NM-Gov: The return of Wilson?

So I went with some friends to the taping of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight.  The panelists were former Bush UN ambassador John Bolton, former Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM), and CSI: NY actor Hill Harper.  Before the show began, one of Bill’s writers came out to prep the audience, and when explaining who the guests were, said that Wilson was running for Governor of New Mexico.

This was a surprise to me, as I had no idea that she was interested in running.  And maybe the writer was simply confused.  But it seemed maybe to be a piece of inside information that he didn’t realize was not public yet, and maybe had heard backstage when they meet the guests for the evening.

So take it for what it’s worth.  He may have been completely wrong, or not.  We’ll soon find out.

10 thoughts on “NM-Gov: The return of Wilson?”

  1. I mean really, Josh “I hate the UN but make me UN ambassador” Bolton and a rejected Republican who lost a fratricidal primary? The first guy was good before the panel and New Rules was great but really a panel with two conservatives on a show who’s audience is probably 95 percent progressive? Come on Bill!

    But anyways, NM has changed so fundamentally in the last 3 years I don’t see even a moderate Republican like Wilson having a shot.  

  2. I’m not really worried about New Mexico myself either.  I think Diane Denish will have a rather easy time against all comers.  

  3. In New Mexico and DC political circles. It’s not public yet that’s the assumption of people in the know.

  4. and Wilson really isn’t that moderate…it’s just as Campaign Diaries explained, she’s a conservative, but conciliatory, Republican whereas Steve Pearce is an all-out fighting conservative.

    Who do you think will be on the ticket with Denish?  I hope state Auditor Hector Balderas makes the jump (he’s a rising star in the party and LG would be a great way to boost his profile), but that now seems less likely.

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