NC-08: Tim-diana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Snark

This is El Bulli-level cat fud:

Republican Party leaders have escalated an unprecedented campaign against one of their own congressional candidates, with N.C. GOP chairman Tom Fetzer calling Tim D’Annunzio “unfit for public office at any level.”

Just get a load of this fucking guy:

Court documents portray D’Annunzio as “a self-described religious zealot” who once called the U.S. government the Antichrist and told his ex-wife that he’d found the Ark of the Covenant.

The records are part of a contentious child-custody case, which included a 1995 psychiatric evaluation. The attending doctor said he couldn’t say for sure that D’Annunzio suffered from any emotional disorders.

However, Dr. Rodolfo de los Santos Ongjoco wrote that D’Annunzio told him he once entered a drug program for heroin dependence and was jailed three times for offenses including burglary and assaulting a police officer.

D’Annunzio’s blaming the NRCC for putting out this hit-job, but you really gotta read the article for the full flavor. Just one more little taste, this time from the AP:

In Hoke County divorce records, his wife said in 1995 that D’Annunzio had claimed to be the Messiah, had traveled to New Jersey to raise his stepfather from the dead, believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona. A doctor’s evaluation the following month said D’Annunzio used marijuana almost daily, had been living with another woman for several months, had once been in drug treatment for heroin dependence and was jailed a couple times as a teenager.

That pyramid stuff is some crazy-ass G.I. Joe shit. Please win, you magnificent bastard!

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  1. Tim D’Annunzio’s opponent, Harold Johnson, has received a plethora of endorsements.  Johnson’s most significant endorsements are from Robin Hayes, a former Congressman who lost to Larry Kissell in 2008, Jim Holshouser and Jim Martin, the last two GOP governors of North Carolina, and all but one (there were 4) of the also rans in the primary.  D’Annunzio was accused of physically confronting State Representative Justin Burr who represents one of the few Republican house districts in the Eighth District.  D’Annunzio writes a blog, that is incredibly confrontational and incendiary.  In one post, he called Obama a homosexual.  I don’t see how D’Annunzio wins.  

  2. If I lived in the district, I might actually campaign for Larry Kissell if this guy is the nominee. He is the last thing the GOP needs right now and, for once, I think the national party is doing the right thing here. He simply cannot be allowed to be the Republican nominee in a winnable district.

  3. He found the Ark of the Covenant? Yeah, people have been searching hundreds of years for it, professionals. And some random guy from North Carolina finds it? If he found it, where’s it at? Sorry, but that just strikes me as the weirdest part in this  

  4. Not a lot of free airspace over the pole with these two objects flitting about.

    Hey, maybe it can land on the BP wellhead and plug the leak.

    Oh wait. Guess the tidal wave might cause a bigger problem.

  5. Why is this guy running for Congress when his apparent calling is to discover supposedly ‘mythical’ objects?

    America needs D’Annunzio out looking for priceless treasures that can change the world, not writing bills about renaming post offices and USDA facilities.  

  6. stuck on or near a certain island. With the contents of that ship, I think it would make for excellent snark, especially as a vessel for D’Annuzio’s vassals. However, that ship is from a TV Series of which we do not speak of here 😉

  7. What does “cat fud” refer to?  I only know it from that Far Side cartoon; I don’t get how it applies in a political context.  🙁

  8. wouldn’t this make teabaggers more likely to vote for him? Nothing says anti-establishment like the GOP chairman calling him unfit for any public office. Doesn’t that mean D’Annunzio 2012 in teabagging language?

  9. results, D’Annunzio got 37% of the vote in the 6-way primary, and Harold Johnson got 33%.  Hal Jordan got 18% of the vote, and the other 3 were in the single digits.  Now, the others who missed the runoff have endorsed Johnson, if for no other reason that he at least appears sane.

    But it looks like D’Annunzio won the primary from spending $1 million of his own money.  He’ll obviously do that again in the runoff, and given how it’ll probably be a low-turnout event, will enough of Jordan’s and the others’ voters show up again to vote for Johnson?  And will this recent media coverage tell some of D’Annunzio’s voters just how mentally fucked up he really is?

  10. The last thing we need is a Religious zealot who thinks he is the Messiah, and that the government, an organization that creates laws, a non living thing, is the antichrist.

    Whata fucking nutter.

  11. stuff have come out after he had won his primary? Not only for Kissell’s sake, but for the sake of all of us political junkies in desperate need of comic relief. I will be immensely sad if Carly Fiorina, Vaughn Ward, and D’Annunzio all lose their primaries. Then I’d have to be content with Rand Paul and Sue Lowden.

    The Hos has already lost 🙁

    In other news how did this guy get found mentally fit to serve in Iraq, that’s what I want to know. Dkos had a piece about how this guy was implicated in killing some Iraqi civilians when he was dishonorably discharged. How was he allowed their in the first place? (unless I’ve gotten him mixed up with someone else).

  12. Did he also claim to have served in the Marines in Vietnam? Oh wait wrong race!

    Sorry had to through in a little snark.

    This guy is obviously as mad as a hatter. Its amazing to me how politics sometimes attracts real nut jobs with serious emotional issues to the spotlight.

    And sometimes they even get elected!

    We should make a list of the real crazy and emotionally disturbed pols out there.

  13. That’s why it took us so long to find the Arc. It was hangin’ in Arizona all this time! I wonder if he cares to explain how it got there.

  14. I can say that a good portion of this district is in the bible belt, and Tim’s actions and words will backfire on him.

    The other Republican, Howard Johnson, is a complete joke.  I’m almost ready to move this district to Safe-Dem.  Kissell has been a bit of a disappointment, but he’s probably a good fit for this district.

  15. Was he taken on a Mothership and got to meet their Leader?

    And that Obama is taking orders from said Leader?

    Has he traveled to different dimensions?

    Is he only pledging to serve 1 term? You know, because 2012 is the year the Earth will end.

    But obviously im not claiming hes said or believes all that.

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