Nov. 2, 2010 Poll Closing Times & Key Races

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Below is a list of key House, Senate, and gubernatorial races, arranged by poll closing times. States with multiple closing times are listed in order of their earliest closing, with the exception of Oregon (where most of the state is in the Pacific time zone). All times are Eastern, not local.

Time State Key Races
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
Indiana (E.)
Indiana (W.)
IN-Sen (OPEN), IN-02 (Donnelly), IN-08 (OPEN), IN-09 (Hill)
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
Kentucky (E.)
Kentucky (W.)
KY-Sen (OPEN), KY-03 (Yarmuth), KY-06 (Chandler)
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
Florida (E.)
Florida (W.)
FL-Gov (OPEN), FL-Sen (OPEN), FL-02 (Boyd), FL-08 (Grayson),
FL-12 (OPEN), FL-22 (Klein), FL-24 (Kosmas), FL-25 (OPEN)
7:00 PM Georgia GA-Gov (OPEN), GA-02 (Bishop), GA-08 (Marshall), GA-12 (Barrow)
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
N.H. (Most of state)
N.H. (Some towns)
NH-Gov (Lynch), NH-Sen (OPEN), NH-01 (Shea-Porter), NH-02 (OPEN)
7:00 PM South Carolina SC-Gov (OPEN), SC-02 (Wilson), SC-05 (Spratt)
7:00 PM Vermont VT-Gov (OPEN)
7:00 PM Virginia VA-02 (Nye), VA-05 (Perriello), VA-09 (Boucher), VA-11 (Connolly)
7:30 PM North Carolina NC-Sen (Burr), NC-02 (Etheridge), NC-07 (McIntyre), NC-08 (Kissell),
NC-11 (Shuler)
7:30 PM Ohio OH-Gov (Strickland), OH-Sen (OPEN), OH-01 (Driehaus), OH-06 (Wilson),
OH-10 (Kucinich), OH-13 (Sutton), OH-15 (Kilroy), OH-16 (Boccieri),
OH-18 (Space)
7:30 PM West Virginia WV-Sen (OPEN), WV-01 (OPEN), WV-03 (Rahall)
8:00 PM Alabama AL-Gov (OPEN), AL-02 (Bright), AL-05 (OPEN)
8:00 PM Connecticut CT-Gov (OPEN), CT-Sen (OPEN), CT-04 (Himes), CT-05 (Murphy)
8:00 PM Delaware DE-Sen (OPEN), DE-AL (OPEN)
8:00 PM Illinois IL-Gov (Quinn), IL-Sen (OPEN), IL-08 (Bean), IL-10 (OPEN),
IL-11 (Halvorson), IL-14 (Foster), IL-17 (Hare)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
Kansas (E.)
Kansas (W.)
KS-Gov (OPEN), KS-03 (OPEN), KS-04 (OPEN)
8:00 PM Maine ME-Gov (OPEN), ME-01 (Pingree), ME-02 (Michaud)
8:00 PM Maryland MD-Gov (O’Malley), MD-01 (Kratovil)
8:00 PM Massachusetts MA-Gov (Patrick), MA-04 (Frank), MA-05 (Tsongas), MA-06 (Tierney),
MA-10 (OPEN)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
Michigan (E.)
Michigan (W.)
MI-Gov (OPEN), MI-01 (OPEN), MI-07 (Schauer), MI-09 (Peters),
MI-15 (Dingell)
8:00 PM Mississippi MS-01 (Childers), MS-02 (Thompson), MS-04 (Taylor)
8:00 PM Missouri MO-Sen (OPEN), MO-03 (Carnahan), MO-04 (Skelton)
8:00 PM New Jersey NJ-03 (Adler), NJ-06 (Pallone), NJ-12 (Holt)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
