AR-01, AR-02, AR-03: Primary Polls

Talk Business, a multi-format Arkansas newsmagazine, is conducting a whole bunch of polling on the state’s congressional primaries. They are using an outfit I’m not familiar with, with the memorable name of “The Political Firm.” They look to be a Republican pollster, but I don’t know if they have any skin in the game (or if Talk Business has any axe to grind).

In any event, Talk Business says all the polls were taken April 6-7th, were of registered voters (sort of an unusual choice, given that the primary is on May 18th), and are unweighted. TPF says it uses IVR (aka robopolls). Talk Business also promises two more rounds of polling before the primary.

AR-01 (D):

Tim Wooldridge: 18

David Cook: 11

Steve Bryles: 9

Chad Causey: 9

Ben Ponder: 5

Terry Green: 1

Undecided: 47

(MoE: ±4.5%)

AR-02 (D):

Joyce Elliott: 21

Robbie Wills: 16

Patrick Kennedy: 11

David Boling: 7

John Adams: 4

Undecided: 41

(MoE: ±4.6%)

AR-02 (R):

Tim Griffin: 20

Scott Wallace: 20

Undecided: 60

(MoE: ±3.6%)

AR-03 (R):

Steve Womack: 21

Cecile Bledsoe: 17

Gunner DeLay: 16

Mike Moore: 8

Bernie Skoch: 5

Steve Lowry: 4

Doug Matayo: 2

Kurt Maddox: 1

Undecided: 27

(MoE: ±4%)

15 thoughts on “AR-01, AR-02, AR-03: Primary Polls”

  1. makes me worry – i don’t see her winning a General (Black and “too liberal” to boot). It seems to me Democrats would be better with more moderate candidate

  2. Okay, Griffin is Karl Rove’s pet US Attorney and was supposed to be a big badass of a candidate, right?

    So who’s Scott Wallace and why are they tied? Wallace’s website is okay, and Mike Huckabee endorsed him, which has gotta be a good “get” for Wallace, esp. in a primary, esp. in Arkansas. Can he win the primary? The general?

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