PA-12: John Murtha Dies

Rep. John Murtha, the longest serving member of Pennsylvania’s House delegation, died today at age 77. He was hospitalized in intensive care after experiencing complications from surgery last week.

We’ll update as more information becomes available.

(UPDATE): In the words of some of his colleagues:

Rep. Dave Obey (D-Wis.), the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee:

Jack Murtha was the first Vietnam veteran to serve in Congress and he was incredibly effective in his service in the House. He understood the misery of war. Every person who serves in the military has lost an advocate and a good friend today. My wife Joan and I extend our sympathy and prayers to his wife Joyce, and the entire Murtha family.

Rep. Edward J. Markey (D), the dean of the Massachusetts congressional delegation:

I am saddened to learn of the death of Jack Murtha, a man that I have known for the last 34 years.

While Jack was always known as a military hawk, he became a leading voice in the effort to bring an end to the war in Iraq and it is in no small part due to his work in this area that America is now on track to removing all combat troops from that country by this summer.

My thoughts go out to his wife Joyce and the rest of the Murtha family.

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63 thoughts on “PA-12: John Murtha Dies”

  1. RIP; he will be much-missed.

    Because people will be interested, the rule for a special election is, IIRC, as follows: Governor Rendell has 10 days after being informed of a vacancy to set a special election for no sooner than 60 days later. I believe that special election nominations are determined by party committee (i.e., no primary), so there could be a general election in May.  

  2. He was a good man who served his country well. Now I hate to do this but politically are we likely to loose this seat? What is the bench we have there? I really hope this doesn’t sound insensitive, it is not my intent.

  3. If this seat is getting eliminated after the census then maybe we Murtha’s widow can run to keep the seat for the next few years until it is eliminated.  

  4. I went home and turned on my T.V. immediately expecting to see coverage of Murtha and instead I saw live coverage of that doctor that allegedly killed MJ on CNN, on MSNBC I saw Dylan Radigan do some god awful comparison of politics and football then talk about corporate welfare, and on Fox I saw someone giving Steve Cohen super hardball questioning while then nodding and egging on Marsha Blackborn on. I watched a mix of these for 30 MINUITS! and saw nothing about Murtha, besides the lower news tickers. Like his politics or not, this guy was a major figure in Washington. It is not right at all! The media really sucks!!!!!

  5. For as much controversy as his earmarks brewed, you could never doubt that he did in fact have his constituents in mind.

    You will be missed, Jack.

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