DCCC Drops $21.5M on 66 Districts

A special roundup of tonight’s independent expenditure filings from the DCCC — likely their last major buys for the cycle:

District Incumbent Buy CTD
AL-02 Bright $266,416 $1,401,924
AR-01 OPEN $538,343 $1,760,295
AZ-01 Kirkpatrick $270,804 $1,018,678
AZ-05 Mitchell $269,473 $1,089,934
AZ-07 Grijalva $82,991 $178,153
AZ-08 Giffords $132,195 $132,195
CA-11 McNerney $471,126 $1,011,469
CA-20 Costa $191,580 $346,583
CO-03 Salazar $258,248 $1,148,734
CO-07 Perlmutter $301,064 $465,176
CT-05 Murphy $274,950 $274,950
FL-02 Boyd $170,422 $337,516
FL-22 Klein $315,840 $315,840
FL-25 OPEN $775,900 $1,394,729
GA-02 Bishop $256,835 $756,286
GA-08 Marshall $11,340 $42,321
HI-01 Djou $126,252 $814,931
IA-01 Braley $166,944 $180,739
IA-02 Loebsack $270,353 $578,620
IA-03 Boswell $157,789 $723,500
IL-10 OPEN $590,722 $1,725,029
IL-14 Foster $526,917 $1,283,956
IL-17 Hare $92,158 $1,091,570
IN-02 Donnelly $179,712 $729,651
IN-09 Hill $454,496 $1,305,315
KY-06 Chandler $133,451 $452,695
MA-10 OPEN $823,059 $1,390,878
MD-01 Kratovil $339,824 $1,467,081
MI-01 OPEN $201,432 $1,274,577
MI-07 Schauer $354,294 $1,354,383
MI-09 Peters $497,250 $497,250
MN-01 Walz $129,922 $255,726
MO-04 Skelton $458,420 $1,236,357
MS-01 Childers $224,934 $957,497
NC-07 McIntyre $62,134 $202,049
NC-08 Kissell $458,101 $1,705,390
ND-AL Pomeroy $294,008 $795,743
NH-02 OPEN $487,837 $968,365
NJ-03 Adler $642,132 $642,132
NM-01 Heinrich $372,240 $860,469
NV-03 Titus $404,364 $1,354,173
NY-19 Hall $409,200 $502,692
NY-20 Murphy $220,230 $674,536
NY-23 Owens $431,140 $921,679
NY-24 Arcuri $260,352 $987,973
OH-06 Wilson $240,781 $596,578
OH-16 Boccieri $296,096 $1,449,103
OH-18 Space $277,311 $1,512,696
OR-05 Schrader $354,767 $1,239,101
PA-07 OPEN $702,325 $950,105
PA-08 Murphy $544,222 $544,222
PA-10 Carney $217,499 $579,489
PA-11 Kanjorski $196,926 $670,576
PA-12 Critz $325,011 $1,100,181
SC-05 Spratt $252,007 $1,124,024
SD-AL Herseth $262,822 $344,786
TN-04 Davis $168,260 $454,260
TX-17 Edwards $568,953 $626,750
TX-23 Rodriguez $169,021 $815,577
VA-02 Nye $88,514 $788,447
VA-05 Perriello $142,123 $593,713
VA-11 Connolly $1,079,867 $1,458,790
WA-02 Larsen $344,383 $605,930
WA-03 OPEN $562,384 $1,728,123
WI-07 OPEN $131,383 $880,769
WV-01 OPEN $210,483 $1,180,131
Total: $21,492,332 $57,853,090

Of particular note is the $1 million dropped by the D-trip against Keith Fimian in VA-11.

148 thoughts on “DCCC Drops $21.5M on 66 Districts”

  1. on a candidate in WV-1 who’ll probably end up jumping to the Republicans if he wins, or at least vote with them most of the time?

  2. First of all, they should have pressured Berry, Baird, Obey, and Stupak to run for reelection, including with pleas from Obama.  These seats would all likely be safe if we had incumbents there.  

