OH-3 House: Turner has “Potential Upset” in Congressional Election, says FOX NEWS

It seems even the Republicans can’t ignore what is happening in OH-3. The ever-conservative Fox News has declared a potential upset for Mike Turner. It’s been evident all along that Jane Mitakides (www.jane08.com) has a great chance to take back OH-3, and now Fox has vocalized their opinion.

Fox says: Key Races – Midwest: OH 3 (Potential for upset): Mike Turner (R) has a rematch with his 2004 opponent, Jane Mitakides (D). The District is comprised of much of urban Dayton which helps with Obama at the top of the ticket. Plus absentee ballots heavily favor Democrats.


There are eight days to go in this historic election cycle, and Jane Mitakides can easily win this!

NM-01: C4O Spotlights Martin Heinrich

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As you all know by now, New Mexico will be critical to a Barack Obama victory this fall. However, what you may not know is that New Mexico will also be a critical battleground for us to strengthen our majority in Congress. Fortunately, we have Tom Udall running for the open Senate seat here. And even better, we also have Martin Heinrich running to turn blue a House seat that’s been red for 40 years.

Martin Heinrich has spent his life helping and serving others. He’s helped improve the community in Albuquerque with his non-profit work. He’s fought for a healtheir environment as New Mexico State Natural Resources Trustee. He’s worked to bring “green-collar jobs” to Albuquerque while on the city council, as he’s also worked on the council to increase the minimum wage, reduce crime in the city’s neighborhoods, and protect the area’s precious natural resources. Basically, Martin Heinrich can be counted on to get the job done for the people.

Darren White,on the other hand, is nothing more than another far right Republican Bush loyalist. He served on the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign in New Mexico, and he’s happily using his Bush-Cheney connections to raise money for his Congressional campaign. So even though White stresses he’s an “independent leader”, don’t believe it. He’s yet another Bush Republican offering more of the same when New Mexicans are looking for real change.

Fortunately for us, the voters in New Mexico’s First District seem ready for change. The race is very close right now, and Democrats have a real chance of picking up this seat. That’s why our friends like The League of Conservation Voters and The DCCC’s Red to Blue program are lining up to support this people’s environmental champion. We can win here… If we stand up and support our Democrat running!

So will you stand up and support good, strong, progressive Democrats like Martin Heinrich? This is one of the hottest races in the country, and this is one of best chances of turning a red seat blue and expanding our majority. So please, stand with us and support Martin Heinrich today! 🙂

NV-03: C4O Spotlights Dina Titus


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I’m so excited to kick off our new “C4O Spotlight” series today. As you all know by now, a Democratic victory isn’t complete without electing more & better Democrats to Congress. So in that spirit, I’d like to introduce you all to someone very special. Please meet our first C4O All-Star.

As I talked about last weekend, I still have fond memories of my trip to Las Vegas last January. My friends & I helped make a difference in getting Democrats out to caucus. I was able to see Hillary & Bill Clinton in person for the very first time. And yes, I was also able to witness Dina Titus in action.


Dina Titus has been dedicated to serving the people of Suburban Las Vegas in the twenty years she’s served in the Nevada State Senate, fifteen of those also working as the Senate Democratic Leader. She’s worked to preserve Southern Nevada natural treasures like Red Rock Canyon, expand health care access to working families in Nevada, and improve the schools that serve Nevada’s kids. Oh, and when she’s not in the Senate, she’s busy teaching American & Nevada government at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.


But while Dina Titus has been working hard for Nevada’s working people, Republican incumbent Jon Porter has been busy serving only himself. He’s been a rubber stamp for Bush & Cheney ever since he first took office. He’s used his taxpayer funded Congressional office to raise money for his campaign. He’s consistently voted against the interests of Southern Nevada’s working families if they get in the way of what his fat cat corporate donors want. Basically, Jon Porter is yet another dirty Republican who needs a different kind of job.

