AK-AL: Harry Crawford (D) Will Challenge Young

From Roll Call:

Alaska state Rep. Harry Crawford (D) announced Wednesday that he will challenge 19-term Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) next year.

“I’m not a partisan politician and I won’t play political games,” Crawford said in a statement. “Here in Alaska I have worked with Republicans and Democrats, reaching across the aisle to get things done. And in Washington, I’ll continue to be the independent voice our state needs.”

Crawford visited Washington, D.C., earlier this year to meet with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about a bid against Young. The committee targeted Young last cycle, but he squeaked out a victory despite being heavily favored to lose his seat last November.

Crawford will face long odds in accomplishing what former State House Minority Leader Ethan Berkowitz failed to do last cycle, but he’s a legit challenger and will at least keep Young on his toes. (As the Politico notes, Crawford beat an incumbent GOP leader to win his current seat in 2000.) And, hey, there’s always a chance that an indictment could spring upon the heavily-investigated Young.

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15 thoughts on “AK-AL: Harry Crawford (D) Will Challenge Young”

  1. If anything, I’d say we actually have a better shot at getting him next year than last.  It’s not like his legal troubles are going to go away.  It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Do you think the quashing of the conviction of Stevens could have the effect of causing Alaska Republicans to be skeptical of any legal action against Young?

  3. Seems like a good land, always good to get some good news.  The more races we are on offense, the more we can offset potential losses elsewhere.

  4. “And, hey, there’s always a chance that an indictment could spring upon the heavily-investigated Young.”

    But is there any chance that Alaska’s Republican majority would care if he’s indicted?

  5. I think if YOung is not indicted, Alaskans will re-elect him in 2010.  If he is indicted, this race will probably be a tossup.  At any rate, Young needs to be challenged by a Democrat, and Crawford is exactly the type who will give Young a run for his money.  

    I also agree that Young was re-elected in 2008 because of Palin.  Berkowitz was a solid candidate, and he probably was defeated merely on the coattails of the McCain-Palin ticket.

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