How many House Candidates are there – DEM? (2 of 2)

Well 6 more districts now have candidates:

CA-49 – R+10,

FL-07 – R+3,

KY-05 – R+8,

MO-02 – R+9,

TX-03 – R+17,

TX-07 – R+16,

And candidate filing season has started with Illinois filings which closed with us filling all 19 races a great start.

But one race now no longer has a confirmed Democratic candidate:

MT-AL – R+11 (our candidate withdrew owing to ill health),

Once again go and take a look at the  

2008 Race Tracker Wiki.

**I have included Cook PVI numbers where possible after blogger requests to do so!**

Below the fold for all the news……

359 races filled! This of course includes 233 districts held by Democratic Congresscritters.

But we also have 126 GOP held districts with confirmed Democratic opponents.

So here is where we are at (GOP Districts):

Districts with confirmed candidates – 126

Districts with unconfirmed candidates – 2

Districts with rumoured candidates – 25

Districts without any candidates – 49

1) The GOP held districts with confirmed Democratic challengers are as follows:

AL-01 – R+12,

AL-03 – R+4,

AL-04 – R+16,

AK-AL – R+14,

AZ-01 – R+2,

AZ-02 – R+9,

AZ-03 – R+6,

AZ-06 – R+12,

AR-03 – R+11,

CA-03 – R+7,

CA-04 – R+11,

CA-21 – R+13,

CA-24 – R+5,

CA-26 – R+4,

CA-40 – R+8,

CA-41 – R+9,

CA-42 – R+10,

CA-44 – R+6,

CA-45 – R+3,

CA-48 – R+8,

CA-49 – R+10,

CA-50 – R+5,

CA-52 – R+9,

CO-04 – R+9,

CO-06 – R+10,

CT-04 – D+5,

DE-AL – D+7,

FL-01 – R+19,

FL-05 – R+5,

FL-07 – R+3,

FL-08 – R+3,

FL-09 – R+4,

FL-10 – D+1,

FL-12 – R+5,

FL-13 – R+4,

FL-14 – R+10,

FL-15 – R+4,

FL-24 – R+3,

GA-01 – R+?,

GA-09 – R+?,

GA-10 – R+?,

ID-01 – R+19,

IL-06 – R+2.9,

IL-10 – D+4,

IL-11 – R+1.1,

IL-13 – R+5,

IL-14 – R+5,

IL-15 – R+6,

IL-16 – R+4,

IL-18 – R+5.5,

IL-19 – R+8,

IN-03 – R+16,

IN-04 – R+17,

IN-06 – R+11,

IA-04 – D+0,

IA-05 – R+8,

KS-04 – R+12,

KY-04 – R+11.7,

KY-05 – R+8,

LA-01 – R+18,

MD-01 – R+10,

MD-06 – R+13,

MI-02 – R+9,

MI-07 – R+2,

MI-09 – R+0,

MI-11 – R+1.2,

MN-02 – R+2.7,

MN-03 – R+0.5,

MN-06 – R+5,

MO-02 – R+9,

MO-06 – R+5,

MO-09 – R+7,

NV-03 – D+1,

NJ-03 – D+3.3,

NJ-04 – R+0.9,

NJ-05 – R+4,

NJ-07 – R+1,

NJ-11 – R+6,

NM-01 – D+2,

NM-02 – R+6,

NY-13 – D+1,

NY-23 – R+0.2,

NY-25 – D+3,

NY-26 – R+3,

NY-29 – R+5,

NC-03 – R+15,

NC-05 – R+15,

NC-06 – R+17,

NC-08 – R+3,

NC-09 – R+12,

NC-10 – R+15,

OH-01 – R+1,

OH-02 – R+13,

OH-05 – R+10,

OH-07 – R+6,

OH-12 – R+0.7,

OH-14 – R+2,

OH-15 – R+1,

OH-16 – R+4,

OK-05 – R+12,

PA-03 – R+2,

PA-09 – R+15,

PA-15 – D+2,

PA-16 – R+11,

PA-18 – R+2,

TX-03 – R+17,

TX-04 – R+17,

TX-07 – R+16,

TX-08 – R+20,

TX-10 – R+13,

TX-13 – R+18,

TX-26 – R+12,

TX-31 – R+15,

TX-32 – R+11,

VA-01 – R+9,

VA-05 – R+6,

VA-06 – R+11,

VA-10 – R+5,

VA-11 – R+1,

WA-04 – R+13,

WA-08 – D+2,

WV-02 – R+5,

WI-01 – R+2,

WI-05 – R+12,

WI-06 – R+5,

WY-AL – R+19,

2) The following GOP held districts have a candidate that is expected to run but is yet to confirm:

KY-02 – R+12.9,

SC-04 – R+15,

3) The following GOP held districts have rumoured candidates – please note that some of these “rumours” are extremely tenuous!

