MN-Sen: Coleman’s lead expands to 282; challenges explode to 5625

After a week of recounting, with 88% of the votes recounted:…

Coleman has added to his lead, partly by challenging more ballots (2885 to 2738), but also

because there aren’t many Democratic areas to recount.  St. Louis County is complete, Hennepin and Ramsey Counties are 87% and 81% complete, respectively.  Of the eight counties not yet started, seven of them went to Coleman.

So is it over for Al?  Without challenges, he’s only picked up 80 votes.  And with the strong possibility that the missing absentee ballots might not be counted, it’s getting grimmer for Franken.

MN-Sen: Recount Day 5–Coleman up 210 now

The latest from the Star-Tribune with 77% of the votes recounted:…

Coleman is now up 210 votes, and Coleman is challenging 124 more ballots than Franken 1625 to 1501.

Ramsey County is 55% complete with a Franken gain of 40.  Even with all of the questionable Coleman challenges, I doubt Franken can overtake

Coleman in the December review.  There’s to just too much of a gap for Nate Silver’s projection to come through.

And most of the counties that haven’t reported anything yet are smaller and mostly rural–and Coleman won most of them.

So is it over for Al?

MN-Sen: Coleman leads by 195; Coleman challenges more ballots

The latest:…

With 13% of precincts reporting, and 8% of the vote recounted, Norm Coleman is now ahead by 195 votes–a net gain of 20 for Al Franken.  Norm Coleman’s camp is challenging more ballots: 105 vs. 89 from Franken’s camp.

Note that challenged ballots are set aside and not included in the recount totals.

Somewhat encouraging, don’t you think?