N.D. (Most of E.)
N.D. (W. + Cass Co.)
ND-AL (Pomeroy)
8:00 PM Oklahoma OK-Gov (OPEN),
8:00 PM Pennsylvania PA-Gov (OPEN), PA-Sen (OPEN), PA-03 (Dahlkemper), PA-04 (Altmire),
PA-06 (Gerlach), PA-07 (OPEN), PA-08 (Murphy), PA-10 (Carney),
PA-11 (Kanjorski), PA-12 (Critz), PA-15 (Dent), PA-17 (Holden)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
South Dakota (E.)
South Dakota (W.)
SD-Gov (OPEN), SD-AL (Herseth Sandlin)
8:00 PM Tennessee TN-Gov (OPEN), TN-04 (Davis), TN-05 (Cooper),
TN-06 (OPEN), TN-08 (OPEN)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
Texas (E.)
Texas (W.)
TX-Gov (Perry), TX-17 (Edwards), TX-23 (Rodriguez),
TX-25 (Doggett), TX-27 (Ortiz)
8:30 PM Arkansas AR-Gov (Beebe), AR-Sen (Lincoln), AR-01 (OPEN),
AR-02 (OPEN), AR-04 (Ross)
9:00 PM Colorado CO-Gov (OPEN), CO-Sen (Bennet), CO-03 (Salazar),
CO-04 (Markey), CO-07 (Perlmutter)
9:00 PM Louisiana LA-Sen (Vitter), LA-02 (Cao), LA-03 (OPEN)
9:00 PM Minnesota MN-Gov (OPEN), MN-01 (Walz), MN-06 (Bachmann), MN-08 (Oberstar)
9:00 PM Nebraska NE-02 (Terry)
9:00 PM New Mexico NM-Gov (OPEN), NM-01 (Heinrich), NM-02 (Teague), NM-03 (Lujan)
9:00 PM New York NY-Sen-B (Gillibrand), NY-Gov (OPEN), NY-01 (Bishop), NY-04 (McCarthy),
NY-09 (Weiner), NY-13 (McMahon), NY-19 (Hall), NY-20 (Murphy),
NY-22 (Hinchey), NY-23 (Owens), NY-24 (Arcuri), NY-25 (Maffei), NY-29 (OPEN)
9:00 PM Rhode Island RI-Gov (OPEN), RI-01 (OPEN)
9:00 PM Wisconsin WI-Gov (OPEN), WI-Sen (Feingold), WI-03 (Kind),
WI-07 (OPEN), WI-08 (Kagen)
9:00 PM Wyoming WY-Gov (OPEN)
10:00 PM Arizona AZ-Gov (Brewer), AZ-Sen (McCain), AZ-01 (Kirkpatrick), AZ-03 (OPEN),
AZ-05 (Mitchell), AZ-07 (Grijalva), AZ-08 (Giffords)
10:00 PM
11:00 PM
Idaho (S.)
Idaho (N.)
ID-01 (Minnick)
10:00 PM Iowa IA-Gov (Culver), IA-Sen (Grassley), IA-01 (Braley),
IA-02 (Loebsack), IA-03 (Boswell)
10:00 PM Montana
10:00 PM Nevada NV-Gov (OPEN), NV-Sen (Reid), NV-03 (Titus)
10:00 PM Utah UT-02 (Matheson)
11:00 PM California CA-Gov (OPEN), CA-Sen (Boxer), CA-03 (Lungren),
CA-11 (McNerney), CA-18 (Cardoza), CA-20 (Costa),
CA-44 (Calvert), CA-45 (Bono Mack), CA-47 (Sanchez)
10:00 PM
11:00 PM
Oregon (E.)
Oregon (W.)
OR-Gov (OPEN), OR-01 (Wu), OR-04 (DeFazio), OR-05 (Schrader)
11:00 PM Washington WA-Sen (Murray), WA-02 (Larsen), WA-03 (OPEN), WA-06 (Dicks),
WA-08 (Reichert), WA-09 (Smith)
12:00 AM
1:00 AM
Alaska (E.)
Alaska (W.)
AK-Sen (Murkowski)
12:00 AM Hawaii HI-Gov (OPEN), HI-01 (Djou)

92 thoughts on “Nov. 2, 2010 Poll Closing Times & Key Races”

  1. Don’t Arizona and Hawaii close an hour later this year due to Daylight Savings Time still being in effect for the rest of us?

