IL-10: Seals In, Garrett Out

The field to replace GOP Rep. Mark Kirk in the House is quickly taking shape. First, ’06/’08 Democratic nominee Dan Seals is back for a third try, according to an e-mail that his campaign sent to his supporters (Lynn Sweet has the full text here). Dan Seals is a heck of a nice guy, and he was a prodigious fundraiser last cycle, but it remains to be seen if he’ll enjoy anything close to the groundswell of financial and grassroots support that he received in the ’08 Democratic primary, where he absolutely crushed attorney Jay Footlik.

One thing that could make his task easier, as he attempts this third bite at the apple, is the announcement from state Sen. Susan Garrett that she will be staying put in legislature. From Roll Call:

National Democrats have tried to recruit state Sen. Susan Garrett (D) in the 10th district for the past few cycles, but she has resisted a bid each time. In a phone interview Monday, Garrett said she has decided not to run for the open-seat race.

“I made the decision this weekend, albeit it wasn’t easy,” Garrett said. “I’m here to stay for a while.”

Garrett is close with state Rep. Julie Hamos (D), who she said will move from Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s (D) neighboring district into the 10th district to run. Hamos did not return a call for comment on the race, but Garrett said she would be likely to support her at some point in the campaign.

At this point it’s just Seals, state Sen. Michael Bond (whose underwhelming $86K second quarter haul did his candidacy no favors) and attorney Elliot Richardson vying for the Democratic nod, but it’s possible that more names from local offices could emerge.

For the GOP, Roll Call and CQ both rattle off a similar batch of names:

  • Businessman Dick Green, CEO of
  • Businessman Bill Strong, former Illinois finance chairman for John McCain’s Presidential campaign
  • State Rep. Ed Sullivan
  • Businesswoman/ex-Mount Prospect mayoral candidate Patricia Bird
  • Lake County Board Member Ann Maine
  • Wilmette Village President Chris Canning
  • State Rep. Beth Coulson*

Take a look at that last name on the list. Beth Coulson, a moderate Republican, would be a pretty strong choice for the GOP in theory. In an interview with Roll Call, she says that the NRCC has been in contact with her and that she’ll make a decision on the race next month, but her staff doesn’t seem to be on the same page — they told CQ that she will be running for re-election instead of Congress next year. So which is it?

RaceTracker wiki: IL-10

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