Fortunately for us & for Las Vegans, Dina Titus has a great shot at beating Porter. Titus beat Porter by 4 points in the first public poll released. DC political watchers now officially consider this race a toss-up. Democrats have come from behind to take the lead in voter registration. Oh yes, and Barack Obama’s agressive Nevada campaign is sure to fire up turnout that can not only turn Nevada blue for Obama, but help Congressional candidates like Dina Titus win as well.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the high-profile help Dina Titus is receiving from some great progressive allies! The Sierra Club has endorsed her because she’s someone we can trust to fight for what’s best for our people and our planet. EMILY’s List has endorsed her becuase she’ll work her hardest for all the hard working women in Southern Nevada. Dina Titus has even been added to the DCCC’s Red to Blue program, which means that national Democrats are confident enough to invest in a victory here!

But you know what? Nonw of that matters if we don’t take action! I wouldn’t be here today if i didn’t think that Dina Titus deserves our

. So please, please join us to take action and help Dina Titus & all our other great All-Star Democrats win. With real progressive fighters like Dina Titus in Congress, we can make a difference foe the better. So if you’re as committed to a better & stronger America as I am, please join me in helping great candidates like Dina Titus win. 🙂

Our Rising Stars

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In case you haven’t noticed, we have something new up at C4O. We wanted to start this because all of you gave us so many good suggestions, but we couldn’t fit them all onto one page. That’s why we’re doing something that will hopefully enable us to give the Rethuglicans a real run for their money.

Want to see what I’m talking about?

This is our brand new C4O Rising Stars project! As you all already know, 2008 is a horrible year to be a CReep. Bush & Cheney are at historic lows of approval. John McBush thinks he can win by being just like Bush. And now, all these House & Senate GOP candidates are trying to “break ties” to the top of the ticket while still accepting whatever help they can get from them. This is why I think it’s time for us to take additional action.

We have many great Rising Star Democrats who may now be seen as “hopeless”, but we know this is just plain wrong. These candidates already have the GOP running scared, and they’re already making a whole lot of progress in turning red seats blue. Let’s help these rising stars make it all the way to DC!

We’ve listened to your suggestions, and with your help we’ve picked some great Democrats from all over the country. We have House candidates and Senate candidates. We have candidates from coast to coast, from the Wild West to the Deep South to the Great Midwest. What these candidates have in common is their success so far in making the Republicans run scared and their ability to win these supposedly “difficult races”.

So please if you can, donate to help us in this cause. These are true progressive heroes who are taking the good fight onto GOP turf. And with our help, these good Democrats can win! 🙂

CA-44: What’s Cheney Doing in “Nixonland”?

San Clemente

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In case you missed it, something really frightening is coming to Orange County this week. Believe it or not, The Lord of Darkness (aka Dick Cheney) will be coming to here to raise some money for a good friend of his. He’ll apparently be holding a fundraiser at Richard Nixon’s beloved Casa Pacifica (how fitting!) in San Clemente for CA-44’s own Ken Calvert.

Scared yet? I guess the GOP is. I mean, really… They’re bringing in the only person in DC more unpopular than Dubya himself? And this is supposed to attract big $$$$ for Calvert? Oh my, the GOP is in hard times!

Well, we Democrats need not be. We’re making big gains in the 44th District. The partisan gap is narrowing fast, and we’re blessed to have a terrific candidate in Bill Hedrick. Unlike Calvert, Hedrick isn’t a Bush-Cheney acolyte. And unlike Calvert, Hedrick won’t put personal profit over the best interest of the people of the 44th District.

Calvert may have Bush & Cheney on his side, but Hedrick has us… All of us! Let’s show the GOP big wigs that our people power beats their dirty money.

Are you ready to show Dick Cheney & Ken Calvert what we think of their “heckuva job”?  

CA-46: League of Conservation Voters Endorses Debbie Cook!


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I live in Orange County, CA. I’m used to seeing scary Republicans that care nothing about environmental justice. But of all the crazy Republicans here, none can be crazier than “Crazy DanaRohrabacher. He’s consistently voted against the best interests of our people and our planet, and it’s time we do something about this. That’s why I’m so glad to see some good friends of ours take real action for real change.


Follow me after the flip for the details…

Here’s the big announcement from the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV):

“We’re proud to support Debbie Cook because she has shown time and again her commitment to protecting our coastal resources,” said CLCV’s Southern California Director David Allgood. “Mayor Cook has a long record of achievement on environmental, public health and other issues important to the people of the 46th District.”