  2. Grab some coffee to see the Alaska and Hawaii returns.

    Any guesses on how many races won’t be called tomorrow night? I am guessing at least 10 total races won’t be known until Wednesday or later.

  3. Ky and Indiana polls closing at six means I have to be good and drunk before the sun is even down.  

    6pm – to keep the working stiffs from voting.  Dems have GOTV, GOP has RDV = Repress Dem Vote.  

    It’s gonna be a bloodbath.  

  4. I’m going to go with IN-9 as a good early indicator for how the night is going to go as far as some of the tossups. Since I assume IN-2 leans Donnelly and KY-6 leans Chandler, Baron Hill’s seat seems like it could provide a good baseline for later tossup outcomes. On the other hand, if Donnelly and Chandler are losing… we’re probably screwed.

  5. I still don’t get why MI-15 is on any of these list across the country.  MI-03 is more likely to flip or at least coming closer to flip than MI-15, and NEITHER of them is likely to flip.

  6. Who do you think will be the first called Senate victor?

    A. Pat Leahy

    B. Rand Paul

    C. Dan Coats

    D. Jim Demint

    E. Johnny Isakson

    F. Kelly Ayotte

    G. Someone else?

  7. You guys (Democratic Party) better not suck too badly, if I turn my TV on at 7:30 just to see Mark’s predictions come true, there’s gonna be hell to pay! 😉

  8. prediction of tomorrow: NE-02. More a gut feeling then anything but I feel like its one of those races that could fly under the radar.  

  9. (Pacific) getting ready to celebrate some wins. After all this hard work, I’m ready to celebrate.

    And if I’m disappointed by what happens back east, hopefully I’ll at least be buoyed by good Nevada results. And I can’t wait to prove some of you wrong… 😉

  10. Either my eyes are failing me or I’m nitpicking a great presentation, but Charles Grassley is no Democrat.  

  11. I can only hope Hedrick can pull it out

    But I recommend you add CA-48 to that list of California races.  Beth Krom is a really popular mayor for Irvine, I would NOT be surprised if she squeaked this one out from nowhere.

  12. They’re required to stay silent for the first hour for some obnoxious reason. But we should get early/mail-in voting results at 8pm local time, and then precincts will start reporting.

  13. I’ll be waking up at 6:30 tomorrow for a half hour of emotional preparation before the first polls close. It’s early, yeah, but it’ll be amazing if I even get any sleep tonight. I wish I weren’t so emotionally invested, but at this point, what can you do?

    I voted by mail around a month ago (though I doubt it will get counted unless a race is in recall territory, but whatever). With the obvious exceptions of non-citizens, under-18s, etc. I hope everyone here has voted or will vote. We’ve all got to do our civic duty.

    And so the countdown begins…only a little more than 16 hours.

  14. Using this map, I finally sat down and made my predictions on how the House seats will fall. As I’m looking at it now, I think the GOP will win 50 Democratic seats, but the Dems will capture 5 GOP seats, giving the GOP a 6 seat majority in the House, barring any party switches which seems less likely considering I predict folks like Gene Taylor, Lincoln Davis and Allen Boyd to lose.

    In the Senate, I think we’ll lose 5 (PA, IN, AR, ND, WI) and barely eke out wins  in 3 races (CO, NV, IL). Of course, this means the potential for 8 seats to flip. WA and WV will not be as close as people think.

    In the gubernatorial contests, we’ll lose a net of 6 seats to the GOP while picking up CA, CT, MN, VT, HI and God willing FL.

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