AK-Sen: Joe Miller Literally Measures the Drapes

Was Joe Miller’s Twitter account hacked, or is he really this astoundingly arrogant?

The Mudflats, linked above, has even more. Just wow.

Recall that Miller was previously heard openly speculating about what committees he’d like to serve on. And, of course, this wasn’t the first time that Miller was apparently caught tweeting something that he shouldn’t have – before deleting it.

19 thoughts on “AK-Sen: Joe Miller Literally Measures the Drapes”

  1. but its, literally speaking, not “literally” measur…

    oh whatever.

    its bad. anyone see a realistic possibility of breaking Murk out of the GOP caucus if she wins?

  2. Given Alaska’s small population and Miller’s utter lack of any previous government experience, it is quite likely that if Miller wins, he will rank dead last in Senate seniority.  This means that his final office will be whatever is left over after the other 99 senators have made their choices.  And someone should tell him, it often takes a couple months for the office selection process to wind its way to the end.

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