Poll Roundup (9/25)

We can’t walk from one desk to the other over here in SSP World Headquarters without tripping over another new poll that we haven’t written up yet. Let’s take care of ’em in a roundup. All polls must go!

  • AZ-Gov/Sen: Arizona GOP Gov. Jan Brewer is not only imperiled in the general election, she’s also extremely vulnerable to a primary challenge, according to PPP. State Treasurer Dean Martin leads Brewer by 37-26, but Brewer manages to come out on top against ex-Gov. Fife Symington by 39-31. However, in a three-way race against Martin and Symington, Brewer comes in last; Symington leads with 34, Martin clocks in at 26, and Brewer only registers at 22%. Ouch.

    And in case you were wondering, John McCain doesn’t have anything to worry about in a primary race: he’s dispatching Minutemen founder Chris Simcox by a 61-17 spread.

  • CA-Sen: Everyone’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen Reports, has dipped its toes back in the sunny California surf, and they have some better news for Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. Boxer leads Carly Fiorina by 49-39 (up from 45-41 in July), and Chuck DeVore by 46-37.
  • CO-Gov/Sen: The Tarrance Group, a GOP firm, is out with a new poll of the Senate and gubernatorial primaries in Colorado. For Governor, Scott McInnis leads Josh Penry by 40-13, and Jane Norton has a 45-15 edge over Ken Buck in the Senate race. On the Democratic side, Michael Bennet leads Andrew Romanoff by 41-27.
  • IA-Gov/Sen: Rasmussen finds Democratic Gov. Chet Culver in a world of trouble, trailing wingnut Bob Vander Plaats by 43-39, and ex-Gov. Terry Branstad by 54-34. While I don’t doubt that Branstad is ahead of Culver at this point (Selzer says as much), the margins may have more to do with the Rasmussen Effect than anything else.
  • MA-Gov: Suffolk came out with their latest poll of the Massachusetts gubernatorial race, and it provides some of the sunniest results for Deval Patrick in recent memory. Despite being saddled with an atrocious 29/56 re-elect rating, Patrick comes out on top of three-way match-ups against Dem-turned-indie Tim Cahill and GOPers Charlie Baker and Christy Mihos. Take your pick: Patrick 36, Cahill 23, Baker 14; or Patrick 36, Cahill 24, Mihos 17.
  • MI-Gov: Two polls here; one from Mitchell Research for the Detroit News, and another by IMP/MRG. Mitchell Research finds GOP AG Mike Cox leading Democratic Lt. Gov. John Cherry by a disturbing 45-32 margin. In the GOP primary, Cox beats Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, 30-23-11. The IMP/MRG poll has Cherry on top of businessman Rick Snyder by 42-34, but losing to Bouchard by 41-38. Bizarrely, they also decided to pit Cherry and Cox in a three-way race with Andy Dillon, the Democratic Speaker of the MI House, as an independent. In such a match-up, Cox leads Cherry by 35-33, with 13% of the vote going to Dillon.
  • NY-Gov/Sen-B: I think I’ve seen more New York polls this year than I’ve seen rats on the Q line. Rasmussen finds the same old story: Andrew Cuomo would face little difficulty in winning the Governor’s office, while Paterson would lose to Rudy and faces a dogfight against Rick freakin’ Lazio, of all people. In the Senate race, incumbent Dem Kirsten Gillibrand leads George Pataki by 44-41.
  • OH-Gov/Sen: Rasmussen is seeing Tossups everywhere. In Ohio, Republican John Kasich leads Democrat Ted Strickland by 46-45, while ex GOP-Rep. Rob Portman edges Lee Fisher by 41-40 and Jennifer Brunner by 40-38 in the Senate race.
  • VA-Gov: InsiderAdvantage came out with their first take on Virginia’s gubernatorial race, and it’s a tight one: 48-44 for McDonnell. This seems to generally correlate with a growing sense that the race is seeing some tightening (just take a look at that Pollster.com chart), despite us not having any trend lines to mark this one against.

18 thoughts on “Poll Roundup (9/25)”

  1. we all know that Portman is not ahead, we all know that Strickland is ahead. I dont believe that Bennet would be defeated by Norton. I dont think that Kirk is ahead of Giannoulias. The only scenario I see for Specter is him crushing Toomey. Lastly, I absolutey don’t believe that there is chance in hell that Robin Carnahan is in a dead heat with Roy Blunt. It’s time for Scott Rasmussen to be reprimanded. These are either push polls or pure making up of the data.

  2. Don’t ignore polls you don’t like.  Some people here sound like some people at Free Republic during the last 2 cycles.  Ohio and MO are close states that will be decided by a few points either way.  A poll that shows 40-40 in Ohio is useless.  Does anyone think either major party candidate is going to get below 40%?

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