AK-Sen: Stay Classy, Joe Miller!

Joe Miller tweets:

What’s the difference between selling out your party’s values and the oldest profession? http://bit.ly/93kXBr #teaparty #tcot #alaska #ak

UPDATE: I see that Joe Miller quickly pulled the plug on that tweet. But don’t worry, James Hell has the screenshot!

LATER UPDATE: The Murkowski campaign is furious:

Sean Cockerham spoke with Murkowski’s campaign manager John Bitney, who had this to say:

“He just basically called Senator Murkowski a prostitute,” Bitney said. “I am doing my best in a moment of extreme anger right at the moment to be measured in my remarks. The word that comes to mind is deplorable. Disgusting. The man has no place representing Alaska in the U.S. Senate with that kind of attitude.”

Bitney said this is being watched nationally and Miller should be ashamed to take it to that level. “He owes Alaskans an apology.”

51 thoughts on “AK-Sen: Stay Classy, Joe Miller!”

  1. Wow. Lisa, this is what your party has become. I think if you win reelection you should seriously consider what the Democratic party has to offer you in terms of moderation and open discussion.

    And if you decide not to run, I’d urge you to do everything in your power to keep Joe Miller from getting into the Senate.  

  2. Miller’s polished to be sure, and Alaska’s historically about as Republican as it gets, but remarks like this — along with all of the out-of-state money that propelled his candidacy — make me wonder if we’re not looking at a Doug Hoffman in the making.

  3. Murkowski and McAdams are both from the panhandle, so that could help McAdams at least establish a good foothold to build from

  4. Murkowski will not try to go third part (Libertarian) now. He made a serious mistake with this little tweet. This is now a potential Dem pickup.  

  5. He’s not calling Murkowski a whore! He’s calling the Libertarian Party a bunch of whores.

    The Libertarians would be the ones selling out their Party’s values by endorsing the very non Libertarian Murkowski.

    I cant see the Libertarians doing this. I just think they are letting the rumors fly as a PR stunt to get their names out their. But for an ideological purity party like the Libertarians to give their line to Murkowski would be mind boggling. It would be like the Green Party giving their line to Joe Lieberman.

  6. Obviously he was talking about the Libertarian Party.  The Republican party is not selling it’s values…it’s the Libertarian’s who are willing to accede to Lisa despite having nothing in common with Lisa!

    A mis-step for Joe Miller, but much ado about nothing. Maybe he’ll be more specific with his tweets in the future.  

  7. He called one of them prostitutes, and if we go by what his campaign said afterwords to “clarify”, he is essentially dissing on all libertarian voters, who I would assume is more in line with a dude like Millers views.

    This will come back to haunt him, I hope enough to push McAdams into the senate, or make Murkowski endorse McAdams or something.

  8. I don’t understand why people would think McAdams would somehow become irrelevant in the race if it became a three person race and so what if he did?  It’s not like anyone had the Alaska Senate race on their radar to begin with, its not like the netroots is planning to pour a bunch of money into this race or are they?  Let the chips fall where they may, if Schumer wants to write McAdams a check for example, who’s going to stop him?  

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