Redistricting New Jersey with Dave’s App

So, Dave’s redistricting app now supports New Jersey. Keeping in mind that no political data is available, I stuck to the current district lines as much as possible. The biggest changes are in north and central Jersey, which had to lose a district. Merged are the two GOP members from the old 11th and 7th. Now both can attempt to run in the new 7th.

The old 13th was renumbered 11, and retains a healthy hispanic plurality (if not quite majority). The Black majority of the 10th is also protected.

With the exception of Rush Holt, who may have a slightly more difficult district (with some more work I may have been able to avoid this), I believe that the entire Democratic delegation is protected.  

North Jersey:

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Central Jersey:

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South Jersey:

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This is all supposedly based on 2008 estimates, but I think Dave would have to tell you exactly how he aggregated the numbers.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the numbers are uploaded by county and apportioned to the blocks by the population they had in 2000. That is somewhat limited because you get large rapidly growing counties like Maricopa in Arizona in which some parts have exploded out of the nowhere and others are comparatively stagnant, yet this isn’t really demonstrated.

    Pretty good work overall. The CW is that Chris Smith doesn’t really live in Trenton anyway, so you could probably move Mercer County all the way into the 3rd to help Adler, though your 4th may have a more conservative chunk of the county.

  2. last night and this morning, and can’t open them because I don’t use Windows and so can’t use the 2JPG.exe thing. I hope these aren’t lost!

  3. The data is still a little incomplete but it’s great for the redistricting process.

    If there is a concentration of black population in eastern Morris County then I have learned something new about Morris County.

    I like your CD’s, especially in the north. Some of the tentacles are hard to understand. I think it would be better if CD3 was pulled completely out of Ocean County and CD12 was pulled out of Monmouth County.

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