Show the DSCC! Help boost Draft Kleeb pledge numbers!

As discussed yesterday, Scott Kleeb told Nebraska TV that he will be meeting with national Democratic Party leaders this next week to gauge his support in D.C. I am assuming, most importantly, that Scott will be meeting with the DSCC leadership. The DSCC will be pledging an unknown amount of money and resources to Scott’s potential Senate candidacy and we need to make sure the Washington support is as big as possible.

The DSCC will undoubtedly gauge Scott’s chances by looking at his support, not just in Nebraska from the Netroots as well. Which is why I ask for your help today.

Draft Kleeb has been sponsoring a pledge drive (PLEDGE for KLEEB) where Kleeb supporters from around the state of Nebraska can pledge their support to our potential candidate. Now we are turning to the netroots for help as well.

Please take the time to head to our PLEDGE DRIVE site and fill out the information. If you can spare it, pledge $5-$10-$15-whatever amount and please pledge some volunteer hours. Even if you live outside of Nebraska you can still play a role in this campaign. Or at the vary least, simply pledge your support – the DSCC needs to know that Scott has the support to win this race. It won’t be easy, but it is possible!

PLEDGE for KLEEB today!

Thank you for your continued support!

NE-Sen: Scott Kleeb – “Starting today, we’re on full time.”

From Nebraska TV:

Some traveled a few hours to be here, and others are running for state legislature in their district.

Saturday was about networking and developing a strategy to get Democrats excited about the state presidential caucus coming up, and more awareness in the third district.

“We want the 3rd district to move,” one Democrat announced to the crowd.

Move to reach rural communities and young people whom party members say their district is losing.

“I see the 3rd district floundering,” Lisa Hannah said, a local Democrat considering running for state legislature.  “The next census we could end up losing our district.”

Lisa Hannah used to be a Republican, but experience with national Democratic leaders and concern for her community changed her mind.

“I see the Democratic party as moving forward.”

She may run for state legislature but her goal now is to network by sharing ideas with fellow Democrats like Kate Sullivan.  She’s running for the 41st district.

“I care for rural populations. They continue to decline,” she said.

Both women show concern for  rural areas, and they share high hopes for Nebraska with everyone else at the meeting, especially with the presidential caucus coming up.

With the possibility of Scott Kleeb running for office, that’s enough to bring these folks to their feet.

“Starting today, we’re on full time,” Kleeb said.

Kleeb says he’ll be very involved in the third district, but says he has not decided if he will run yet.  He’s meeting with party leaders in Washington D.C. next week, and said he’ll make a decision in the next two weeks.  He says family time and raising enough campaign money are big factors in his decision.

First of all, I am delighted to see Democrats getting active in the 3rd District. Using Scott’s 2006 Congressional race as a model, Democrats should be able to make some progress in one of the most conservative districts in the nation.

Second, I am glad to hear that Scott is meeting with party leaders next week. That is a major step in the direction of a U.S. Senate race. We can only hope that said national leaders (I’m betting Chuck Shumer is one of them) pledge to help Scott as so many other activists have done through Draft Kleeb’s Pledge Drive.

So how can we make sure that national Democrats give Scott the resources he needs to win this race? By pledging ourselves! I am convinced that someone at the DSCC looks at this website and probably checks the pledge drive…so we must boost our numbers for Scott!

So what are you waiting for? PLEDGE volunteer hours. PLEDGE contributions. Or just PLEDGE your support to Scott! We have gotten this far together, all we need to do is cross that finish line! PLEDGE for KLEEB today!

NE-Sen: Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate Welcomes Tony Raimondo to the Democratic Party

The following press release was sent to local media Friday morning:


OMAHA – Draft Kleeb would like to welcome the newest member of the Democratic Party in Nebraska, Columbus Industrialist Tony Raimondo, with congratulations and open arms.

“The Democratic Party is the party of the people and must welcome all those disenfranchised by the GOP,” said editor Mike Nellis.  “I congratulate Tony for seeing the light so quickly after ending his bid for the Republican Senate nomination.  We can only hope that the Nebraska Democratic Party will spend as much time recruiting other disenfranchised Republicans as they did Mr. Raimondo.”

Draft Kleeb has also seen its fair share of good news this week.  Scott Kleeb released a video on his website (can be seen here) challenging voters to make the Senate race their own, and PLEDGE for KLEEB numbers have reached outstanding levels.  (78 people have pledged 1,782 hours or 222 working days, and over $18,000)

Those pledged include: Nebraska Young Democrats President, Kyle Michaelis; Phelps County Democratic Party Chair, Brian Osborn; lead blogger, Ryan Anderson; Executive Director of Panhandle Community Services, Janice Fitts; and Adjunct Instructor at Metro Community College, Joe Cunningham.

