Tom Cole Deathwatch Thread, No. 8

Call it the “Deathwatch Watch” – the Hill writes about us:

Swing State Project, a blog focused on congressional races from the 2004 swing states, started the “Tom Cole Deathwatch” in March, after Democrat Bill Foster won former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) old seat in a special election. The blog updated the “deathwatch” last week, asking readers to guess how long it would be before Cole was ousted.

The optimism among liberal blogs over this year’s congressional races is in stark contrast to the mood of conservatives.

“Unless congressional Republicans plan on making a dramatic course correction on Iraq withdrawal, SCHIP [the State Children’s Health Insurance Program], healthcare reform and fair trade, they’re in for a world of hurt in November,” said James Lambert, one of Swing State Project’s editors.

The premise for the article, though, is that rightwing bloggers are furious with Cole and want to see him get booted. Given how utterly impotent the conserative blogosphere is, this probably means that Cole is actually more likely to stay on.

In fact, a separate Hill piece about the Republicans who (well, sorta) matter – ie, the House Republican caucus – suggests that Cole (and John Boehner) are safe. That’s why I love this deathwatch – we win whether Cole stays or goes.

13 thoughts on “Tom Cole Deathwatch Thread, No. 8”

  1. Cole stays in place despite demonstrating an inability to find his ass with both hands. His utter failure in candidate recruitment, raising money, and incoherent messaging is an invaluable asset for the DCCC’s efforts.

    Really, if Democrats pick up more than 15 seats this cycle, he should be honored at Jefferson-Jackson days all over the country. Cole is this year’s Mark Foley: a gift from the gods for Democrats.

    Meanwhile, the wingers are outraged Cole stays and just as offended at the notion of Tom Davis or some other moderate pansy parachuting in to dump all over them again.

    And don’t forget that the Cole bashing has crossed from the blogs to talk radio. The Big Three (Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin) as well as countless lesser lights in the Republican Attack Machine have mocked Cole viciously.

    Every minute of air time they spend eating their own is one they can’t direct at ripping us new orifices.

    Brilliant notion, David. Keep chucking!

  2. What would be really funny is to have a Tom Cole Doomsday Clock like a Mickey Mouse watch (with Tom’s face and his arms as the minute and second hands).  With every Democratic win and Republican loss, Tom’s hands tick closer towards midnight.

  3. What’s great is that Cole is halfway right – Iraq, not earmarks is why they lost in 2006 and they do badly need to change. I hope RedState get their way, Cole is replaced by one of their favourite loons, earmarkers are ruthlessly hunted down and their conservative replacements are ousted, because their constituents want their pork.

  4. Interesting move. Good track record and strong messaging skills. Also, tied to the old GOPAC organization and scandal which helped chip away at Gingrich’s authority and firm lobbies for cheap Canadian hardwood imports… which is not a popular position in timber-producing districts.

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