December Party Committee Fundraising Roundup

If I had a dollar for every time…. Here are the December fundraising numbers for the six major party committees (November numbers are here):

Committee December Receipts December Spent Cash-on-Hand CoH Change Debt
DCCC $3,814,572 $2,485,106 $16,681,433 $1,329,466 $2,000,000
NRCC $3,214,159 $4,887,837 $2,674,277 ($1,673,679) $0
DSCC $3,400,000 $2,600,000 $12,500,000 $600,000 $1,250,000
NRSC $4,100,000 $3,100,000 $8,300,000 $1,000,000 $0
DNC $4,536,164 $9,058,004 $8,683,337 ($4,503,910) $4,699,610
RNC $6,844,861 $7,172,005 $8,421,948 ($327,144) $0
Total Dem $11,750,736 $14,143,110 $37,864,770 ($2,574,444) $7,949,610
Total GOP $14,159,020 $15,159,842 $19,396,225 ($1,000,823) $0

Heavy spending by many of the committees leaves both sides with lighter wallets as of December 31st, but moreso for Democrats than Republicans. The DNC gets whooped yet again, and even the NRSC edges the DSCC. All three Dem committees paid down some debt, but the NRCC managed to wipe out all of the $2 million it owed. Feisty creditors, or expectations that good times are about to roll?

10 thoughts on “December Party Committee Fundraising Roundup”

  1. Is getting pwned by the DCCC.  They can’t even keep a positive cashflow.  If money means anything in these elections, it looks as though the Repubs are going to have an awfully hard time expanding the playing field and contesting vulnerable house seats in November.  

    Of course, I’m a believer that money can only go so far.  But still, it is VERY encouraging to see the DCCC with a 7-to-1 lead on the NRCC in current assets less liabilities.

  2. but after the Citizens United ruling, we may need a new row called “Corporations”, with their Cash-on-Hand number as the infinity symbol.  In that sense, the Republican committees don’t really need to worry about fundraising at all, because they know their corporate buddies can come in at any minute and simply overwhelm us.

  3. Any reports of RGA/DGA fundraising? Surely, their numbers are at least as important as the committees, especially considering the year thats in it.

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