NY-20: Panic! At Tedisco

Y’know, when this campaign started off, I figured that Democrat Scott Murphy faced long odds in his bid to replace Kirsten Gillibrand in the House. But when your Republican opponent is “shaking up” his campaign three weeks before e-day after being nailed repeatedly in the press for his non-position on the recent stimulus bill, well, that’s a pretty promising sign for Team Blue. From the Glens Falls Post-Star:

Reacting to his Democratic opponent’s surge in the polls, Tedisco said Thursday he’s taking control of the content of his advertising from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

“I’m taking over and we’re going to run a campaign that relates to the people of the 20th Congressional District,” he said.

The first depiction of “the real Jim” will air in a new television commercial set to debut this evening, he said. […]

Tedisco blamed his drop in the poll on an advertising strategy that has focussed heavily on attacking his Democratic opponent.

Tedisco said going forward the content of his ads will be more positive with him making the decisions instead of the national party.

“We’re going to run a 20th District campaign and talk about the positive issues, and leave the rest of the distortions to the other side,” he said.

This reminds me a bit of the Greg Davis apology tour in Northeast Mississippi last fall — only, y’know, in advance of the vote.

The Albany Project has more.

42 thoughts on “NY-20: Panic! At Tedisco”

  1. He can’t talk about the economy because of his absurd refusal to state how he would vote. And that’s the issue. My bet is “protecting our kids”.

  2. that his internal tracker is even worse than the public polls.

    I still expect him to win this, but he’s reminding me a bit of Nikki Tsongas when she barely won her special election for solid blue MA-05.  

  3. Tedisco can hear about it from Boyda, but I’d like for her to give him a ring after March 31st… Preferably April 1st.  

  4. A. We had a flawed candidate

    B. Our candidate wasn’t sufficiently conservative

    C. The Democrat Party ran a dirty campaign full of lies

    D. It was Michael Steele’s fault

  5. Minor point, but the Post-Star is not the Syracuse paper (you’re thinking of the Post-Standard).  Post-Star covers the Glens Falls area.

  6. I have no idea who will win this race.  But I hope part of Tedisco’s “20th District campaign” remains not taking a position on the stimulus package. I also hope Mr. Murphy snarks hard on how difficult it will be for a guy who doesn’t even live in the 20th District to run a “20th District campaign”:)

    I’m thinking of flying out to volunteer for Murphy’s campaign.  The weather’s got to be better than MN.

  7. ANY position is better than no position at this point.  I’m starting to think this guy is intentionally sabotaging his own campaign.  He could have left the country for the past month and ran zero ads and he’d be in better shape.


    Fred Dicker just spent four minutes grilling Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco about his position on the economic stimulus bill, which has become a major issue in his campaign against Democrat Scott Murphy in the race to succeed Kirsten Gillibrand in Congress.

    Dicker said that enough time had gone by where Tedisco should have been able to review the bill. Tedisco repeated that he would support the bill with amendments. Then Dicker pressed him on what would happen if those amendments had failed, which seems likely in a Democrat-controlled Congress.

    “Well, I’m not going to discuss what I would be doing on a hypothetical to that extent when it’s an 1,100-page document, because it’s not as simple as that. And he’ll just keep asking me question after question after question,” Tedisco said. “What I’m trying to get to is the fact of the issues which relate to creating jobs and turning around this economy and my record of doing that.”

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