCCC IEs NRCC IEs
    AZ-08 Giffords $653,080 $347,727
    IL-17 Hare $0 $0
    NH-02 Hodes $1,120,207 $471,887
    WI-08 Kagen $1,220,906 $1,116,080
    NY-25 Maffei $445,685 $375,495
    FL-16 Mahoney $428,725 $1,667,935
    CO-04 Paccione $348,634 $1,806,613
    OH-13 Sutton $0 $21,074
    HI-02 Hirono $0 $0

    Wave 4 – October 27, 2006:

    District Candidate DCCC IEs NRCC IEs
    AZ-01 Simon $0 $24,142
    CA-04 Brown $0 $356,137
    CA-11 McNerney $216,690 $1,431,944
    CA-50 Busby $0 >$0
    CO-05 Fawcett $0 $149,446
    ID-01 Grant $0 $609,619
    KY-03 Yarmuth $320,794 $247,524
    MN-01 Walz $370,883 $408,565
    NC-08 Kissell $0 $0
    NY-03 Mejias $0 $0
    NY-19 Hall $0 $19,297
    NY-26 Davis $422,901 $1,026,526
    NY-29 Massa $0 $223,516
    OH-02 Wulsin $0 $322,984
    PA-04 Altmire $398,804 $618,555
    VA-10 Feder $0 $0
    WA-05 Goldmark $320,861 $0

    Now, it’s pretty clear that the addition of so many races to the R2B program a week and a half before election day was mostly a “pat on the back” exercise for many of these candidates rather than a legitimate showing of support, although it’s worth noting that we’re looking at five congressmen today who came out of that last-minute batch.

    However, just about every candidate in the September 18th and earlier waves received a direct helping hand by the DCCC’s IE shop – with the exception of blue seaters who never really needed the help (Hirono, Hare and Sutton), and Phyllis Busansky, who never really stood much of a chance against a candidate named “Bilirakis”.

    So with all that in mind, here are the five waves of Red to Blue that the DCCC has announced so far this year: Round one, two, three, four, and five.

    Special note: I could not obtain figures for FL-13, but I do know that the DCCC funneled some considerable resources here.

    DCCC Promotes 8 More to “Red to Blue” (Updated)

    Somebody’s feeling confident over at the DCCC: hot on the heels of yesterday’s addition of NY-26 surprise primary winner Alice Kryzan to their Red to Blue program (the DCCC’s fundraising stamp of approval), they’ve promoted eight more candidates today.

    FL-08 Alan Grayson

    FL-18 Annette Taddeo

    KY-02 David Boswell

    NC-10 Dan Johnson

    NE-02 Jim Esch

    OH-07 Sharen Neuhardt

    PA-15 Sam Bennett

    TX-07 Michael Skelly

    Of these candidates, Taddeo, Boswell, Johnson, Bennett, and Skelly all got promoted from the DCCC’s Emerging Races list. Grayson is the winner of the recent FL-08 primary, and Esch and Neuhardt have leapfrogged their way onto the list.

    UPDATE (James): The DCCC has also added a few more candidates to its list of “Emerging Races”:

    IA-04: Becky Greenwald

    IL-13: Scott Harper

    LA-01: Jim Harlan

    SC-01: Linda Ketner

    TX-10: Larry Joe Doherty

    NY-26: DCCC Adds Kryzan to Red to Blue

    From the DCCC Press:

    Following her victory in the Democratic Primary in New York’s 26th Congressional District, Alice Kryzan has immediately been added to the DCCC’s Red to Blue program for open seats. Alice Kryzan earned a spot in the competitive program by establishing significant local support and skillfully showing New York’s voters that she stands for change and will represent new priorities.

    “Congratulations to Alice Kryzan on her primary victory,” said DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen. “Alice Kryzan is a strong leader who will fight to make college and health care more affordable, and lower gas prices. Alice Kryzan will be a formidable candidate in the general election. With 55 days left to make her case to the voters of the 26th district, the Red to Blue program will give Alice the financial and structural edge to be even more competitive.”

    The DCCC has also released a viability memo on this race, indicating that they still consider this one very much on the big board of opportunities. I wonder if EMILY’s List will decide to make a bit of penance for its embarrassing support of Nikki Tinker against Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen earlier this summer by throwing their fundraising support to Kryzan. Might be a good idea for them.

    Many have asked if Jon Powers can remove himself from the Working Families line on the November ballot. The short answer? He can’t. But if he endorses and campaigns for Kryzan, his votes should be minimal.

    SSP currently rates this race as Lean Republican.