NJ-Sen: GOP’s Top Recruit Backs Out

Looks like New Jersey Dems have just dodged a bullet:

Despite being poised to enter the Republican Senate primary race for the second time in two weeks, Princeton biotech executive John Crowley once again withdrew his name from consideration today.

“John was deeply impressed with the outpouring of support for his potential candidacy for the US Senate. Many people both locally here in New Jersey and nationally had been encouraging him to run over the past week, but given his tremendous level of responsibility to his family, his company and to the US Navy, he’s decided not to enter the US Senate race this year,” said Crowley’s friend and advisor, Bill Spadea. “I know there was a lot of legitimate anticipation that John would enter this race we’ve been upfront with the many obligations he has, and his decision had to come down to his family.”

Crowley had a compelling personal story, and a huge net worth that could have been put to use to fund his campaign.  But alas, the GOP really can’t catch a break this cycle.

Dry those tears, John Ensign.  Disgraced Goya Foods frat boy Andy Unanue is apparently reconsidering his decision to drop out of the race now the Crowley has pulled the plug on his bid.

18 thoughts on “NJ-Sen: GOP’s Top Recruit Backs Out”

  1. Seriously, what a compelling story.  His wife and kids were going to die, and he raised 100 million dollars, invested in biotech companies, and found a cure, or at least treatment.  I haven’t read very in depth here.  What a guy.  

  2. I was actually hoping that this guy declaring on the GOP side would lead to Dems encouraging Lautenberg to actually retire, and our having a real primary between Andrews and Pallone or Holt or both, such that we wound up with a Pallone/Holt vs Crowley open seat race in the fall.  That would be expensive as hell, but I do think we’d win it, and we’d get a new, younger, good Senator.

    I think Lautenberg vs Crowley would have been a very awkward matchup, due partly to Lautenberg’s advanced age.  I don’t know if Jersey Dems would have actually tried to edge Lautenberg out, but I hope they would have.

    Anyway, all moot now.  Back to cheering for Lautenberg, and the unfortunate fact that both of Jersey’s senators are likely to have been chosen by the governor before this class is up again.  That sucks, but if Lautenberg won’t retire then there’s no choice.

    Still wouldn’t object to seeing Pallone or Holt in this primary though.  Not Andrews.

  3. When the hell is the filing deadline!?  Can he reconsider again?  

    And to wish for chaos (a Holt/Andrews/Pallone/Lautenberg/Crowley race) with the possiblity of a conservative republican senator, instead of a reliable progressive senator (Lautenberg) simply because he’s a senior citizen, seems silly and destructive.

    This is GREAT news!

  4. Whoever is in charge of recruiting for the GOP needs to retire. Or be taken to the arctic and left on an ice flow.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Great news for the Democrats, but this is terrible news for the Republicans.

    After this news, I think there’s a 50/50 chance that the Democrats don’t lose a single Senate seat and about a 10% shot at them winning a 60 seat majority.  

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