Rasmussen Reports, You Decide, Vol. 21

*Note: All polls have a margin of error of monkey-fuck ridiculous.

AL-Gov: Ron Sparks (D) 40%, Bradley Byrne (R) 49%

AL-Gov: Ron Sparks (D) 37%, Robert Bentley (R) 56%

AL-Sen: William Barnes (D) 31%, Richard Shelby (R-inc) 58%

AR-Gov: Mike Beebe (D-inc) 57%, Jim Keet (R) 33%  

AR-Sen: Blanche Lincoln (D-inc) 32%, John Boozman (R) 61%

AZ-Gov (R): Jan Brewer 61%, Buz Mills 16%, Dean Martin 12%    

AZ-Sen (R): John McCain 47%, J.D. Hayworth 36%

CA-Gov: Jerry Brown (D) 45%, Meg Whitman (R) 44%

CA-Sen: Barbara Boxer (D-inc) 48%, Carly Fiorina (R) 43%

CO-Gov: John Hickenlooper (D) 41%, Scott McInnis (R) 46%

CO-Sen: Michael Bennet (D-inc) 40%, Jane Norton (R) 46%

CO-Sen: Andrew Romanoff (D) 42%, Jane Norton (R) 43%

CO-Sen: Andrew Romanoff (D) 39%, Ken Buck (R) 45%

CO-Sen: Michael Bennet (D-inc) 41%, Ken Buck (R) 46%

FL-Gov: Alex Sink (D) 38%, Bill McCollum (R) 40%

FL-Gov: Alex Sink (D) 40%, Rick Scott (R) 45%

FL-Sen: Kendrick Meek (D) 15%, Charlie Crist (I) 37%, “Marcus” Rubio (R) 37%

FL-Sen: Jeff Greene (D) 13%, Charlie Crist (I) 41%, “Marcus” Rubio (R) 37%

IA-Gov: Chet Culver (D-inc) 31%, Terry Branstad (R) 57%

IA-Sen: Roxanne Conlin (D) 37%, Chuck Grassley (R-inc) 54%

IL-Gov: Pat Quinn (D-inc) 36%, Bill Brady (R) 47%

IL-Sen: Alexi Giannoulias (D) 39%, Mark Kirk 42%

MA-Gov: Deval Patrick (D-inc) 41%, Charlie Baker (R) 34%, Tim Cahill (I) 16%

MD-Gov: Martin O’Malley (D-inc) 45%, Bob Ehrlich (R) 45%

ME-Gov: Libby Mitchell (D) 36%, Paul LePage (R) 43%, Eliot Cutler (I) 7%

MI-Gov: Virg Bernero (D) 34%, Mike Cox (R) 40%

MI-Gov: Virg Bernero (D) 36%, Peter Hoekstra (R) 39%

MI-Gov: Virg Bernero (D) 30%, Rick Snyder (R) 42%

MI-Gov: Andy Dillon (D) 37%, Mike Cox (R) 39%

MI-Gov: Andy Dillon (D) 35%, Peter Hoekstra (R) 40%

MI-Gov: Andy Dillon (D) 33%, Rick Snyder (R) 41%

NC-Sen: Elaine Marshall (D) 43%, Richard Burr (R-inc) 44%

ND-Sen: Tracy Potter (D) 19%, John Hoeven (R) 73%

NV-Gov: Rory Reid (D) 33%, Brian Sandoval 55%

NV-Sen: Harry Reid (D-inc) 41%, Sharron Angle (R) 48%

NY-Sen-B: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 49%, Joe DioGuardi (R) 38%

NY-Sen-B: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 50%, Bruce Blakeman (R) 38%

NY-Sen-B: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc) 49%, David Malpass (R) 34%

OH-Gov: Ted Strickland (D-inc) 42%, John Kasich (R) 47%

OH-Sen: Lee Fisher (D) 43%, Rob Portman (R) 43%

OR-Gov: John Kitzhaber (D) 45%, Chris Dudley (R) 47%

OR-Sen: Ron Wyden (D-inc) 47%, Jim Huffman (R) 37%

SC-Gov: Vincent Sheheen (D) 40%, Nikki Haley (R) 52%

SD-AL: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) 41%, Kristi Noem (R) 53%

SD-Gov: Scott Heidepriem (D) 36%, Dennis Daugaard (R) 52%

TN-Gov: Mike McWherter (D) 32%, Bill Haslam (R) 50%

TN-Gov: Mike McWherter (D) 33%, Ron Ramsey (R) 44%

TN-Gov: Mike McWherter (D) 33%, Zach Wamp (R) 44%

TX-Gov: Bill White (D) 40%, Rick Perry (R) 48%

UT-Sen: Sam Granato (D) 28%, Mike Lee (R) 58%

VT-Gov: Deb Markowitz (D) 40%, Brian Dubie (R) 47%

VT-Gov: Peter Shumlin (D) 36%, Brian Dubie (R) 55%

VT-Gov: Doug Racine (D) 36%, Brian Dubie (R) 51%

VT-Gov: Susan Bartlett (D) 29%, Brian Dubie (R) 55%

VT-Gov: Matt Dunne (D) 32%, Brian Dubie (R) 52%

VT-Sen: Pat Leahy (D-inc) 64%, Len Britton (R) 29%

WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D-inc) 47%, Dino Rossi (R) 47%

WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D-inc) 48%, Clint Didier (R) 40%

WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D-inc) 48%, Paul Akers (R) 38%

WI-Gov: Tom Barrett (D) 39%, Mark Neumann (R) 47%

WI-Gov: Tom Barrett (D) 41%, Scott Walker (R) 49%

WI-Sen: Russ Feingold (D) 46%, Ron Johnson (R) 45%

42 thoughts on “Rasmussen Reports, You Decide, Vol. 21”

  1. Or is Rasmussen really still persisting in calling Marco Rubio “Marcus” in its question wording? It may be close to meaningless, but it’s little details like this that should gradually eat away at Rasmussen’s overall mainstream credibility. One time is forgivable, yet when it happens repeatedly, people need to ask if its the result of either willful ignorance or deliberate intent… though as to what that intent might be I’ll not even venture to guess. (Okay, I will… maybe Scotty doesn’t quite understand what the “Latin vote” means exactly?)

  2. latest Senate race rankings, I’m happier about California after he wrote this:

    North Carolina.  While Democrats have a shot here, don’t get too excited about that Rasmussen poll. Yes, ordinarily a Rasmussen poll showing a dead heat is good news for Democrats, but their polls also have this weird tendency to give very large bounces to candidates who just won primaries, as describes Elaine Marshall in this case.

    Since those California polls were taken the day AFTER our June 8th primaries, where Whitman and Fiorina won contested primaries, while Brown and Boxer basically sailed on through against very minor opposition (plus an asshole in Mickey Kaus), that Rasmussen couldn’t show either Republican ahead even with his primary bounce effect seems to be good news for us Californians.  Especially Boxer.

  3. actually endorsed the Democrat, Vincent Sheheen, against Nikki Haley!  That surprised me at first, until I read the reason why: because she’s considered Mark Sanford’s protégé.

    In the primary elections, the Chamber endorsed both Sheheen and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Gresham Barrett.

    Barrett was defeated by state Sen. Nikki Haley in the June 22 runoff, and by a decisive 65-35 margin.

    Haley’s victory played a part in the Chamber’s decision to continue its Sheheen endorsement into the general election, according to its president and CEO Otis Rawl.

    “Our governor and assembly have just battled for eight years now and we’ve been kind of at a standstill in a lot of areas,” said Rawl.

    Sometimes referred to as his “protégé,” Haley was an open supporter of Gov. Mark Sanford, who faced inner-party arguments with the State Assembly after attempting to refuse federal stimulus money in 2009.

    The Chamber publicly objected to Sanford’s attempts to block and later alter use of the stimulus funds, which were needed for economic restoration, said the state and many regional chambers.

    “I think that’s one area that we have a chance to really be successful in is the cooperative efforts between the governor and the legislature to move South Carolina forward,” Rawl said.

    Interesting.  I hadn’t thought about how the local Chambers of Commerce in various states might think about their Republican Governor grandstanding and refusing stimulus money (i.e., Jindal, Sanford, Perry).  Any word if the Texas Chamber of Commerce feels similarly about Rick Perry?

  4. The Rasmussen poll above was taken just after the runoff, showing the typical post primary bounce that a candidate receives (Creigh Deeds for example, we all know what happened to him). However, SurveyUSA came out with a poll on NC-Sen after the runoff showing Burr with a 10 point lead (50-40) over Marshall.

    So my question is, who was ‘monkey-fuck’ ridiculous more between those two pollsters?

  5. Not good for Russ:    http://publicpolicypolling.blo

    I don’t think opposing the Wall Street reform bill helps him.  “Principle” goes only so far.  He didn’t love the health care bill, either, but embraced the politics of the possible.  He complains the bill won’t stop another financial meltdown, but he fails either to explain how no bill stops one, or to promise to whip 60 votes for whatever fantasy bill he has in mind.  And, of course, his opposition isn’t just on the final up-or-down vote, it extends to cloture.  So he’s committed to naked obstructionism.

    Unless Russ is playing a real game of insider chess and has a plan to shape the bill more to his liking and still get 60 votes, I’m losing a lot of respect for him on this one.  He’s going to have a hard time defending this.

    I hope Russ has lots and lots of money for TV ads.

  6. Reid isn’t losing to Angle, unless the CNN and MSNBC polls are doing something really wrong.

    However, the SD-AL poll is very alarming. I didn’t think Herseth was in any sort of trouble, and now she’s getting beat like she stole something. What happened?

  7. I still can’t believe the Research 2000 story. They really did a number on Kos if they were fabricating their results. I believe a good part of his new book was based on the results from their polls.

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