AL-02 – R+13,

FL-06 – R+8,

FL-21 – R+6,

GA-03 – R+?,

GA-06 – R+?,

GA-07 – R+?,

GA-11 – R+?,

ID-02 – R+19,

MS-03 – R+14,

MT-AL – R+11,

NE-02 – R+9,

NE-03 – R+23.6,

NV-02 – R+8.2,

NJ-02 – D+4.0,

NY-03 – D+2.1,

OH-03 – R+3,

OK-03 – R+18,

OK-04 – R+13,

PA-06 – D+2.2,

TN-07 – R+12,

TX-02 – R+12,

TX-11 – R+25,

TX-24 – R+15,

UT-03 – R+22,

VA-02 – R+5.9,

4) And last but not least the following districts have not a single rumoured candidate:

AL-06 – R+25,

CA-02 – R+13,

CA-19 – R+10,

CA-22 – R+16,

CA-25 – R+7,

CA-46 – R+6,

CO-05 – R+15.7,

FL-04 – R+16,

FL-18 – R+4,

FL-25 – R+4,

IN-05 – R+20,

KS-01 – R+20,

KY-01 – R+10,

LA-04 – R+7,

LA-05 – R+10,

LA-06 – R+7,

LA-07 – R+7,

MI-03 – R+9,

MI-04 – R+3,

MI-06 – R+2.3,

MI-08 – R+1.9,

MI-10 – R+4,

MS-01 – R+10,

MO-07 – R+14,

MO-08 – R+11,

NE-01 – R+11,

OH-04 – R+14,

OH-08 – R+12,

OK-01 – R+13,

OR-02 – R+11,

PA-05 – R+10,

PA-19 – R+12,

SC-01 – R+10,

SC-02 – R+9,

SC-03 – R+14,

TN-01 – R+14,

TN-02 – R+11,

TN-03 – R+8,

TX-01 – R+17,

TX-05 – R+16,

TX-06 – R+15,

TX-12 – R+14,

TX-14 – R+14,

TX-19 – R+25,

TX-21 – R+13,

UT-01 – R+26,

VA-04 – R+5,

VA-07 – R+11,

WA-05 – R+7.1,

Praise to those states where we already have a full slate of house candidates – Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

It is also interesting to note that we have only one race left to fill in Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington. Thats 22 states with a full slate, and 10 states with one race to fill! That is more than half the states with a full or nearly full slate of candidates 12 months before election day, an impressive feat indeed!

Please note that in some races others at the racetracker site have confirmed candidates that I haven’t. This is because to satisfy me a confirmed candidate has either filed with the FEC, The Sec of State or has an active campaign website, or even if they come and blog and say yep I am running. Others are not so rigorous.

It is also great to see candidates in AZ-06, CA-42, FL-12, VA-06, and WI-06; 5 of 10 districts we did not contest in 2006!

We are well on track to beat the 425 races we contested in 2006.

** Tips, rumours and what not in the comments please.**

5 thoughts on “How many House Candidates are there – DEM? (2 of 2)”

  1. I’ve asked before, but I’m still curious.

    Looking strictly at PVI, the three most favorable districts without even a rumored candidate are all in Michigan:

    MI-04 – R+3   (Camp)

    MI-06 – R+2.3 (Upton)

    MI-08 – R+1.9 (Rogers)

    I know nothing about these three districts and their representatives.  But I’m curious whether we have shallow benches in Michigan, or whether these three districts have voted Republican every election since Lincoln was president, or if people usually file to run at the last-minute in Michigan, or anything else.

    Any opinions?


  2. Looks like Louisiana and Michigan are our two weak spots. Texas should be a concern right now with filing being a little over a month away (Jan 2, I believe). Great news to hear we are competing in TX-7, 10 and 32, considering these are probably the 3 most vulnerable. If we fill them all, maybe we can work on improving the quality of some of our more colorful challengers as well. I know a lot of effort is being put into state house races, with needing only 6 seats, we’re drooling at the possibility.

    I still want a challenger to announce against Ron Paul, and soon, Sklar did a great job in 2006, and I’d like to find someone who can build on what he started.

    Still, much further ahead than they the Republicans are, especially in Texas (no challenger yet against Chet Edwards!). Thanks for the Republican diary, I really appreciated it.

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