Netroots: Front Pagers Needed For New Southern Netroots Site

For the past several months we have been getting our new Southern netroots site up and running. We are in need of front pagers who can contribute diaries on politics and issues of the Southern and Sunbelt states that are our demographic focus area.

We need front pagers who can submit diaries on:

-Coverage of local, state, and federal races.
-Coverage of the presidential race.
-Coverage of progressive policy and issues.
-Diaries supporting candidates are welcome
-Diaries to organize local grassroots for candidates and causes.
-General diaries that are of interest to the progressive community.
-Cross posts from other sites are welcome

Our goal is to be a community for progressive netroots and political analysis for some of the fastest growing population areas of the United States. Our geographic focus includes the states and territories of the Old South, Border States, and Southwest that are a part of or are adjacent to the Sunbelt. That includes an area that is generally the southern half of the United States from California on the west, to Missouri on the north, to the Gulf Of Mexico and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on the south, and the DC-MD-DE area on the east. Many of these states are in the demographic areas where the Democratic Party has great potential for the future. This includes these states (and major cities in these states such as Atlanta, Memphis, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, etc.):

New Mexico
West Virginia
South Carolina
North Carolina
District of Columbia
Virgin Island (U.S. Territory)
Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory)

All registered users can submit diaries and the best diaries are promoted to the front page. Regular quality contributors are promoted to front page status.

We do not have a lot of rules and we do welcome diverse opinions regardless of which candidate you may support. We want to have a friendly and productive environment but not one that has constant bickering and attacks or counterproductive social clicks.