313 House Districts now have Democratic candidates.

In less than 15 months the midterms will be upon us.

In 2006 we fielded candidates in 425 districts and in 2008 candidates in 421.

How will we go in 2010?

Since my last update intrepid Democrats have been confirmed in another 17 Districts.

CA-19 (Radanovich) – R+9,

CA-25 (McKeon) – R+6,

CA-41 (Lewis) – R+10,

CA-42 (Miller) – R+10,

FL-01 (Miller) – R+21,

FL-13 (Buchanan) – R+6,

FL-16 (Rooney) – R+5,

IL-15 (Johnson) – R+6,

KS-04 (Tiahrt) – R+14,

LA-02 (Cao) – D+25,

OH-12 (Tiberi) – D+1,

PA-15 (Dent) – D+2,

SC-01 (Brown) – R+10,

SC-03 (Barrett OPEN) – R+17,

TX-21 (Smith) – R+14,

TX-32 (Sessions) – R+8,

VA-01 (Wittman) – R+7,

Below the fold for all the details and hey go check out the 2010 Race Tracker Wiki over at Open Congress for all your House, Senate and Gubernatorial needs.

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Well for starters I think we can safely assume that we will field candidates in all 257 of the Districts that we currently hold.

So onto the Republican held districts:

56 GOP held Districts have confirmed Democratic Party candidates:

AL-03 (Rogers) – R+9,

AR-03 (Boozman) – R+16,

CA-03 (Lundgren) – R+6,

CA-19 (Radanovich) – R+9,

CA-24 (Gallegly) – R+4,

CA-25 (McKeon) – R+6,

CA-26 (Dreier) – R+3,

CA-41 (Lewis) – R+10,

CA-42 (Miller) – R+10,

CA-44 (Calvert) – R+6,

CA-45 (Bono Mack) – R+3,

CA-48 (Campbell) – R+6,

CA-50 (Bilbray) – R+3,

C0-06 (Coffman) – R+8,

DE-AL (Castle) – D+7,

FL-01 (Miller) – R+21,

FL-05 (Brown-Waite) – R+9,

FL-06 (Stearns) – R+10,

FL-07 (Mica) – R+7,

FL-10 (Young) – R+1,

FL-12 (Putnam OPEN) – R+6,

FL-13 (Buchanan) – R+6,

FL-14 (Mack) – R+11,

FL-16 (Rooney) – R+5,

IL-10 (Kirk) – D+6,

IL-13 (Biggert) – R+1,

IL-15 (Johnson) – R+6,

IL-18 (Schock) – R+6,

KS-04 (Tiahrt) – R+14,

KY-04 (Davis) – R+14,

KY-05 (Rogers) – R+15,

LA-02 (Cao) – D+25,

MD-06 (Bartlett) – R+13,

MN-06 (Bachmann) – R+7,

MI-11 (McCotter) – R+0,

MT-AL (Rehberg) – R+7,

NE-03 (Smith) – R+24,

NV-02 (Heller) – R+5,

NY-23 (McHugh) – R+1,

OH-02 (Schmidt) – R+13,

OH-12 (Tiberi) – D+1,

PA-06 (Gerlach) – D+4,

PA-15 (Dent) – D+2,

PA-16 (Pitts) – R+8,

SC-01 (Brown) – R+10,

SC-02 (Wilson) – R+9,

SC-03 (Barrett OPEN) – R+17,

TN-03 (Wamp OPEN) – R+13,

TN-07 (Blackburn) – R+18,

TX-21 (Smith) – R+14,

TX-26 (Burgess) – R+13,

TX-32 (Sessions) – R+8,

VA-01 (Wittman) – R+7,

VA-07 (Cantor) – R+9,

WA-08 (Reichert) – D+3,

WI-01 (Ryan) – R+2,

9 GOP held Districts have Democratic Party candidates that are considering a run:

AK-AL (Young) – R+13,

CA-04 (McClintock) – R+10,

MN-03 (Paulsen) – R+0,

NE-02 (Terry) – R+6,

NY-03 (King) – R+4,

OH-14 (LaTourette) – R+3,

TX-10 (McCaul) – R+10,

WI-06 (Petri) – R+4,

WV-02 (Capito) – R+8,

1 GOP held Districts have rumoured Democratic Party candidates:

FL-18 (Ros-Lehtinen) – R+3,

112 GOP held Districts don’t have any Democratic Party candidates:

AL-01 (Bonner) – R+14,

AL-04 (Aderholt) – R+26,

AL-06 (Bachus) – R+29,

AZ-02 (Franks) – R+13,

AZ-03 (Shadegg) – R+9,

AZ-06 (Flake) – R+15,

CA-02 (Herger) – R+11,

CA-21 (Nunes) – R+13,

CA-22 (McCarthy) – R+16,

CA-40 (Royce) – R+8,

CA-46 (Rohrabacher) – R+6,

CA-49 (Issa) – R+10,

CA-52 (Hunter) – R+9,

C0-05 (Lamborn) – R+14,

FL-04 (Crenshaw) – R+17,

FL-09 (Bilirakis) – R+6,

FL-15 (Posey) – R+6,

FL-21 (Diaz-Balart) – R+5,

FL-25 (Diaz-Balart) – R+5,

GA-01 (Kingston) – R+16,

GA-03 (Westmoreland) – R+19,

GA-06 (Price) – R+19,

GA-07 (Linder) – R+16,

GA-09 (Deal OPEN) – R+28,

GA-10 (Broun) – R+15,

GA-11 (Gingrey) – R+20,

ID-02 (Simpson) – R+17,

IL-06 (Roskam) – R+0,

IL-16 (Manzullo) – R+2,

IL-19 (Shimkus) – R+9,

IN-03 (Souder) – R+14,

IN-04 (Buyer) – R+14,

IN-05 (Burton) – R+17,

IN-06 (Pence) – R+10,

IA-04 (Latham) – R+0,

IA-05 (King) – R+9,

KS-01 (Moran OPEN) – R+23,

KS-02 (Jenkins) – R+9,