Huntington Beach Mayor & Democratic Congressional Candidate Debbie Cook has worked so hard to do so much to protect the California coastal environment. She successfully sued the state Coastal Commission to protect the ecologically sensitive Bolsa Chica Wetlands. She successfully convinced all the Republicans on the Huntington Beach City Council to join with all the Democrats on the council in unanimously agreeing to sign the city onto the US Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. And today, she’s working to stop a dangerous desalination plant that would harm the regional coastline while fueling more exurban sprawl.


(photo coutresy LA Times)

Debbie Cook truly is the people’s environmental champion here in Orange County, CA. And if we elect her to Congress, she can be a champion for all of us. So will you please join the League of Conservation Voters in supporting Debbie Cook?

I’ve come to know Debbie Cook pretty well as I’ve helped out with the campaign. She’s the real deal. That’s why she’s earned my full support. I hope she can earn yours as well. 🙂

You Told Us Who to Love…

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And we’re listening. Last weekend, I asked for you to help us at Clintonistas for Obama create the perfect ActBlue list. And guess what? Thanks to your help, I think we’ve created something quite remarkable!

Please follow me after the flip to see the full results…

These are our new C4O All-Stars! These are the candidates who we think:

1. Best embody Barack Obama’s message of change

2. Best represent Hillary Clinton’s strong progressive values

3. Have a terrific shot of winning this fall

We listened to your suggestions on which races we should pay attention to. We did our own research on which races are truly winnable. And today, we’ve come up with a list of terrific candidates who we think will make great additions to the 111th Congress! While I don’t have enough time to talk about all of these candidates, I’d like to highlight some of our new additions.

Martin Heinrich is an awesomely progressive Albuquerque City Council member who has a great shot at turning this red New Mexico district blue once and for all. Glenn Nye knows what real patriotism looks like, and he’s a true patriot who will make Southeast Virginia proud. Linda Stender nearly upset the entrenched far-right GOP incumbent in this moderate New Jersey district in 2006, and she has what it takes to finish the job in 2008. Ann Kirkpatrick has changed people’s lives for the better in the Arizona Legislature, and she’s looking to make more positive change as Northern Arizona’s representative to Congress. And finally, I must mention proud veteran Gary Peters in Michigan and smart businesswoman Suzanne Kosmas in Florida.

I can guarantee you that if we support these & all our other fantastic C4O All-Star Democrats, we’ll see real change for the better in Congress next year. I’m doing all I can for Debbie Cook here in Southern California because I know she’s a true-blue agent of change. I urge all of you to support your local Democratic candidates as well.

Take a look at our list, and see if we have a candidate listed near you. Donate. Volunteer. Just go out and get active! You told us who to love, so let’s all work together to make sure they win! 🙂

Spoghtlight On: The CA 4th CD

For my inaugural post, I would like to take a moment to discuss a Congressional race that is in my backyard.  I’ve commented before about this candidate, but I really want to introduce him to the readership.  This laudable candidate is Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown (USAF Retired) running for the California 4th.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I know this will prove to be a tough race.  The PVI of the district is R+11, and the GOP is running a carpet bagger from the 19th State Senate district (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties).  It appears they have to transplant someone with a pulse to take over for Doolittle, whom chose not to run again after the scandals of the past year.

So this brings me to my support of Col. Brown.  He already had a good showing in 2006, running against Doolittle, only losing by just over 3 points.  The district has grown since then, and a lot more progressives have moved into the mountain regions of the Northern Sierra Nevada range.  With all this motion, we have the best chance we’ve had in 20 years to take back the CA 4th.

Now, I do have to admit that Col. Brown is a Blue Dog candidate, but in this climate it’s probably a good thing.  He’s progressive enough to massage some of the Liberal G-spots that I personally have (ex. Universal Health Care, Hate Crimes Legislation, LGBT Rights and Responsible Energy Policy) while still keeping true to his feelings about fiscal responsibility, which is one of my watchwords as well.  He even encourages people to slow down a little when driving to save gas and our environment.  And, having caught him on the freeway a couple of times, he practices what he preaches!

