MA-Sen Results Thread

Polls are closing in the Bay State, as Martha Coakley, Michael Capuano, and friends square off. All anecdotes about turnout suggest “very low.”

MA results: Boston Globe (including fancy graphic interface!) | Mass SoS

9:05 pm (David): I wonder if the outcome would have been different had Pagliuca and Khazei not run – if Capuano might have had a better shot at consolidating the non-Coakley vote. He got a lucky freebie, though: Capuano still gets to keep his seat in the House.

8:58 pm (David): The AP has called it for Coakley.

8:55 pm: I’ll check back in in a while, but it’s looking like an easy Coakley victory; the concessions should be imminent. Btw, on the GOP side, Scott Brown beats Jack E. Robinson by a convincing 88-12.

8:50 pm: At 40% reporting, it’s still 48-27-13-12. We’re getting to the point of mathematical impossibility for Capuano.

8:45 pm: It looks like the Globe’s interface is backwards, which makes perfect sense why Coakley would be getting 71% in Capuano’s home of Somerville while Capuano would be winning all the small rural towns. So flip the town results around in your head.

8:45 pm: Now we’re up to 22%. It’s 48-27-14-12. Another bad sign for Capuano: losing in Boston, too. Coakley’s up 46-32 on Capuano in Beantown.

8:35 pm: Up to 14% reporting, and still 47-26-14-11. Here’s the really bad news for Capuano: Cambridge is starting to report — where he needs to absolutely crush if he’s going to make any ground — and at 3% reporting, Coakley is leading Capuano by a similar 47-26 margin. The main difference in Cambridge is Khazei pulling in 24%, with Pagliuca only at 4.

8:30 pm: Not much change in momentum. Now we’re at 7% reporting, and it’s 48-25-16-11.

8:15 pm: With 1% reporting, it’s Coakley at 47, Capuano at 26, Khazei at 17, and Pagliuca at 10.

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  1. That map seems to be messed up unfortunately. It says Capuano is ahead in most towns when really Coakley is.

    At any rate Coakley is killing with the first 1% in.

  2. basically everywhere in the state. His only meaningful lead is in Cambridge and 21 points isn’t enough to overcome Coakley’s 394792384723 point lead basically everywhere else.

    looks like I’ll have to find another way to spend my Tuesday night, this one will be over soon.

  3. It seems like we have one liberal Democrat facing off against another. My soft preference would be to have another woman in the Senate, but I would go by issues first.  

  4. And a lot of people I talked to today didn’t vote because it didn’t really matter to them who won the D primary, since they’re pretty much ideologically identical. (for that matter, I feel the same)

  5. Heath, on the Vermont border.

    Too bad he’s getting crushed 88-12 in the rest of the state. Must be the female/gay guy vote coming out for Scott Brown.  

  6. Even though the state is 40% in and Boston is 18% in, there is basically no way for Capuano to win. He is trailing 48-27. Still, we kind of knew Coakley would pull ahead.  

  7. Currently, Coakley is leading with 143,000 votes to Capuano’s 83,000 votes. Capuano might narrow the race by a few points but that is pretty unlikely.

  8. Coakley would have likely crushed Capuano one-on-one too. And even if it were close, she would have apparently needed a vanishingly small number of the “other” votes.

  9. They added the margin of lead bubbles and fixed the color swap.

    I’m waiting for Pagliuca’s hometown (Weston) to come in and see if he won it. Even Khazei has won a town, albeit not his place of residence. It would be a shame if Pagliuca moneybombed the race only to not win a single town.

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