54 thoughts on “4Q House Fundraising Reports Roundup”

  1. FL-08: Grayson is a machine! is any of that self-funding?

    FL-10: Charlie Justice, you have a cool name and an opponent who can’t raise money or is ready to bust a surprise retirement announcement, but that’s not an excuse for this.

    FL-22: Allen West is starting to frighten me…

    IL-10: Ugh, BOB DOLD’s fundraising numbers are also bothering me. If we can’t pick up this seat against a conservative Republican opponent, the Democratic Party is really not doing well at all.

    RI-01: John Loughlin is…not really that great. Which is good because the last thing I need is my own district going red.

  2. Encouraging – Bright, Giffords, Bera, Hulburd, McNerney, Pougnet, Himes, Chris Murphy, Kosmas, Hanabusa, Minnick, Goyle, Skelton, Schauer, Kissell, Shuler, CSP, Massa, Driehaus, Brooks, Boccieri, Space, Dahlkemper, Kanjorsji/O’Brien, Callahan, Davis, Herron, Chet, Ciro, DelBene, Kind, Kagen.

    Disappointing – Justice, Lori Edwards, Craft.

    Delahunt may be retiring. Maybe Rahall?


  3. According to this list:

    Ami Bera (CA-03), who continues to kick ass.

    John Carney (DE-AL), in an easy pickup.

    Tom Hayhurst (IN-03), who had a decent outing, but the real story here is the continued patheticness of Mark Souder.  An entrenched incumbent who’s so bad at fundraising that his opponent can beat his total haul in a single decent quarter of fundraising?  I continue to believe that this is the sleeper race of 2010.  Voters here love them some Tom Hayhurst, and Souder looks to be asleep at the job again.

    Raj Goyle (KS-04), who’s an excellent candidate and has totally lived up to the hype, but whom I continue to believe is too liberal and too ethnic to win a dark-red district like this one.

    Doug Pike and Manan Trivedi (PA-06), but these numbers are deceptive: Pike has lots of money but no support, Trivedi has lots of support but no money, neither one is fundraising very well right now, and Gerlach is going to rev up the machine again.

    John Callahan (PA-15), in a very impressive performance.

    Susan DelBene (WA-08), in a similarly impressive performance.

    Honorable mention goes to Roy Herron (TN-08), who’s leading his Republican opponent in an R-leaning Dem open seat.

    Additional note: there’s a surprising race going on in the fairly-red MD-06, where newscaster Casey Clark outraised incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett.  Bartlett still has a lot more money on hand, though.

    And finally, a question: where did all of Alan Mollohan’s money go?

  4. PA-11 needs too some help

    I would include in the Frontline:

    ND-AL: Pomeroy

    SD-AL: Herseth-Sandlin

    TX-17: Edwards

    MO-04: Skelton

    SC-05: Spratt

    KY-06: Chandler

    NY-19: Hall

    TN-04: Davis

    PA-08: Murphy

    MA-10: Delahunt

    NY-01: Bishop

    OH-13: Sutton

    And I would include in the RTW:

    PA-12: Singel and Hafer

    AZ-03: Gordon

    WA-03: Pridemore and/or Heck

    AR-01: Bryles

    AR-02: Elliot

    LA-03: Sanginetty

    FL-25: Garcia

    PA-06: Pike

  5. What’s the story with WA-3? It’s an open seat toss-up in an district with a PVI of 0 and there is no democratic numbers posted. What’s the bench like in this district?

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