AZ-Sen: Trent Franks Says He Won’t Run

Well, I have to say, this surprises me:

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) has announced he will not run for Senate, despite openly discussing the possibility for weeks.

Franks had been preparing to challenge Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in a GOP primary for the seat left open by Sen. Jon Kyl’s retirement.

“After diligently and prayerfully trying to consider every aspect a potential Senate bid would entail, I have sincerely concluded that mounting a Senate bid at this time would not be what is best for my family, nor what would best allow me to serve my country at this critical time in her history,” Franks said in a statement released from his Congressional office.

If this is an April Fool’s “joke,” I will murder someone. Dave Catanese probably wants to throttle someone, too. Anyhow, I really figured Franks would make a go of it – Jeff Flake’s apostasy just presents too juicy a target for some winger not to go for it. The thing is, Franks was probably their strongest guy. The other three GOPers in AZ’s House delegation are all freshmen (and include the comical Brock Landers Ben Quayle).

So who could do it? Would John Shadegg come out of retirement? J.D. Hayworth make another run? Is this the opening Joe Arpaio’s been looking for? Who are your suggestions for the Great Conservative Hope to take on liberal RINO Jeff Flake?

26 thoughts on “AZ-Sen: Trent Franks Says He Won’t Run”

  1. Who are your suggestions for the Great Conservative Hope to take on liberal RINO Jeff Flake?

    That’s just too good. I sincerely hope someone challenges him and creates copious amounts of cat fud.

  2. or starts revealing the names of the magical elves that give Politico all their information?

  3. that instead of Hayworth running for senate, he would instead run in Flakes district?? I think he’d have a better chance to get elected there, if he really wants to get elected in AZ.  

  4. really is gearing up for a run. I’m not sure if he’d be a better candidate for Democrats to face, in the sense that Franks was.  

  5. And I’ve stuck to it and will stick to it all the way.  The race for the Democrats begins and ends with Gabrielle Giffords.  If she feels well and able enough to run for this seat, absent a politically toxic environment like 2010, she will win this seat.  

    If she doesn’t run, then democrats’ chances of winning depend on a 2006 or 2008-esque environment.  No other candidate has the individual appeal that Giffords does, perhaps out of any federal race in the whole country this cycle.

  6. I’ve very happy to hear this.  The libertarian part of me loves Flake – after Ron Paul, he’s the most libertarian person in the house and it will be nice to have him in the Senate if he can win.  I do hope Hayworthless tries to run against him in the primary.  After McCain trashed him, he’d never win statewide, even in a primary, so those who don’t like Flake can waste their votes on him.  Or perhaps that old fool sheriff will finally run and lose.

    Giffords is really the biggest threat to Flake now, and of course, that will depend on her health.  I hope she is healthy enough to run, but chooses not to.

  7. …at this point. Giffords is probably the only Democrat that can beat him, but I’d rather her take her time recovering instead of running into a brutal Senate campaign. If she recovers 100% then she’s got a free-ride for any statewide seat in Arizona this decade.

    I think the Dems best shot is probably Goddard, but Flake will play well to a lot of independents and even some conservative Democrats.  

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