Moreover, Col. Brown has show his willingness to speak truth to power.  He was a vocal opponent of the Iraq War … not because it was the politically right thing to do, but because it was the RIGHT thing to do.  He openly shares that he tasked and flew recon missions over Iraq in the 1990’s and … yep, you guessed it … no WMD!

Also, on our commitment to Veterans, Col. Brown is setting aside 5% of his fundraising to assist with Veterans charities.  Having a Father who is a Vietnam Vet, this is something that is moving to me.  I’d like to see more of our candidates rise to this challenge and help those who have fought for our freedoms.

Charlie Brown also understands the need for retail politics in a rural district, such as the 4th.  From appearances at 4th of July Celebrations, to fundraisers at a Vineyard in Penn Valley (which is where I got to meet him … my friend’s parents own the vineyard), he is no stranger to the Grip-N-Grin.  When people contribute to his campaign, he sends them a Hand Signed letter of thanks.  That is something that is all too rare in today’s politics.

I could go on and on about Lt. Col. Brown, but I’m sure I’ve been long winded enough for my first post.  Thank you all for this opportunity to really discuss some of the progressive candidates that will help further our country if given our support.

As always, Just my 2 Cents!  


[UPDATE]: And remember the C4O Act Blue page, where our pet congressional candidates are located!

How Car Magnets Can Help Progressive Candidates and Causes

My mom’s inspiration for a new business came from her nonprofit management and fundraising classes.  The idea: to have charities use car magnets to energize their supporters and raise money and awareness of their causes. Car magnets, she thought, could transform people’s cars into forums for engaging their communities. So we set out to create affordable magnets whose convenience, production values, and image quality would blow bumper stickers out of the water.  When we started the business this year, everyone asked us, “why don’t you do political magnets too?”  So we did.  We designed a line of Barack Obama magnets – both with the campaign’s slogans and typefaces and with artists’ and designers’ original designs.  We’re reaching out to congressional candidates in competitive races now.  I think that car magnets can powerfully amplify the message of progressive causes, particularly for candidates running in expensive, uphill races.  I would love to have your feedback about how you think we could help progressive candidates and causes.

We are currently negotiating licensing agreements to create and sell magnets for some major nonprofit organizations, including a number of zoos, aquariums, and museums. Nonprofits and charities are still the keystone of our long-term plans. We also do custom magnets for just about anything, no matter how small the order – we’re creating lines of car magnets for local businesses and even a local children’s soccer team.  But everywhere we talked about our business, people asked us the same question: “why aren’t you making political stuff?” Good question!  The 2008 political scene, particularly Barack Obama’s campaign, is generating historic levels of political engagement.  So, in May, we threw ourselves into creating political magnets.  We focused on Obama, naturally.  We incorporated some of the campaign’s (non-copyrighted) themes, like Gothic font and “Change We Can Believe In.”  We also commissioned designers and artists to create original Obama artwork and designs.  And our stuff looks good, if I do say so myself.  

Now here’s why I think car magnets can really help progressive activists and causes.  Reaching out to voters through local volunteers is the best way to Get-Out-The-Vote (see Obama, Barack and http://www.prospect.org/cs/art…  The reason why is simple.  People trust their friends, their neighbors, and even their fellow commuters far more than any advertisement.  And authenticity and trust are the keys to winning someone over and generating enthusiasm – in politics, in nonprofit fundraising, in life.  Displaying a car magnet announces that you not only volunteered but paid to raise awareness about your favorite museum or charity or political campaign. That creates a real personal connection between you, the driver, and the viewer, your audience.  With the personal touch a car magnet gives your message, you can powerfully demonstrate the grassroots enthusiasm behind your favorite causes.

Moreover, car magnets’ physical qualities and communication style help them powerfully amplify a progressive message.  Most Americans spend over 15 hours a week in their cars – over two hours a day! And they pay attention to their surroundings.  A good car magnet can hit many thousands of viewers a day.  A car magnet never stops working – downtown, highways, arterials, parking lots, shopping centers, even at home.  And unlike a TV ad or a door-to-door salesman, a car magnet doesn’t invade people’s time or personal space, which people really appreciate. Plus, people tend to recoil from bumper stickers, fearing their permanence, low production values, and one-time-only use.  Car magnets have none of those problems – their easy-on, easy-off quality gives people huge possibilities for creativity.  People remember the written word well, but they remember an image-based message – a picture, a logo, an artistic design – even more well.  I think there is a huge, untapped demand for what car magnets can offer, and that they can contribute enormously to progressive causes.

