FL-Sen: Mack Won’t Run, Endorses Crist For… Whatever

It looks like Charlie Crist won’t be facing a Mack Attack in 2010:

[Connie] Mack [IV], whose father served two terms in the Senate, wrote to Gov. Charlie Crist on Thursday saying he won’t be a Senate candidate. […]

Mack told Crist, “I will be your strongest supporter and champion – regardless of whether you seek re-election or election to the Senate.”

If Crist does indeed get into this race, I still expect an anti-Crist to emerge — but will it really be Marco Rubio, or will someone with more spine step up to take on Crist and his Obama-loving ways?

48 thoughts on “FL-Sen: Mack Won’t Run, Endorses Crist For… Whatever”

  1. Mack would have been a solid nominee.  Hopefully Crist runs.  It would probably cause us to lost the Senate race, but give us at least a 50/50 shot at the Governor’s race.

  2. I want Crist to run for senate which would open up the governor’s mansion thus allowing a potential run by Alex Sink. She could win against Lt. Gov. Kottkamp and prevent the legislature from gerrymandering the entire state again for the census.That is what i hope for atleast.  

  3. Kind of hoping that Crist runs at this point. Then Sink can pick up the gubernatorial chair and we still probably have a shot at the Senate seat.  

  4. would be we’d almost certainly lose the Senate seat (unless some daredevil wingnut managed to defeat him), but he’d probably be the new Arlen Specter.

    And we’d then have a great shot at the Governor’s Mansion.

  5. Im very happy to see Mack not running. I certainly am no fan of his. I wouldnt mind seeing Crist run for the Senate and then Jeb Bush run for his old job. A win win for the GOP with us being favored in both races.

  6. A really difficult time believing Crist jumps into a senate race. He’s always seemed to have his eye on the brass ring. The only way this senate race would benefit him in that respect is if he views a run against Obama in 2012 as a kamikaze mission and views 2016 as his real shot. But if he wants to run in 2012, I don’t see how he can run for Senate then 6 weeks after he’s sworn in decide he’s going to run for President.

  7. Mack would have been a tough opponent, but I feel pretty bullish on either Meek or Gelber beating a guy like Rubio, or some other second-string candidate like Vern Buchanan.

  8. One of two Republicans I actually like.  Huntsman is the other.

    Oh, and how did his father resist naming him Jesus?  I don’t know if I would have been that strong…

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