NY-19: Ball’s Out

Looks like the other ball has dropped:

Republicans could be getting a break in upstate New York, where state Assemblyman Greg Ball (R) says he will run for state Senate rather than against Rep. John Hall (D-N.Y.).

Ball announced Saturday that he would make the switch. His exit clears the primary for ophthalmologist Nan Hayworth, who recently got in the race and has caught the eye of the national party.

Ball, meanwhile, has a flamboyant personal style and political history that rubbed some the wrong way. At the same time, he was raising more money than Hall and looked to be a formidable obstacle to Hayworth. […]

He will now run for the 40th district in the state Senate, a closely divided chamber that has switched control multiple times just this year.

Ball, as you may recall, was recently busted by Roll Call for spreading misleading poll results for his race against Hall. More curious, though, is his decision to run in SD40. The 40th District is already held by a Republican, Vincent Leibell, and I’m unaware of any plans for Leibell to retire. Ball may be just the type of nut, though, to capture the attention of the teabagging base in a primary fight.

The 40th SD is also marginally Democratic in terms of voter registration (by about a 70K to 67K edge), though Dems didn’t bother to put up a challenger for the seat in 2008. However, with Ball dipped into the mix, it might be worth putting a warm body into the race, just in case.

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  1. Ball is just the type to bring a teabagging-heavy primary challenge. That’s how he got into his assembly seat (this was pre teabagging of course) I’m pretty sure.

  2. Leibell is a fairly liberal to moderate Republican who may vote for same-sex marriage. He needs to put pressure on him not to and not risk losing the seat.

    He still has his eye on Congress though, I’m fairly certain of it.  

  3. Wasn’t that dude named Saul who was a zillionaire suppose to oppose him until scandal struck that one down as well.  Hall seems like a guy with a good sense of humor as well, he should become entrenched soon.

  4. I always have a feeling that poll could be tainted in the candidate’s favor. Thus whenever I do calculations to predict results, I completely disregard any internal polls. However, Ball vs. Hall does have a good ring to it. Being realistic though, I think John Hall has this seat for as long as he wants it.

  5. This is, in my opinion, the most hilarious SSP post title… ever. And I include Panic! At Tedisco in that.

  6. In a closely divided NYS Senate a GOP Senator like Ball could really be a differnece maker.

    Remember 1 Dem loon like Pedro Espada thew the whole place into chaos. Ball could be the GOP’s monkeywrench.

    Most of the GOP NYS Senators are very displined. They just shut up and follow the leader (even if he is a corrupt crook like Joe Bruno) in exchange for pork for their district.

    Ball doesn’t play ball. If the GOP takes back control in 2010 & Ball is the difference look for a lot of fireworks. I see him holding things up, calling out member items and making lots of enemies.

    Could be fun to watch.

  7. and why has she “caught the eye of the national party”?  Would she actually be a formidable opponent for John Hall?

    1. I think the emerging conventional wisdom is that a possible landslide for Cuomo would bring in more Ds in the state legislature.

  8. Ball to face Hall and lose, so we can write “Ball Sacked”

    I almost feel bad for Greg, how much did he get teased in high school?  

  9. Did that link describe Jim “Pizza Stain” Brands making a reasonable decision in an election case? My mind is blown. I guess he’s only a partisan hack 99.9% of the time.

  10. …was it’s simplicity and straightforwardness. You were just presenting a headline that might easily appear on Politico or in the New York Times: Ball’s Out. Nothing off-color about that at all. Now, perhaps if he were to make the announcement with no pants on, we’d have something to really talk about.

  11. I was waiting for the first reference to tea-bagging.

    Still, “Ball, meanwhile, has a flamboyant personal style and political history that rubbed some the wrong way” is one of the most unintentionally funny things written in a newspaper in a while.  

  12. Christie’s family was in the highest levels of the NJ mafia (his uncle was #3 in the state).  Unlike AJ from the Sopranos, Christie says he knew who his uncle was and what he did at age 15.  Easy enough since he was tried and convicted while Christie was in high school.

    I doubt many kids were messing around with Christie in HS.  Funny thing is, he probably thought he was immune because he was cool.

    Christie did not prosecute the mafia mor did he prosecute his brother’s industry, Wall Street.  In fact, he pulled strings and made calls to make sure bro went unindicted.  Immune from the prosecution and indictments was the most infamous Democratic boss in the state, George Norcross.  Of course, Norcross never delivered big margins for the state ticket and his politicians are conservadems.  That’s no coincidence.

    The two most Conservative Jersey Dems in Congress are both Norcross creations.

  13. The tax revolt in Westchester and Long Island should scare lots of Dems in NY.

    For Spano & Suozzi to both lose their county ex seats was a really big shock. No one saw this coming.

    Voters in NY are in an angry throw the bums out mood and there are more Dem bums than GOP ones.

    My two cents is that Tedisco & Scozzafava were hurt more by being seen as Albany insiders than anything else. I mean Scozzafava ran for Congress on a platform of what she did in Albany! Speak about tone deaf political instincs.

    Bottom line is Seante is really tight. 1 seat could flip it in either direction. I don’t think that will change much next year.

    Having a cranky “true believer” GOP outsider in their ranks would make it harder for the GOP Senators to manuver. I can’t see Gregg Ball sitting still while Dean Skelos sells out the GOP caucus to Espanda and Monserratte.

    On a side note, what kind of pains me however is watching all the good progressive Dems in the NYS Senate sitting around watching as they let Espanda & company run the show & get their pork.

  14. She raised something like $300k last quarter, albeit half of that was self-funding. I’m sure she’ll be this cycle’s recipient of OPHTHPAC’s largesse.

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