“It’s time to take a stand against conventional insider politics.  The Nebraska Republican Party, lead by Senate candidate Mike Johanns, has forgotten that democracy is a test of leadership, not a show of power.  We urge disenfranchised Republicans like Tony Raimondo to take a stand against this kind of politics by stepping forward to PLEDGE for KLEEB.”

Draft Kleeb is an independent organization hoping to convince Scott Kleeb to run for Senate in Nebraska.   It is not authorized by Scott Kleeb, his campaign, any campaign committee, or any political party.

It’s time we take control of our party.  It’s time we make this campaign ours.  We have a chance to do that in 2008 — let’s not pass that up!  You never know when it will happen again.

So what are you waiting for?  PLEDGE for KLEEB and make this campaign yours!

NE-Sen: Scott Kleeb: This is “our choice — and a choice we have to make together!”

In case you haven’t seen it yet, today’s big news is that Scott Kleeb posted a video on his website laying down a challenge to voters and activists to make this race their own.  Click here to see the video.

While Scott stops short of an announcement, he certainly puts gasoline on the Senate race fire.  Making our movement ever more important.  Already, Nebraskans from across our great state have stood up for this campaign by pledging volunteer hours and donations.  Many have choosen to put what I call a “down payment” on this campaign by donating as little as $5 through our ActBlue page.  

I thank everyone who has stepped forward for a New Nebraska, but I now come to you asking for more.

Your help has been instrumental to our campaign.  We have fought against traditional party politics since the beginning.  Mike Johanns and Tony Raimondo, lifelong Republican, symbolize the same old politics we have come to know and loathe.  My friends this is truely people powered politics which is why I ask you today to become a people powered lobbyist.

What is a people powered lobbyist you ask?  It is you!  It is someone who is tired of conventional politics and wants to put real leadership in Washington.  But is also someone who takes action.  Here is what you can do:

If you haven’t already, PLEDGE for KLEEB.  Let Scott know you are ready to hoist this campaign on your shoulders by pledging your time and contributions to his eventual Senate campaign.

Next, put that down payment on Scott’s campaign.  It is unfortunate how important money is in politics, but we are going to have raise money from the grassroots up in this campaign.  That starts with you.

But your role as a people powered lobbyist goes far beyond just volunteer hours and donations.  I ask you to become an extension of this campaign.  As Scott said in his video, this is “our choice — and a choice we have to make together!”  This means we must become the campaign.  Talk to your friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers, ect… and get them to pledge for Scott Kleeb. Lead them to the websites, tell them how Scott is the future of Nebraska politics, and empower them to take action in this campaign as you have. But most importantly, tell them that is their campaign, tell them is your campaign, tell them that people power can defeat conventional party politics everyday of the week and twice on Sundays!

Paul Wellstone once said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”  It’s time we live up to that grand credo and stand up for democracy in Nebraska.


NE-Sen: NEWS RELEASE: 52 people step forward and PLEDGE for KLEEB (

Sent out to media outlets this morning:

November 30th, 2007: 52 people step forward and PLEDGE for KLEEB

Over 150 working days, $12,000 pledges

OMAHA — On Friday November 23rd, 2007 Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate launched PLEDGE for KLEEB, a program that allowed voters and activists to pledge support for Democrat Scott Kleeb should he enter the 2008 U.S . Senate race in Nebraska.  Interested parties were encourage to pledge 8 volunteer hours or one working day.  Pledged contributions were also encouraged.

As of Friday November 30th, 2007, 52 people have pledged over 150 working days and over $12,000 to an eventual Kleeb for Senate campaign.

“I am delighted by the reception PLEDGE for KLEEB has seen from voters throughout the state,” said Mike Nellis, editor of  “52 people doesn’t sound like much but candidates would kill to have that many volunteers this early in a campaign.”

Those pledged include: President of Nebraska Young Democrats, Kyle Michaelis; Phelps County Chair, Brian Osborn; and one self described, “life-long Republican.”

“The numbers are strong, and the people are motivated to preserve Democracy in the state of Nebraska.  But we aren’t going to stop here.  PLEDGE for KLEEB will continue to show Scott Kleeb that he has the support to win the Senate race, and build him an infrastructure upon which to launch his campaign.”

If you haven’t done so already, PLEDGE for KLEEB!