KY-01 (Whitfield) – R+15,

KY-02 (Guthrie) – R+15,

LA-01 (Scalise) – R+24,

LA-04 (Fleming) – R+11,

LA-05 (Alexander) – R+14,

LA-06 (Cassidy) – R+10,

LA-07 (Boustany) – R+14,

MI-02 (Hoekstra OPEN) – R+7,

MI-03 (Ehlers) – R+6,

MI-04 (Camp) – R+3,

MI-06 (Upton) – R+0,

MI-08 (Rogers) – R+2,

MI-10 (Miller) – R+5,

MN-02 (Kline) – R+4,

MS-03 (Harper) – R+15,

MO-02 (Akin) – R+9,

MO-06 (Graves) – R+7,

MO-07 (Blunt OPEN) – R+15,

MO-08 (Emerson) – R+17,

MO-09 (Luetkemeyer) – R+9,

NE-01 (Fortenberry) – R+11,

NJ-02 (LoBiondo) – D+1,

NJ-04 (Smith) – R+6,

NJ-05 (Garrett) – R+7,

NJ-07 (Lance) – R+3,

NJ-11 (Frelinghuysen) – R+7,

NY-26 (Lee) – R+6,

NC-03 (Jones) – R+16,

NC-05 (Foxx) – R+15,

NC-06 (Coble) – R+18,

NC-09 (Myrick) – R+11,

NC-10 (McHenry) – R+17,

OH-03 (Turner) – R+5,

OH-04 (Jordan) – R+15,

OH-05 (Latta) – R+9,

OH-07 (Austria) – R+7,

OH-08 (Boehner) – R+11,

OK-01 (Sullivan) – R+16,

OK-03 (Lucas) – R+24,

OK-04 (Cole) – R+18,

OK-05 (Fallin OPEN) – R+13,

OR-02 (Walden) – R+10,

PA-05 (Thompson) – R+9,

PA-09 (Shuster) – R+17,

PA-18 (Murphy) – R+6,

PA-19 (Platts) – R+12,

SC-04 (Inglis) – R+15,

TN-01 (Roe) – R+21,

TN-02 (Duncan) – R+16,

TX-01 (Gohmert) – R+21,

TX-02 (Poe) – R+13,

TX-03 (Johnson) – R+14,

TX-04 (Hall) – R+21,

TX-05 (Hensarling) – R+17,

TX-06 (Barton) – R+15,

TX-07 (Culberson) – R+13,

TX-08 (Brady) – R+25,

TX-11 (Conaway) – R+28,

TX-12 (Granger) – R+16,

TX-13 (Thornberry) – R+29,

TX-14 (Paul) – R+18,

TX-19 (Neugebaeur) – R+26,

TX-22 (Olsen) – R+13,

TX-24 (Marchant) – R+11,

TX-31 (Carter) – R+14,

UT-01 (Bishop) – R+21,

UT-03 (Chaffetz) – R+26,

VA-04 (Forbes) – R+4,

VA-06 (Goodlatte) – R+12,

VA-10 (Wolf) – R+2,

WA-04 (Hastings) – R+13,

WA-05 (McMorris Rodgers) – R+7,

WI-05 (Sensenbrenner) – R+12,

WY-AL (Lummis) – R+20,

So we now have candidate in 313 House Districts, 9 Districts with candidates considering their options and 1 with rumoured candidates.

In this stage in 2007 we had candidates in about 323 Districts but we do now hold 20 more districts. hhhhmmmmmm

Whilst at this stage there is no real cause for concern vis a vis candidate recruitment, so much more remains to be done.

On the upside we already have a full slate in 15 states – Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico :), North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota & Vermont.

We also have only 1 district to fill in 8 states – Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming.  

On the other hand however Texas is a problem for us as it has been for the last two cycles with 17 Districts still to fill, and less than 5 months to close of filings (January 4th). So too do we have far too many vancancies in California and Florida but at least in these 2 states we do already have candidates in a number of Republican districts.

Any news, gossip or thoughts in the comments please.

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  1. Politics 1 lists 10 possibles in 8 open districts.

    NJ-11: 2006 and 2008 nominee Tom Wyka is listed as possible.  Wyka’s website from 2008 is still up but unchanged.  He had said during the 2008 campaign that he would run in 2010 if he did not beat Rodney Frelinghuysen in 2008.

    MI-2 Bob Wood is listed as a possible candidate.

    MI-4 Richard Renner is listed as possible.

    MO-7 Richard Monroe is listed as possible.

    CA-40 2008 nominee Christina Avalos is listed as possible.

    GA-9 Both Mike Hall and Wyc Orc are possibles.

    AL-1 Gary Johnson and Charlie Staten are listed as possibles.

    MS-3 Cindy Hyde-Smith is a possible.

    Texas, with 16 of 20 R seats open is bad at this point and so are NC (5 of 5), NJ (5 of 5), MI (6 of 7). MO (5 of 5), OK (4 of 4), AZ (3 of 3) and GA (7 of 7).That is 50 out of 55 unfilled on a combined basis.

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