Weekly Open Thread: What Races Are You Interested In?

We’re very proud to announce that we recently welcomed our 8 millionth visitor to the Swing State Project. To help us celebrate, we’re looking to hit another couple of important milestones on Twitter and Facebook: we need five more followers on Twitter to hit 1500 and 32 more fans on Facebook to hit 400. Who will put us over the top?

UPDATE: Thanks everybody! We blew right through our Twitter goal, but we’re still 18 13 11 5 swingnuts short of an even 400 on Facebook. I know we can do this!

LATER UPDATE: We did it: 401 fans on Facebook! Thanks for your support, everyone!

61 thoughts on “Weekly Open Thread: What Races Are You Interested In?”

  1. this is my district. the special election is on the 13th, early voting starts monday. i saw our candidate, state sen. ted deutch speak last night and he was on fire. he has two tea-baggers running against him. the 19th is a very democratic district and deutch should win easily, but he is not taking anything for granted.

  2. of census participation by state so far.


    The Top Five states are: WI (69%), IA (67%), MN (66%), SD (65%), IN (64%).

    (The national rate is presently 56%).

    It’s really kind of curious how the top census participation is clustered in that one area of the country (MI is right up there as well). I wonder why.

  3. am currently using Dave’s Redistricting App to re-drawn my home state of New Jersey’s congressional districts. My plan is to get rid of Scott Garretts’s district (the 5th) and try to make Lance’s district (the 7th) more friendlier to Dems. I was succesful in getting rid of Garrett’s but am having trouble making Lance’s district anything better or us than R+3.  

  4. Some Republican polling firm I never heard of, Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies, just polled the Iowa governor’s race and found Branstad beating Culver 50-34. That’s in line with other recent polling, but frankly it could have been a lot worse, given that Magellan found Obama’s approval rating in Iowa in the low 40s–much lower than other polls I’ve seen.

  5. City Council President Vincent Gray has… finally… filed his official paperwork to run against incumbent Adrian Fenty in the September Demcoratic primary.


    Make no mistake: Gray’s candidacy is going to be a formidable one. He’s already gotten strong labor backing and the support of many long-time, influential community activists who Fenty has taken for granted in various ways. The contest is sure to be a barn-burner of a referendum on the incumbent’s tumultuous tenure.

    PLEASE, tell me someone plans on live-blogging this one…

  6. we need five more followers on Twitter to hit 1500 and 32 more fans on Facebook to hit 400. Who will put us over the top?

    I don’t suppose there’s babka involved in this SSP contest, is there?

    Alas, even if there were, I’m already a fan on Facebook and I’m doing my best not to get sucked into Twitter Not even SSP will change that.

  7. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500 endorses McMahon for re-election citing his support for EFCA.


    Communications Workers of America, District One

    VP compares McMahon to Judas, prompting Charlie Rangel to defend McMahon by saying Jesus forgave Judas.


    And Rep. Nydia Velazquez dismissing the question of whether she supports McMahon’s re-election because he hasn’t asked her and adding that she’s extremely disapointed in his vote.  Someone else trying to get brownie points from the Working Families Party?


  8. A new Times/USC poll shows voters saying by a 46%-29% margin they would be more likely to vote for a politician who had backed the health bill. On immigration, the poll found continued polarization.


    Most of the Democrat districts are pretty safe, outside of CD11.  But the Senate race with Boxer, from comments on this site, looks like a nailbiter.  There might be one or two CDs held by Republicans in which this might be a boost for D candidates. Dont know offhand which ones outside of CD03 in Sacramento area.

  9. anyone had trouble getting on SSP today? All this morning I was just getting the green SSP logo across the screen and the advertisements on the side with a white blank spot where the content was supposed to be when I attempted to get on SSP. I’ve never had any trouble getting on here or any other page before.

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