SSP Daily Digest: 9/28

AK-Sen: Daily Kos just added Scott McAdams to its Orange to Blue list, so if you’re still looking to throw some money in his direction, you can do so via Big Orange. Meanwhile, Lisa Murkowski is trying to gear up her write-in campaign, and with Ted Stevens having been laid to rest this week, she’s mulling whether to roll out those ads featuring Stevens that she had ready to go pre-primary but pulled because of his death. This can’t be good news for Murkowski, though: Rep. Don Young, more from the Murkowski/Stevens wing of the local GOP than the teabagger wing, is having a bout of self-preservation and is staying neutral, not endorsing anyone in the race. Finally, here’s one more page in Joe Miller’s ongoing saga of milking the system that he hates so darn much: when new to Alaska (but after he’d bought his expensive house and started working as an attorney), he obtained an indigent hunting/fishing license that required an income of less than $8,200/yr.

DE-Sen: Christine O’Donnell says she attended Oxford. Oh, no, wait, she took a course from something called the Phoenix Institute that “rented space from” Oxford. Why am I not surprised?

FL-Sen: I always figured that the early love affair between the local teabaggery and Marco Rubio wouldn’t last; he seemed more from the mainstream Jeb Bush camp and it seemed more a marriage of convenience based on his charisma but mostly on the fact that he wasn’t Charlie Crist. Anyway, he’s pretty much severed the relationship and making a break for the establishment with his latest revelation, that he decided several months ago against privatizing Social Security after concluding the idea “doesn’t work.” (If Ken Buck gets elected, I wonder how long it’ll take him to make the same move?)

IL-Sen: The DSCC is keeping on pouring money into the Land of Lincoln, bolstering Alexi Giannoulias. They’re adding another $400K to the pile, for another week on the air.

KY-Sen: The NRSC is taking the opposite tack, engaging in a little advertisus interruptus and pulling out for a week from Kentucky. (They claim they’re doing so from a position of strength, naturally.) Meanwhile, this is kind of small ball ($1,400 in contributions from three guys), but it’s still the kind of headline you probably don’t want to see if you’re Rand Paul, especially once you’ve made your feelings on the Civil Rights Act clear:

Conway camp calls on Paul to return money from white separatists

NY-Sen-B: Marist (9/19-22, likely voters, 5/3-5 in parentheses):

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-inc): 52 (50)

Joe DioGuardi (R): 41 (30)

Undecided: 7 (20)

(MoE: ±4%)

Marist gives you a buffet of different numbers of choose from, as it’s 54-42 for Gillibrand when leaners are pushed, or it’s 55-36 when polling just registered voters (meaning there’s an enthusiasm gap worth 8 points here). They also find Chuck Schumer having no problems in the other Senate race, leading Jay Townsend 58-37 among LVs (and 63-32 among RVs).

WI-Sen: Ron Johnson’s one act of political participation prior to this year — testifying before the state legislature in opposition to the bipartisan-supported Wisconsin Child Victims Act — is getting a second look in the press. His main interest in opposing the bill was that it could lead to corporations or other business entities being held liable for acts of employees, worried about the “economic havoc” it would create (and worried that those meddling “trial lawyers” would benefit). Think Progress has video of the testimony.

WV-Sen: This seems like a new one to me… John Raese is actually paying people to write letters to the editor on his behalf. Not just offering them McCain Bucks that can’t be redeemed for anything in the real world, but running an actual contest giving money to people who get the most letters published. Also, I’ll give John Raese credit for being himself even when he’s being followed around by reporters. Here’s his reaction to finding out that the NRA endorsement went to Joe Manchin:

Raese speaks angrily into the phone, his words full of threat: “Tell them that I have an A plus rating with them, and that if they are fair they should include that. Tell them about the polling. Tell them I’m riding an elephant.” Raese pulls the cell phone away from his ear,  hands it back to Patrick the driver, and says “That has made it a lot harder.”

CT-Gov: Little known fact: did you know that Jodi Rell still hasn’t endorsed Tom Foley yet, despite only weeks to go? Foley’s camp is saying it’s imminent, but it looks like Rell has summoned up even less enthusiasm in the general as she did for her Lt. Gov., Michael Fedele, in the GOP primary.

FL-Gov: Here’s an interesting endorsement for Alex Sink: she got the backing of term-limited Republican state Sen. Alex Villalobos. Villalobos is also backing Charlie Crist (and even Dan Gelber in the AG race), so this exactly a sign of the Republican edifice collapsing, though.