NE-Sen: PLEDGE for KLEEB reaches 50 people! (


In less than a week we have mounted a serious volunteer and contribution drive that has really brought out the best in Nebraska Democrats.  Thanks to those who pledged to put this campaign on their shoulders.

Here is where the tally sits:

50 people have pledged…

  • …1,192 hours (149+ working days)
  • …$11,780.01 ($236.60 per person)
  • Campaigns would kill for those kinds of numbers this early in a cycle.  Let’s keep this momentum up!

    Click here to PLEDGE for KLEEB today!

    NE-Sen: Step Forward and help PLEDGE for KLEEB pass 50 people! (DraftKleeb.com_

    PLEDGE for KLEEB is almost one week old people and we have already rallied the troops for this eventual Senate campaign.  To those who have pledged, thank you very much.  Here is where the current talley sits:

    47 people have pledged…

  • …1,176 hours (147+ working days)
  • …$11,760 ($250.21 per person)
  • But the work is not even close to done.

    Help us reach 50 people by the end of today.  That only takes three people to step forward for a better Nebraska.  Pledge your time, energy, or contribution to helping change the face of Nebraska politics.

    Click here to PLEDGE for KLEEB!

    NE-Sen: Draft Kleeb coverage in Huffington Post

    The Huffington Post wrote a great editorial about Draft Kleeb:

    We’re still waiting to hear if Scott Kleeb will jump into this race. Scott the candidate supported by the grassrootsin Nebraska. He surprised everyone by running an incredibly competitive race in the uber-conservative Third Congressional of Nebraska. Widely considered to be gunning for a rematch in the Third District, Senator Hagel’s retirement has fueled speculation that Kleeb will enter the Senate race instead. This speculation has reached a fever pitch as former Senator Bob Kerry and Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey took passes on the race.

    So far, Kleeb has played coy about his plans, but grassroots activists are working to build early support for him. There is a facebook group. There is a website. There are blog posts. And more blog posts.

    No matter where you are, if you are interested in standing up to people who are willing to sell out our party for their rich Republican friends, then please take part in pledging to Scott Kleeb. Here, you can pledge money or volunteering time. Every dollar you pledge sends a big message to Ben Nelson that our party is not for sell. Every moment you pledge stands up to the politics of selling out our values.

    The current tally sits at:

    39 people have pledged…

    …999 hours (125+ working days)

    …$10,535 ($270.13 per person)

    It’s time for the heart of the Democratic Party, the grassroots, to step forward and back a real Democrat in this race.

    Have you pledged yet?  It can make all the difference.

    NE-Sen: PLEDGE for KLEEB passes $10,000!

    PLEDGE for KLEEB tally…

    37 people have pledged…

  • …991 hours (124+ working days)
  • …$10,360 ($280.00 per person)
  • Show Scott your support by going to and pledge your support!

    “Scott has a personality that can build consensus. He’s not full of himself, and he’s not one of those people unwilling to take risks.”

    – Former Republican State Senator David Bernard

    Scott is our best chance to take back Nebraska.  This is real people powered politics!  Washington insider want to tell us who our candidate is – well I say no way!

    PLEDGE for KLEEB today!

    Press Release: Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate launches volunteer Pledge Drive

    Sent out this morning to local media:

    Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate

    October 26, 2007: Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate launches Pledge Drive

    Allows Kleeb supporters to show early support

    OMAHA – On Friday November 23rd, 2007 Draft Scott Kleeb for U.S. Senate will launch PLEDGE for KLEEB, a program that will allow voters to pledge support for Scott Kleeb should he enter the 2008 Senate race.  Interested parties will be able to pledge either volunteer hours (with a recommendation of 8 hours or one working day) or a donation of various amounts.

    “We understand how difficult it is to support a candidate who is not in the race,” said Mike Nellis, editor of Draft Kleeb, “but that does not mean we can not show our support.  The 2008 Senate race will be an uphill battle for Scott Kleeb, but if we stand up in this race, than we can expect Kleeb to do the same.  I urge anyone who wants to see a real debate in this election to pledge one working day to Scott Kleeb.  Canvassing, phone banking, databasing for Kleeb will truely make all the difference in this race.”

    The site name is and was created in house by Mike Nellis.  It’s name is a take off of Scott Kleeb’s recent quotation, “It’s time for a new generation to step forward.”

    Draft Kleeb is an independent organization hoping to convince Scott Kleeb to run for Senate in Nebraska.  It is not authorized by Scott Kleeb, his campaign, any campaign committee, or any political party.

    Head on over and show Scott your support!