MS-01: Young Guns to the Rescue!

IL-14 was bad.  LA-06 was worse.  But if you’re an ass-scratching member of the Boehner caucus, the very real scenario of receiving a back-breaking loss in Mississippi next week is too terrifying to even begin imagining.

That’s why the GOP is calling in the cavalry to stop Democrat Travis Childers:

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) presented a multi-faceted plan to retain the Mississippi seat to the House Republican Young Guns group on Tuesday. The plan is designed to get staff on the ground and checks to Davis.

“We need boots on the ground. This is going to be about voter turnout,” Westmoreland said. “So it’s a matter of having enough people to go door to door, to go to Wal-Mart and Home Depot to get [Davis’s] message out.”

Westmoreland and several other members have dispatched staff to Mississippi to do just that. Others, like Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), have supported Davis financially.

“One thing that the Young Guns do is engage in races,” said McCarthy.

Young Guns?  More like City Slickers II.

Or maybe Blazing Saddles.

No, wait — I’ve got it: Two Mules For Sister Sara.

7 thoughts on “MS-01: Young Guns to the Rescue!”

  1. but; we can’t take this stuff lightly; this is the “kitchen sink” being thrown in here; DARTH is not going into ms-01 monday to enjoy the weather;plus, i am still curious about all those polls being commisioned(with none being released publicly)  

  2. I’m assuming that staffers refer primarily to young people. So my question is is youth participation in politics an exclusively restriction entitled only to the Democratic Party?

    I’m from Canada, and my party’s had some bad luck with our version of special elections as of late, so we had to send staffers from our capital to help out. At least it shows that we’re putting up a fight even if we do lose.

    So is that it? The Democrats are the only ones who have exclusively entitlements to the energy of young people? And the Republicans will always be a party of old men? Those old men are either going to retire or die out, so that’s not possible.  

  3. Come on– that's not a pro-Republican movie. On the contrary; Blazing Saddles is a prognostication of the success of this year's Obama/Schweitzer ticket!  (crossing fingers!)

    Back to the topic at hand . . . Gatenmaru, the Republican Young Guns is a group of congressmen, not an organization of youth voters.  They are called the Young Guns because they are relatively young members of Congress, and their purpose is to help energize the NRCC and bring supposedly new, fresh ideas to the election strategy of this year.  Their purpose has nothing to do with turning out the youth vote.

    And, yes, the Democrats do have a large swath of the youth vote, and for good reason– with the economy in turmoil, young people have a very real sense of how far this country has gone down the tubes already.  The future looks bleak unless we turn things around . . . and turning things around is going to require some strong progressive legislation.  So, yes, the Democratic party can and should rightfully lay claim to the majority of the youth vote!

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