Kentucky Races Sizzle

Well, the political season has gotten pretty hot in Kentucky. With a Senate seat, and four hotly contested House seats here, Democrats here are fired up. Despite what any poll has said to this point, all these races are winnable. We have fielded a surprisingly impressive lineup of candidates and we are ready to fight for them. Meeting some of the delegates, and Jennifer Moore, the KDP chairman has convinced me that our party is ready to fight.

Our Senate campaign is first and foremost. Living in Kentucky, I have seen the terrible Mitch McConnell ads. I will not grace Mitch McConnell with their prescense in my diary, but they should be easlily findable on YouTube.

For his part, Bruce Lunsford has been hitting back:

He also recieved a huge endorsement from a formal rival:

DENVER-Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler of Kentucky’s 6th District officially endorsed Bruce Lunsford in his race for U.S. Senate against Mitch McConnell. Chandler made the announcement this morning during a Kentucky Delegation breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

“I am delighted that Ben has publicly expressed the support that he’s been expressing to me privately throughout the year,” said Lunsford, who attended the breakfast. “I’m thrilled to have Ben’s endorsement, and very grateful for it. Ben and I are united in the fight to put an end to the Bush-McConnell policies that have damaged Kentucky and the nation this decade. For many years, Ben Chandler has been an important leader in Kentucky, and I know Mitch McConnell and George W. Bush realize that when Democrats are united behind a cause, it spells trouble for them.”…

Bruce can still win this race and still needs our help. Defeating Mitch McConnell should be as important as expelling Joe Lieberman, and would should get behind it with as much effort.

Now, in Congressional races, we simply must keep John Yarmuth, incumbent in the 3rd District. Anyone can find his record and easily see why. I got the priviledge of sitting next to him during Kennedy’s speech at the Convention. Here is a video he gave the grassroots Progressives at

I don’t think he is in trouble, but we must remain vigilent in this race, because Anne Northup is a Republican sweetheart who will raise a ton of cash. Yarmuth is a fine man, and a great Democrat we need to keep in our U.S. House. Please remember him:…

David Boswell is in a hot race too. There have been hints of a DCCC investment, and Boswell has polled ahead in this race. You can see him here. As a State Senator, he has high name recognition in his district:…

Then we have the two challengers facing the super tough races. You can here what Howard Dean says about them here:

Dr. Kelley is in the Fourth District. See him here:

Help Dr. Kelley here:…

Ah, and finally, we have Heather Ryan!! Yes, this is my home, my race and my friend. Thanks to all who helped us win the Progressive Patriots contest, it was huge for us. Thanks to Jennifer Moore and the KDP for helping us achieve it, and to all the many folks I asked to vote for her that did. You have all our gratitudes.

It seems the Exxon Ed Whitfield people just have something against this fiery grassroots Democrat. Not only do they take money from terrorist, but they hate free speech too. With a million dollars in their campaign account, they continue to rip up our campaign signs, many handpainted ones and two of the fifty printed ones we had donated. With a million dollars in their account they fear us because we speak the truth to power:

They even attacked her for raising money for a foundation that supports battered women in Western Kentucky:

The good news is the Feingold money, that many people were kind enough to help us win will keep Whitfield and his cronies plenty busy yanking up yard signs from now until November so we have time to go on the offensive. We need to run T.V., and we need your help to do it.

One T.V. spot on cable here costs about $6. Please, chip in just $6 to buy us one spot here:…

If enough people give the price of a lottery ticket to take a chance on expanding our Congressional majorities we could well scratch off a winner here. Please help.

Don’t forget Kentucky. Jennifer Moore is providing great leadership here, and we have great candidates!!

KY-04: Davis Leads By 13 in New SUSA Poll

SurveyUSA (6/28-30, likely voters):

Michael Kelley (D): 41

Geoff Davis (R-inc): 54

Undecided: 5

(MoE: ±4.2%)

Davis might still be feeling some residual negatives from list last bruising race, but he shouldn’t have anything to worry about this November given Kelley’s beyond anemic fundraising.

Still, it’s amusing that Davis’ numbers are worse than John Yarmuth’s, who led Anne Northup by 57-40 in the latest SUSA poll of KY-03.

SSP currently rates this race as Safe Republican.

(H/T: X Stryker)

Kentucky Democrats Field Four Awesome House Candidates

Kentucky has been turning the corner and getting back to its Democratic roots. We voted for Bill Clinton twice, but went through a spell where Republicans peeled off our House and Senate seats. That changed some when Ben Chandler lost his bid for Governor in 2003 and won one House seat. Our Democratic Attorney General at the time, Greg Stumbo then went on to expose the Republican Party in Kentucky for the corrupt machine it was, and John Yarmuth became a fresh pickup and one of the very best of the freshman class that won in 06.

Now this year we have a lot to be proud of in the Bluegrass state. We hold two of our House seats, and have excellent candidates fielded in three more. Hang out and check out some great Kentucky Democrats.

Anyone who has seen much of my blogging lately knows about the First District candidate Heather Ryan. This is my district and I live in Paducah and know Heather Ryan. This is her first run for office, but folks I am telling you she definately has the fire and fighting spirit that our party simply needs in the Congress. She is young, energetic and quite simply put sharp as a tack.

