38 thoughts on “AZ-Gov: Jan Brewer Loses Her Head in Debate”

  1. Even though I fear that Arizona is going to shift big to the Republicans this year due to SB1070 and some other things Goddard looks like a really damn good candidate for the Dems. And Brewer seems crazy.

  2. Like Joe McCarthy and the Communism issue, Brewer was not too bright nonentity before grasping on to the immigration issue.  You would hope that enough Arizona would wake up to the fact that she’s an empty suit demagogue, but I doubt it.

  3. In a close race, this would matter, but that’s not he case in AZ this year.  Unless she makes a habit of doing this, it will be forgotten.  She holds up well on the give-and-take of live TV, so I’m just assuming she had a bad night.  She remains the ultimate in lucky by being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of an idea that was not hers.

  4. I think this would hurt her a lot more if she was running for Governor instead of serving as Governot.

    Messing up an opening statement in a debate like she did hurts incumbents less in my opinion.

  5. To her bizarre statement about her father dying fighting the Nazis (He in fact spent the whole war stateside and died in 1955), and she clearly has a credibility problem.

    I agree with the commenter above that this race might be heading back towards toss-up. This article was a rather succinct rundown of the race. It basically argues that if Dems can neutralize the immigration issue they’ll be back in it, perhaps even favored. If people think that Brewer was lying to them about the severity of the threat, and meanwhile see Goddard running on a record of getting things done on immigration and bringing about tangible results, it gets a lot harder to see what she has to run on.

  6. What a head scratcher. As a relatively univolved outsider, you can’t help thinking, god – is she OK? Does she need some help?

    Sure, maybe it was just a momentary black-out, but it seemed more than that, like she was really just totally out of it.

  7. Made my day! 🙂 Makes me all warm and fuzzy. I think this will make the local media really hostile to her. Will be lasting help in the rest of the campaign. Any extra donations to Goddard after this? He seems solid.  

  8. That was some high-level political jujitsu jujeitsu karate right there from Goddard. He managed to point out that she’s a liar, highlight his anti-crime credentials, make the case she’s bad for the state, and that she’s hurting the local economy in one fell swoop.

    And hey look, the Arizona media is actually doing its job!  Hooray!

  9. Me and my roommate thoroughly enjoyed this!!!

    At least this election is extremely entertaining….  ::sigh::  She needs to keep this up to be effective.  Although, we still have the fall-out from this to look forward to.  She could pull a Chicken Lady and double-down.

  10. Actually I feel a bit sorry for her. Reminds me of when I ran for VP in High School. I totally froze. Very embarrassing. I was a jock so I prevailed but still I would not wish that anyone. I think the story that was on Maddow last night may be more serious.  

  11. Gov. Brewer’s nervous laughter at her own silence is almost identical to my late Mother’s reaction when she began having problems articluating her thoughts.   My Mother was in her late 40s when she began showing symptoms.  We found out later she had Alzheimer’s Disease.  

    In all seriousness, Gov. Brewer could easily be in the early stages of dimentia or some similar sort of clinical problem.  

  12. The transcript just doesn’t do it justice.

    On Kos site, someone was comparing this to when Patricia Madrid of New Mexico had a similar thing happen to her during a debate, and ended up blowing a lead against Heather Wilson. Anyone have more details of that?  

  13. she’s not calling herself “Jan Brewer Dot Com”.

    And I’d dare say that she’s also a lot less honest than Mr. Marceaux.

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