MI-Sen: Stabenow in Better Shape

Public Policy Polling (PDF) (3/18-20, Michigan voters, Dec. 2010 in parens)

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc): 50 (45)

Pete Hoekstra (R): 38 (44)

Undecided: 12 (11)

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc): 48 (45)

Terri Lynn Land (R): 38 (41)

Undecided: 14 (14)

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc): 52

Saul Anuzis (R): 35

Undecided: 13

Debbie Stabenow (D-inc): 52

Randy Hekman (R): 33

Undecided: 15

MoE: ±4.4%

Remember last week how I said that Sherrod Brown’s new BFF must be John Kasich? Well, I’ll bet Debbie Stabenow would love to take Gov. Rick Snyder out for a soda pop right about now. I can explain it all to you in one blockquote:

Party        December | March

Democrat:       35    |   41

Republican:     35    |   28

Independent:    29    |   31

Those are the party self-identification breakdowns in PPP’s newest poll versus their last poll. And guess what? The March sample is almost identical to the 2008 exit polls, which was 41 D, 29 R & 29 I. It’s simple: If our voters come back, we win. And if guys like Rick Snyder, John Kasich, and Scott Walker keep helping us, they will.

49 thoughts on “MI-Sen: Stabenow in Better Shape”

  1. This may all be transitory. But for the moment things look rosier than they did right across the board. Would be nice to see recruitment news in other races mind.

  2. In Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other places that have elected governors who are doing wacky, (at least for now) unpopular thiongs — we need to make every Republican from the candidate for dog catcher on up a co-conspirator.

  3. …is that, should governors like Synder, Kasich, and Walker maintain these current numbers, they’ll likely be defeated in 2014, hopefully in the general.  If their Democratic successors are able to serve two terms, then they’d be serving through the 2021 redistricting cycle.

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