June Party Committee Fundraising Roundup

Here are the June fundraising numbers for the six major party committees (May numbers are here):

Committee June
Cash-on-Hand Debt
DCCC $7,156,807 $2,432,162 $9,732,336 $6,000,000
NRCC $3,143,331 $2,718,015 $4,160,011 $3,250,000
DSCC $6,200,000 $2,300,000 $7,900,000 $3,700,000
NRSC $3,400,000 $2,900,000 $4,300,000 $0
DNC $6,750,751 $5,863,300 $13,030,573 $4,913,662
RNC $8,866,098 $6,717,877 $23,694,279 $0  

A pretty good month for the DSCC and the DCCC, who now both have more cash in the bank than they owe to creditors for the first time since the election. Keep in mind, though, that these nums are a bit pumped up thanks to a modest fundraiser hosted by Barack Obama last month which took in $3 million for the House and Senate committees.

3 thoughts on “June Party Committee Fundraising Roundup”

  1. when looking at net receipts (receipts – disbursements) plus net debt reduction.

    Using that formula, here are the results:

    DCCC $5.4 million

    NRCC $1.2 million

    DSCC $4.4 million

    NRSC $0.5 million

    DNC  $1.6 million

    RNC  $2.1 million

    Total Democratic: $11.4 million

    Total Republican: $3.8 million

    (or a 3 to 1 advantage for the 3 Democratic committees over their Republican counterparts)

  2. Why is the RNC always able to swamp the DNC, but the other in committees, the Dems always win? I’d have thought that a Democratic President would ramp up the DNC- and I’ve thought that after four years of this being the case, the Republicans would figure out how to shore up their other, more vulnerable (And for 2010, more important) committees. Explanation?

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