VA-Gov: Bob McDonnell Embraces Bush Nostalgia

Hard to believe we’re seeing any Republican anywhere pining for the good ol’ Bush days, but Bob McDonnell went there:

Many of you probably remember after 9/11 we did something to stimulate the economy then, too. You know what we did? We cut taxes. President Bush put in a ten-year tax-cut on everything from the death tax to capital gains tax, and it was followed by an unprecedented period of economic recovery and economic growth. In fact, it almost overheated the economy through about 2006. So, I think that’s the way you stimulate business. And that’s the kind of governor that I’m going to be – to reduce those impediments to entrepreneurship, to let small businesses grow and thrive and create some opportunity.

Maybe tax cuts have tested well in McDonnell’s internal polling. But I refuse to believe that Bush nostalgia sells well to anyone but the most hardcore bitter-enders.

10 thoughts on “VA-Gov: Bob McDonnell Embraces Bush Nostalgia”

  1. Banks kept inventing money that didn’t exist, until it collapsed and cost us a $700 billion dollar bailout. If McDonnell thinks that was actual economic growth then he should be easier to beat than I feared.

  2. Unprecedented period of economic recovery and growth? Maybe for big business and the wealthy but not for average Americans. Even before the recession the economy, for average Americans, was only ever average at best.  

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