FL-05: Ginny Brown-Waite Running Again

Kind of lame:

After stirring up retirement speculation via a cryptic press release Thursday evening, Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite’s (R-Fla.) “major announcement” Friday night was that she is running for re-election, and that she set a date for her wedding.

RaceTracker Wiki: FL-05

43 thoughts on “FL-05: Ginny Brown-Waite Running Again”

  1. I barely care, but frankly, this is as retarded as when Blanche Lincoln’s staff tweeted that she had a “major announcement” (or whatever), and it turned out to be her fundraising nums. Stop crying wolf, you morans.

  2. mornonic or not, it worked.  next time, just don’t look, just don’t look (unless it’s in tenn.)

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