ME-Gov, ME-01, ME-02: Big Leads for LePage, Pingree, Michaud

Critical Insights for Maine News Today (9/13, likely voters, no trendlines):

Libby Mitchell (D): 25

Paul LePage (R): 38

Eliot Cutler (I): 11

Shawn Moody (I): 4

Kevin Scott (I): 1

Undecided: 21

(MoE: ±4%)

More stink lines for Democrats from this open seat race. The only other polls we’ve seen, from PPP and Rasmussen, have also showed the tea-flavored LePage with a clear edge, though none of these polls were taken in time to measure the impact of the news that LePage’s wife is under investigation for receiving homestead tax exemptions for her properties in both Maine and Florida. (LePage also had a profanity-laced freakout in front of news cameras after being questioned on the issue.)

At the very least, the House numbers offer a brighter outlook for incumbent Dems Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud.


Chellie Pingree (D-inc): 53

Dean Scontras (R): 29

Undecided: 18

(MoE: ±5.5%)


Mike Michaud (D-inc): 48

Jason Levesque (R): 28

Undecided: 24

(MoE: ±5.8%)

PPP, who polled these races a couple of weeks ago (partially over Labor Day weekend), found Pingree up by only 47-38, and Michaud up by a more alarming 45-38.

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  1. I don’t like these gov numbers, and if LePage wins, he could easily be drafted to replace Collins, and I would hate to have a conservative republican be viable state wide in Maine just because of this stupid environment.

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