UT-Gov: Corroon (D) Eats Into Herbert’s Lead; SSP Moves Race to Likely R

Dan Jones & Associates for Deseret News/KSL-TV (1/12-13, adults, 11/19-23 in parens):

Peter Corroon (D): 35 (32)

Gary Herbert (R-inc): 48 (56)

(MoE: ±5%)

In a state with a pretty limited Democratic bench, the recent entry of Peter Corroon in the gubernatorial race is a huge boon for Utah Democrats. Corroon isn’t just another sacrificial lamb that Utah Dems have become accustomed to running against entrenched incumbents — he’s the mayor of Salt Lake County, which is home to more than a third of the state’s population. While it goes without saying that this will be a challenging race, Corroon at least gives Democrats a fighting chance here, especially if some of the same budgetary problems facing many of the other beleaguered governors begin to take a toll on the freshly-minted Gov. Gary Hebert. SSP is changing its rating of this race from the sub-competitive Races to Watch to the more competitive category of Likely Republican.

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5 thoughts on “UT-Gov: Corroon (D) Eats Into Herbert’s Lead; SSP Moves Race to Likely R”

  1. This is defiantly a win-win scenario. If we win this seat then we’ll have another Democratic Governor, and if we lose this seat but keep it competitive then we’ll force the GOP to spend money here. I’m defiantly happy about these poll results 🙂    

  2. well, unless he loses the primary. But it’d help his name rec unless he has to contort himself too far to the right for Utah.

    The Utah rules of convention then primary are… something.

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