Many of our hopes rest on creating viral and word-of-mouth enthusiasm.  Our Holy Grail demographic target is high-awareness voters, especially activists and political campaign donors. We want to reach these people through the Netroots.  We are also contacting high-intensity Congressional campaigns too, particularly those involving Netroots darlings like Scott Kleeb and Rick Noriega.  

So I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on our car magnet business.  I haven’t included our business’s name or website address in this diary because I didn’t want to violate online community etiquette.  So I have some questions for readers.  First, are people here interested in what our car magnet business can do for progressive causes?  How would people here react to me creating diaries discussing the car magnets (Obama, congressional candidates, etc.) that we sell on our website?  Would that be taboo?  If we bought advertising and became a sponsor of this blog, would we have more legitimacy in creating self-promoting diaries?  Are there any progressive, nonprofit, or charitable organizations that you support and care about that would benefit from promoting themselves by distributing car magnet to their supporters? We enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our Obama magnets at places like our state Democratic Convention and the Obama “Unite for Change” house parties.  But we know that face-to-face and online work in different ways.  So any advice at all would be hugely appreciated.  

Here’s one last thing I would like your feedback on.  We sell car magnets of both Democrats and Republicans – McCain along with Obama, Republican candidates along with Democratic candidates.  Here’s our reasons why: first, we wish to encourage civic and community engagement for everyone – progressive, liberal, moderate, conservative, independent, or whatever – as long as it’s respectful and positive.  We think increasing civic engagement enriches our communities and our lives.  Second, we think that becoming a partisan website would endanger our ability to help nonprofits and charities.  Nonprofits and charities, above all else, must seem like honest brokers to fundraise effectively, and associating with partisan websites would alienate large segments of the population.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading so much.  I’ve always been impressed by the spirit of civic engagement expressed on Netroots websites like this one, and I’d love to hear what you have to say.  


Heather Ryan Fires up Madisonville

You know, thousands of First District Democrats here in Kentucky came to get fired up by a great lady who is running for office. Well, in the end, they got fired up by TWO great ladies running for Congress. Hillary Clinton showed up this year at the Ruby Laffoon event in Madisonville. However, before she even took the stage the crowd was already fired up by a fiery red-head who is ready to fight for this seat!!!

Yes, Heather Ryan, Democrat for Congress in Kentucky’s First District used her time very efficiently in intoducing herself to thousands of Democrats in this huge district. Just watch her speech, courtesy of the good hillbilly:

Now, I must say as a friend and supporter, I am beaming with pride in Heather Ryan. This is her first run for office and she was on the same stage as Governor Steve Beshear and Sen. Hillary Clinton. This was her first time in a venue this important and in front of a crowd this big.

Many of these Democrats had never heard of her, and may not have even known that Exxon Eddie has an opponent. I thought Heather looked very composed under pressure and showed her credentials as a fighting Democrat that suppports One America.

I have been saying all along that if our campaign just gets the funds we need to reach the Democrats in this huge district that we will win. I think this video more than proves my point. These Democrats had never seen or heard of Heather Ryan and she had them fired up to the point of a standing ovation. From what I hear, besides Heather only Hillary herself recieved a standing ovation from this crowd.

We can win this race. I have seen and this video proves that when Democrats get to see and know Heather Ryan they love her. It doesn’t matter if you support Obama or Clinton or supported Edwards, in this district Heather is one candidate Democrats can agree on.

We need the support of our fellow Democrats desperately. This race is under the radar and would be a huge pickup. A race here means less for the cash-strapped Republican Congressional Committee to spend elsewhere. Heather is an awesome Democrat with an awesome message. Please, go here and help us reach the 63% registered Democrats in this district that love Heather if they get to see her:


You can truly make a difference to an up-and-coming grassroots Democrat that will fight for us in Washington!!!

Help up make history!!