SSP’s Competitive Gubernatorial Race Ratings: Final 2010 Changes & Chart

Barring any unexpected last-minute developments, below you will find our final gubernatorial race ratings changes and a complete chart of all of our ratings. To see how much things have changed since we issued our first ratings of the cycle in April of 2009, please click here.

Final Gubernatorial Race Ratings Changes:

  • CT-Gov: Lean D to Tossup
  • GA-Gov: Tossup to Lean R
  • ID-Gov: Likely R to Safe R
  • KS-Gov: Likely R to Safe R
  • MA-Gov: Tossup to Lean D
  • ME-Gov: Tossup to Lean R
  • NY-Gov: Likely D to Safe D
  • RI-Gov: Tossup to Lean Independent
  • TN-Gov: Likely R to Safe R
  • UT-Gov: Likely R to Safe R

Final Gubernatorial Race Ratings Chart:

Likely D Lean D Tossup Lean R Likely R
CA (Open)

CO (Open)

HI (Open)

MA (Patrick)

MD (O’Malley)

NH (Lynch)
CT (Open)

FL (Open)

IL (Quinn)

MN (Open)

OH (Strickland)

OR (Open)

VT (Open)
AZ (Brewer)

GA (Open)

IA (Culver)

ME (Open)

NM (Open)

PA (Open)

SC (Open)

TX (Perry)

WI (Open)
AL (Open)

MI (Open)

NV (Open)

OK (Open)

SD (Open)

Lean Independent:

     RI (Open)

Safe R:

     KS (Open)

     TN (Open)

     WY (Open)

48 thoughts on “SSP’s Competitive Gubernatorial Race Ratings: Final 2010 Changes & Chart”

  1. Interesting to see how much closer you came with predicting the Gov races nearly two years out as opposed to the Senate races.  Other than a few surprises that no one could have foreseen, such at in Iowa, most of what you predicted has come true.

  2. Colorado Senate, Florida Governor and Ohio Governor.  

    I’d guess this is looking forward to the 2012 re-election campaign and Sink and Strickland would be much better than Scott and Kasich and Fla and Ohio will be two very key states.  

  3. which seems to have similar content as we do here.  Well, in the posts at least.  Has got barely any comments.

    The one thing I do warn you about, though, is this:

    “Dedicated to a non-partisan analysis of Senate, House, and Governor races.”

    No, it’s actually a right-wing site.  For example, look at the report on AK-Sen:

    “But the story about the journalists attempting to concoct negative stories about him may swing the tide back his way.”

    Also, FWIW, it shows a huge fuckton of polls.  Including a 48-45 Quinnipiac CT-Gov poll showing Foley ahead.

  4. According to articles like this one, among major newspaper endorsements, Vincent Sheheen outnumbers Nikki Haley Seven to Two.  Even my local Greenville News, with its right wing reputation, endorsed Sheheen.  

    Is that unusual, for a governor candidate to get a majority of major newspaper endorsements and still lose?

  5. I recognize virtually none of the commentators on that posting, besides CalifornianInTexas and armand. Some of those people don’t seem to have posted for well over a year.  

  6. The Foley surge + the wave may be more than chris Murphy can handle. per national review and ctcapitolreport, Merriman river has caligiuri expanding his lead over Murphy to 52-44.

    Foley will win the district by a huge margin, mcmahon may still win it, and Obama approval is low (43/54).

    In with the wave, out with the wave?good news is that lieberman’s seat is up in 2012.    

  7. I have a hard time believing Cahill is going to be in double digits on election day and that most of what he’s polling won’t move to Baker.

  8. Here in the Michigan gubernatorial race, Democrat Virg Bernero alleged that four Detroit pastors that Rick Snyder has endorsing him on his website actually didn’t endorse him.  If that’s the best Virg has got, he’s even more toast than I thought he was. lol

  9. I just came back from dinner after work, to find a message that started like this:

    “Hi. This is Carl Paladino. Are you ready to clean up New York?”

    I deleted the message at that point, so I don’t know what he followed up with, but he sure didn’t select me from any list of likely voters for right-wing wackos. I’m essentially a social democrat, and I’ve never voted for anyone further right than Bloomberg.

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