ID-01: Top GOP Recruit Bows Out

The Idaho GOP has lost its top choice to run against frosh Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick. Idaho state Treasurer Ron Crane has decided not to run for Congress despite sounding like a candidate earlier in the week. From the Idaho Press-Tribune:

Nampa resident and Idaho Treasurer Ron Crane has decided against running for Walt Minnick’s 1st District U.S. Congressional seat in 2010.

Crane, a Republican, told the Idaho Press-Tribune Friday he had made the decision not to run.

“I seriously explored it,” Crane said. “I have come to the conclusion not to run.”

Crane spent the last week hobnobbing with the GOP braintrust in DC, and now I have to wonder if he wasn’t sufficiently impressed by the sorry state of affairs in the Boehner caucus. So make that one bullet dodged for Walt Minnick… but there are undoubtedly plenty more to come.

23 thoughts on “ID-01: Top GOP Recruit Bows Out”

  1. Minnick may have dodged a bullet with Crane opting out, but there are going to be GOP challengers lining up to challenge him (former Rep. Bill Sali, AG Lawrence Wasden, state Sen. John McGee, etc.)

  2. chances of winning the primary greatly. But even against Sali Minnick would only have a 75% chance of winning, and only then if he ran another great campaign like he did last year. Looking at the history of congressional races, Democrats have preformed better in Presidential years for some reasons, despite coattails.

  3. … currently moving thru the legislature would add a full congressional seat to not only DC, but to Utah as well.

    Even if this bill fails to pass, Utah is likely to gain a seat after the 2010 census.

    Does anyone think that that may play a part in the strategy of deciding whether to run against Minnock or to keep your powder dry for a run at a future open seat?

  4. Crane would be going from Idaho statewide office to U.S. House minority caucus freshman.  Probably not the rosiest of deals.

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