  3. Dems leading early voting in IA-01, IA-02, IA-03, but DCCC still going negative on all the Republicans makes me think they are less than fully confident. I heard a radio ad today (DCCC) about Brad Zaun’s 2001 incident when a police officer had to warn him to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

    Iowa Dems say Culver now leads Branstad in IA-02. If that’s true, it’s hard for me to imagine a significant number of Culver/Miller-Meeks ticket-splitters.

  4. Unsurprising Incumbents

    Kosmas (FL-24)

    Driehaus (OH-01)

    Kilroy (OH-15)

    Dahlkemper (PA-03)

    Mildly Surprising

    Markey (CO-04): Pelosi’s apparently left her and Dahlkemper out to dry, which is surprising.

    Grayson (FL-08): Or does he just have enough $ to sink or swim on his own?

    Shea-Porter (NH-01): They didn’t want to buy in the Boston media market?

    Teague (NM-02)

    Kagan (WI-08): Self funding?

  5. Unless they’re seeing something I haven’t, I think the Boyd ad buy is a waste of $170,000; I would rather that money have gone elsewhere. I’m not sure what the runner up is….

    A week ago, I would have said the D-Trip was nuts to drop over a half mil on Causey. I’m still not sure that it isn’t but I won’t flat out say that.

    Also mildly surprised to see that they’re not playing in AZ-03.

  6. Louisville media market isn’t that much and covers most of the district. That will go far. Republicans have still spent more. I see Young ads all the time. Still them spending to me indicates Hill’s RUMORED internal was probably accurate as they would not spend on him if he was down. Then again he’s an incumbent who took a lot of tough votes, they probably promised they would spend on him. I mean there spending on Boyd who is toast.  

  7. Why does the DCCC CONSTANTLY IGNORE CA-44?!?!  It’s a better investment that stupid AZ-07, which may give Grijalva a smaller margin, but he isn’t going to lose.

    Hedrick on the other hand, could REALLY win this one, yet everyone has written it off for some god damn reason.  WHAT THE HELL!?  We saw a poll about three weeks ago that showed him closing in quickly on Calvert.  CONSERVATIVES HATE CALVERT TOO!!  God Damn it.  If the DCCC did their god damn job in the first place, and examined all potentially close races, Hedrick would be in congress right now, but instead, he lost by 2% in 2008, which lit a fire under Calvert’s ass, who started raking in the cash to put out the potential problem that was Hedrick.

    Nice job DCCC.  You F@%ing Morons.

  8. Have not seen that much on union commericals.  I heard on NPR or CSPAN radio the other day that the utnions state that they are spending a lot of money but it does not appear to be on advertising.  So some of the Republican strategists were worried that this money was solely going to pay for GOTV.  Has anyone heard this as well?

  9. Perlmutter is seriously in trouble? Really? And nothing for Markey?

    And that seems like a freakin’ enormous amount of money in Ike Skelton’s district – or is media there a lot more expensive than I’d have thought?

  10. Off the top of my head I can name:

    Callahan, Bera, Trivadi, Delbene, and Hedrick

    What the heck are the DCCC thinking??!?!?!?!?

    Why drop over 500k for an open seat in AR-1 when you have more deserving and realistic opportunities? All of them have PVI better than AR-1.  

    At the very least, Seals and Hanabusa is being sent reinforcements.

  11. Dunno what that means, except that maybe Dems have stopped the bleeding in the Philly burbs, and it made sense to drop some cash there (whereas previously Patrick Murphy had been written off).  

  12. Some numbers from the two nominally separate groups have trickled in over the evening.

    Listing the media buy numbers only, not the media production cost…

    CA-20: $328K

    GA-02: $123K

    HI-01: $76K

    IN-02: $170K

    MO-03: $241K

    NC-11: $241K

    ND-AL: $238K

    NY-22: $256K

    OH-16: $438K

    TN-04: $263K

    TX-23: $322K

    Now here’s something fishy to me…

    CO-SEN: $646K

    IL-SEN: $1025K

    NV-SEN: $556K

    WA-SEN: $1040K

    Wow.  Huge spending in the 3 out of 4 of the Senate races that NRSC skipped today?  Does that sound like illegal coordination?

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