PA-Sen, PA-Gov: Plenty o’ Pennsylvania

Suffolk (9/24-27, registered voters, no trendlines):

Joe Sestak (D): 40

Pat Toomey (R): 45

Dan Onorato (D): 40

Tom Corbett (R): 47

(MoE: ±4.4%)

Suffolk (who, as they don’t hesitate to point out themselves, was the closest pollster to nailing the scope of Joe Sestak’s primary victory over Arlen Specter) has an interesting methodological variation: they do a likely-voter oversample of Erie County, which they consider the state’s best bellwether, and it’s much closer, with Toomey leading 42-41 and Corbett leading 43-42.

Franklin & Marshall (9/20-26, likely voters, 8/16-23 in parentheses):

Joe Sestak (D): 29 (31)

Pat Toomey (R): 38 (40)

Undecided: 32 (26)

Dan Onorato (D): 32 (27)

Tom Corbett (R): 36 (38)

Undecided: 38 (31)

(MoE: ±4.4%)

Franklin & Marshall, as is their usual style, has a buttload of undecideds. With a registered voter model, there’s even more: among RVs, Toomey leads the Senate race 32-29, and Corbett leads the Governor’s race 33-30. (Interestingly, that means there’s a lot of enthusiasm gap at work in the Senate race, but almost none in the gubernatorial.)

Muhlenberg for Allentown Morning Call (9/18-23, likely voters, 4/5-7 in parentheses):

Joe Sestak (D): 39 (22)

Pat Toomey (R): 46 (33)

Undecided: 14 (34)

Dan Onorato (D): 37 (18)

Tom Corbett (R): 46 (42)

Undecided: 17 (40)

(MoE: ±5%)

Magellan (9/21, likely voters, no trendlines):

Joe Sestak (D): 41

Pat Toomey (R): 49

Undecided: 8

Dan Onorato (D): 38

Tom Corbett (R): 50

Undecided: 9

(MoE: ±2.6%)

Just a little caveat: Magellan has previously done micro-targeting work for the Toomey campaign.

Susquehanna for Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (9/23-26, likely voters, no trendlines):

Dan Onorato (D): 40

Tom Corbett (R): 46

(MoE: ±3.5%)

Putting all these polls together, we see, well, pretty much what we already knew: that Pat Toomey’s leading Joe Sestak in a narrow, consistent band in the high single digits. (Suffolk comes within 5, but they’re still using a registered voter model here.) There’s a little more variation in the gubernatorial race results, with Tom Corbett’s lead ranging from 4 to 12, but averaging out to basically the same thing: high single digits too.

55 thoughts on “PA-Sen, PA-Gov: Plenty o’ Pennsylvania”

  1. If Sestak can close in the last month like he closed in the primary, he may still have a shot. In this case, he’s probably glad there’s no early voting in PA.

  2. The Governor’s race was consistently double-digits for a long time, but now 4 of the last 5 polls have it a single-digit race.  The exception is partisan GOP outfit Magellan.

    The graph doesn’t show the tightening with only medium-level sensitivity, but their chart sure does with the polls in chronological order.

    It seems to me Onorato still can make a race of it if he has the money.  He might not win, but if he can make it close, and Sestak can do better and make it close like his race USED to be, then we might be able to save some House members downballot.

  3. I miss his analysis, but understand that he frequently went over the line w/r/t enforced standards here. Is he just on “timeout” or gone?

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