PA-10: Carney Staying Put

From the Politico:

“I am flattered by the overtures of Sen. McCain and other Republican Party officials and consider their outreach a sure sign that I have worked in a truly bipartisan manner,” Carney said in a statement.

“I always put my district above political party and have maintained an independent voice. I have enjoyed widespread Republican support throughout my district and will continue to work closely with Democrats, Republicans and independents alike. I appreciate the Republican Party’s outreach, but I have no plans to change parties.”

And as an update to their original piece:

DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen spoke to Carney Wednesday and received assurance that the Pennsylvanian was not switching, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s aides talked to Carney staffers, as well, and received the same assurance.

Well, that proves one thing: Carney is not the fool that Parker Griffith is.

25 thoughts on “PA-10: Carney Staying Put”

  1. Or did he play this to get attention for being someone the Repubs view as amenable to them, as someone who they think they agree with on a lot of issues, and therefore Carney gets attention as being a guy not easily pigeonholed as a liberal Democrat or someone too beholden to the Democratic party?

  2. It looks like Carney played the Republicans, and McCain gets some egg on his face over this.

    God, with Griffith getting teabagged, I’d like to know what the Republicans think they can offer party-changers right now anyways.

  3. I think they try destabilize Carney and any dems lose confiance in Carney.

    Carney is one of the few democrats what support the public option and the stimulous coming from a R+8 district.

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