KY-Sen: Johnny Doesn’t Know

The hilarity continues:

A day after Sen. Jim Bunning insisted he would seek a third term, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee said he still wasn’t sure whether the Kentucky Republican would actually run.

“I don’t think he’s made a decision on whether to run,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), head of the NRSC. “We’re working with Sen. Bunning now to provide him all the information he needs in order to make that decision.”

Bunning’s response: “he’s either deaf or he didn’t listen very well.”

This gives me a serious case of the giggles, as I can only imagine that Big John’s “imformation” being shared with the sun-ravaged mummy husk that is Jim Bunning can only be gruesome polling memos and other not-so-subtle suggestions that he pack it in rather than go for another term.


McConnell “had a lapse of memory when he was speaking to the press club last week when he said he didn’t know what my intentions were,” Bunning told Kentucky reporters Tuesday, according to the website Bluegrass Politics. “Whatever Mitch says is whatever he says. He’s the leader of the pack and he can say whatever he wants and get away with it.”


14 thoughts on “KY-Sen: Johnny Doesn’t Know”

  1. In case the last commenter in this thread is wondering why his or her post was removed, it was because your post included a link to some inappropriate content — better hit preview next time!

  2. I’d pay admission to see Big Jim vs. Big John in a 15 round heavyweight matchup.  I think Jimmyboy would love to take a few swings at Cornyn.

    Don’t take John’s crap, Jimsie.  Stand up for yourself.  Don’t be a pansy.  Run for reelection!!!!

  3. And even then I don’t think the Ds were blabbing to the press like this.

    This is hilarious.  They’re willing to just destroy him in the press, undercut him humiliatingly, until he takes the hint and leaves.  

    And you may have thought Cornyn was referring to polling memos; I thought he was referring to horse heads.  “Bunning doesn’t really know all of the relevant facts yet… but after I have a little chat with him hopefully he’ll understand what the stakes are.  I know he loves his family and his nice comfortable home, so I’m sure he’ll make the right choice.”


    And hilarious and tacky as this is, Cornyn is at least doing his job.  Liddy Dole wouldn’t have done this.  John Ensign would have looked pathetic if he tried.  Throwing Bunning off a cliff is a requirement if you really want to run this cycle well.  I HATE saying this, but I guess I respect him for that.

    Hopefully it will blow up in his face somehow or other.  They must be confident that Bunning can’t hurt them back, even if he wanted to.

  4. But it could really come back to backfire on the GOP. For two reasons, really. Bunning is so crazy, stubborn and combatitive (and probably extremely competitive…hes a HOF baseball pitcher and ‘successful’ politician) that all of this the GOP leadership is doing could make him want to run even more. Not just for himself and his ideology and political goals..but to give the finger to leadership. And, should he indeed run…all this will make him even more vulnerable. You can bet Menendez and others will remind every single swing voter and potential swing voter that even the GOP doesnt want Bunning. Why vote to re-elect someone when even his own party doesnt want his ass around? And you know, for a while, it appeared Bunning had gotten past his ‘sanity issues’. But the last year or so he seems to have time traveled back to 2004. Well, his sanity, anyway.

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