CT-Sen: Dodd’s Numbers Still Ugly

Quinnipiac (7/16-20, registered voters, 5/20-25 in parens, 3/26-31 in parens for Foley match-up):

Chris Dodd (D-inc): 39 (39)

Rob Simmons (R): 48 (45)

Undecided: 10 (13)

Chris Dodd (D-inc): 42 (41)

Sam Caligiuri (R): 40 (39)

Undecided: 15 (17)

Chris Dodd (D-inc): 42 (35)

Tom Foley (R): 42 (43)

Undecided: 14 (16)

Chris Dodd (D-inc): 43

Peter Schiff (R): 38

Undecided: 16

(MoE: ±2.5%)

Woof. The subtle consensus over the past couple of months has been that Dodd was beginning his slow climb back to respectability (and electoral viability) by keeping his nose clean and burying himself in the legislative process — especially since his numbers ticked upward slightly in the last Q-Poll of the race — but these numbers are still freak-nasty.

The Q also takes another look at the Dem and GOP primaries:

Chris Dodd (D-inc): 52 (44)

Merick Alpert (D): 18 (24)

Undecided: 27 (30)

(MoE: ±4%)

Rob Simmons (R): 42 (48)

Sam Caligiuri (R): 5 (10)

Tom Foley (R): 5 (n/a)

Peter Schiff (R): 0 (n/a)

Undecided: 45 (39)

(MoE: ±5%)

Well, at least those numbers look a little better for Dodd, but they’re hardly anything to brag about. On the bright side, though, Dodd’s overall favorables are inching in the right direction. After cratering in Quinnipiac’s late March survey at 30-58 (ouch!), Dodd’s currently sitting on a 40-50 favorable rating, up from 37-51 in May. Still bad, but no longer utterly toxic.

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8 thoughts on “CT-Sen: Dodd’s Numbers Still Ugly”

  1. And then he should read the writing on the wall (if it is still there) and retire.

    One of the members of Congress can hold the seat, even if starting to campaign for it in January.

  2. Blumenthal could hot the seat easily. I just don’t see Dodd coming back. Once things really heat up, the Republicans with harp on Dodd’s “scandals” 24/7.  

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