KY-Gov: Beshear Starts Off With 9-Point Lead Over Williams

Public Policy Polling (10/28-30, likely voters):

Steve Beshear (D-inc): 44

David Williams (R): 35

Steve Beshear (D-inc): 45

Phil Moffett (R): 26

(MoE: ±3.1%)

Steve Beshear certainly is looking relatively healthy, especially compared to the shellacking that Jack Conway just received at the hands of Rand Paul. Of course, it’s not really a given that state Senate Majority Leader David Williams will be the Republican nominee, but the man is definitely trying desperately not to get Trey Grayson’d. At a recent chat at the University of Kentucky Law School Federalist Society, Williams came out of the closet as a 17th-er. (Yes, he actually said that the biggest defect in American government is the fact that the law allows citizens to directly elect their own Senators.) Moreover, he openly compared himself to John F. Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech by stirring the crowd with an equally inspiring message for the 2010s: “I am a Tea Partier”.

No, there’s no end in sight for this nonsense.

27 thoughts on “KY-Gov: Beshear Starts Off With 9-Point Lead Over Williams”

  1. At the state level.

    I still can’t believe Jack Conway imploded his own campaign in the last month like that.

  2. He’s the worst kind of establishment guy and he excites exactly no one. Really, Richie Farmer (the Ag Commish and Williams’ running mate) did Beshear a HUGE favor by hitching his wagon to Williams. I think Farmer would have been a huge threat if he’d run on his own (though I suppose there’s a chance he may not have made it out of the primary).

  3. David Williams is the second person late to the party.

    Nebraska AG Jon Bruning is the first.

    Time to keep a list.

  4. there was a David Williams who was nominated by the Dems for Ag Commissioner in 2007 who won that spot because his name was nearly the exact same as the more famous David Williams.

    Will he be able to run for Governor as a Republican?

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