She is a great speaker, as you can see for yourself:

When Democrats hear her, they support her. She gave a rousing speech to the Kentucky Democratic Party that I am still waiting for the video on. From what I heard, she brought down the house:…

She doesn’t mind taking time for constituents, and Kentucky Progressive bloggers:…

All this young lady needs is the resources to put this district on the map. She is very good at stretching existing funds and if she gets some resources she WILL force the Republicans to spend money here.

Please consider supporting her, a hard-working grassroots Democrat that shares our ideals and will fight for them:…

In the Second Congressional District we have David Boswell, and awesome Democratic Candidate for that seat. David has already had polling showing he is VERY competitive in this race:

In November, 2007, the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group conducted a survey asking people across the District who they would vote for if the Congressional election were between David Boswell and Ron Lewis. The results, released last December, found David favored in that match-up 44% to 34%, with only 4% interest in other candidates. Ron Lewis may have had his own reasons for choosing not to seek re-election, but this survey is an indication that the right Democrat — David Boswell — was already in a strong position to deny Lewis re-election.

He sounds like my kind of Democrat:

There has never been a more important time than right now to have that kind of vision for us, and from us, in the U.S. Congress. Now is our time to join the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, and turn the country away from the corporate mentality of Bush policies that have raised our gas prices, recessed our economy, and ruined our housing markets. The middle class sensibility of our cities and communities tells us we ought to be able to earn good pay for a good day’s labor, to afford health care when we need it, and promote ways to seek higher education. The example from our homes, families, and friendships can again inspire our nation and the world around it. We know how important protecting freedom is, we honor all those who serve in defending us. We also believe the United States has the diplomatic potential to support sibling democracies without policing the world, or becoming Big Brother at home.

Go to David’s site and support a great Democrat!!

The Democrat in Kentucky’s Third District should need little introduction. John Yarmuth was our only pickup in 06 and is facing a rematch against Anne Northup. A Kentucky Republican Party sweetheart, she will be well funded.

All you have to do is google Yarmuth’s voting record and you will see why we need to keep him in the Congress better than I can describe. He is one of the shining stars of that Freshman Class for our party. Stop by his site, and be sure to support John Yarmuth!!:


Lastly, in Kentucky’s Fourth District we have Dr. Michael Kelley. He is a Democrat we can be proud to stand up for too:

As a voter and taxpayer, Michael Kelley is opposed to the continuing Republican efforts to pour more American blood and treasure into the desert sands of the Middle East. Our military has performed incredibly well in extremely challenging circumstances, having been thrust into war without adequate equipment or justification. But unless the Shiite and Sunni factions are willing to put aside hundreds of years of division and bloodshed, our troops will continue to be caught in the middle. It is time to stop forcing American troops into the quagmire in Iraq. It is time to compel the Iraqis into political accommodation by bringing our troops home now.

As a country doctor, Doc Kelley is deeply concerned about our flawed healthcare system. His commonsense ideas for saving American taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars are a good start to fixing our broken system which currently leaves millions of Americans without hope.

Michael Kelley believes that politicians in D.C. will constantly be pressured to make unethical decisions under our current, morally bankrupt campaign finance system. His ideas for campaign finance reform would change our government fundamentally because our representatives would belong to the people – not to the special interests.

Go here to watch his videos and hear him in his own words:….

Go here to support him:…

With the field of fine candidates that have cropped up in Kentucky all we need are the resources to help in expanding our Congressional majorities by a lot. Don’t forget the fine Kentucky candidates on the frontlines of the fight for a new Congress!!

Best wishes everyone!!


Field & Zogby Polls

The latest California Field Poll has Shwarzenegger up by double digits but still under 50%. Feinstein also up by double digits, with slight slippage within the MOE. Unfortunetly no polling on the “down the ticket” or Congressional races.

11/1/2006 MOE 3.5% Both Polls


Shwarzenegger 49 (44)

Angelides 33 (34)

Other 6 (7)

Undecided 12 (15)

Angelides is only leading in LA County-42% to 36% and tied in the SF Bay Area, not good news. Looks like the Gropenator will pull this out but interesting that he still hasn’t popped 50%. 78% believe Shwarzenegger will win.


Feinstein 55  (57)

Mountjoy 33  (29)

Other  4 (6)

Undecided 8 (8)

No regional info. Interesting slip though its within the MOE and I only just saw my first Feinstein TV Ad today.


Zogby(Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Graf (R) 41 (37)

Giffords (D) 54 (45)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

O’Donnell (R) 40 (34)

Perlmutter (D) 54 (45)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Simmons (R) 47 (44)

Courtney (D) 42 (41)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Shays (R) 44 (41)

Farrell (D) 51 (46)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Roskam (R) 40 (38)

Duckworth (D) 54 (43)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Chocola (R) 39 (39)

Donnelly (D) 52 (49)


Zogby for Reuters. 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Sodrel (R) 46 (38)

Hill (D) 48 (46)


Zogby(Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Whalen (R) 42 (34)

Braley (D) 49 (47)


Zogby(Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Davis (R) 42 (42)

Lucas (D) 45 (36)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Bachmann (R) 52 (46)

Wetterling (D) 42 (43)


Zogby for Reuters. 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Wilson (R) 44 (40)

Madrid (D) 53 (50)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Taylor (R) 43 (40)

Shuler (D) 48 (51)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Padgett (R) 33 (36)

Space (D) 58 (45)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Gerlach (R) 44 (41)

Murphy (D) 49 (43)


Zogby (Reuters). 10/24-29. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (9/25-10/2 results)

Drake (R) 51 (42)

Kellam (D) 43 (46)

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