IA-Gov, SD-AL: Add one more to the long list of Dems who are getting a nice NRA endorsement as their box-of-Rice-a-Roni-and-can-of-Turtle-Wax-style parting gift on their way out the studio door. Chet Culver just got the backing of the gun lobby. (One state to the north, they also just backed Stephanie Herseth Sandlin today.)

CA-44: PPP for (9/24-26, likely voters, no trendlines):

Bill Hedrick (D): 38

Ken Calvert (R-inc): 49

Undecided: 13


Despite being woefully underfunded, Bill Hedrick’s keeping the race competitive in his rematch against Ken Calvert (recall that he almost won, out of nowhere, in 2008). How he makes up that last 12 points in this climate, though, I’m not sure.

FL-22: Harstad Research Group for Project New West (9/20-22, likely voters, no trendlines):

Ron Klein (D): 48

Allen West (R): 43

Undecided: 9


There’s lots of back-and-forth in the polling of the 22nd, with each side sporting their own internal with a lead in the last week. Dem pollster Harstad weighs in with another one going in Ron Klein’s column.

KS-03: Moore money, Moore problems? Retiring Rep. Dennis Moore is still busy emptying out his campaign coffers, transferring $100K more to the Kansas Democratic party (on top of a previous $100K in June). That’s probably with the understanding that the money will be used to pay for their newest mailer in support of Stephene Moore, running to succeed her husband.

NH-01, NH-02: American Research Group (9/22-26, likely voters, no trendlines):

Carol Shea-Porter (D-inc): 40

Frank Guinta (R): 50

Undecided: 8

Ann McLane Kuster (D): 36

Charlie Bass (R): 38

Undecided: 21

(MoE: ±5%)

Here are some unusual results from ARG! (although should we expect anything else?): they find Carol Shea-Porter getting keelhauled in the 1st, while the open seat battle in the 2nd is a swashbuckling battle (contrary to other polls we’ve seem of these races, where the 1st has been a tossup or a narrow CSP advantage while the 2nd has looked bad).

PA-08: I’ve been patiently waiting here for actual toplines for more than a day, but it seems like they aren’t forthcoming… so I’ll just let you know there’s a Harstad Research Group poll (on behalf of SEIU and VoteVets, not the Patrick Murphy campaign) out in the 8th that gives Murphy a 3-point lead over Mike Fitzpatrick and an 8-point lead among voters who voted in 2006. It was taken Sept. 20-22.

WI-07: Garin Hart Yang for Julie Lassa (9/26-27, likely voters, in parentheses):

Julie Lassa (D): 41

Sean Duffy (R): 42

Gary Kauther (I): 7

Undecided: 10

(MoE: ±4.4%)

I don’t know how good a sign this is, releasing an internal where you’re still trailing in a Democratic-leaning district. Lassa needs to let the donors know she’s still in this, I suppose.

WV-03: Global Strategy Group for DCCC (9/23-26, likely voters, no trendlines):

Nick Rahall (D-inc): 55

Spike Maynard (R): 37

Undecided: 8

(MoE: ±4.8%)

Well, here’s one district where all the polls (even the one from AFF) are consistent in showing a nearly-20 point edge for long-time Dem Nick Rahall.

NY-St. Sen.: Four polls from Siena of key New York State Senate races have, on the balance, bad news for the Democrats: Darrell Aubertine, the first Democrat in several geological epochs to hold SD-48 in the North Country, is trailing GOP opponent Pattie Ritchie for re-election, 48-45. Brian Foley, in Long Island-based SD-4, is also in a tough race, leading Lee Zeldin 44-43. Meanwhile, two Republican incumbents are looking fairly safe: Frank Padavan, who barely survived 2008 in Dem-leaning Queens-based SD-11, leads ex-city councilor Tony Avella 56-32, while in SD-44, Hugh Farley leads Susan Savage 55-37. (I’d rather see them poll the open seat races; that’s where the Republicans are at more risk.)

Mayors: There aren’t a lot of big-city mayoral races where the decisive vote is in November (most were wrapped up in the primaries), but one interesting one is Louisville, where the longtime Dem incumbent Jerry Abramson is leaving in order to run for LG next year. Dem Greg Fischer (who you may remember from the 2008 Senate primary) is beating Republican city councilor Hal Heiner 48-42, according to SurveyUSA.

DLCC: You probably saw yesterday that the DLCC is out with a first round of 20 “essential races” for controlling key state legislative chambers. Well, over in diaries, now they’re soliciting suggestions for further additions to the list, so please add some suggestions from races that are near and dear to your own hearts.


CA-Sen: The Chamber of Commerce, trying to salvage this dwindling race, tries to hang the “career politician” tag on Barbara Boxer

CO-Sen: The DSCC goes after Ken Buck on Social Security again

CO-Sen: The NRSC runs an anti-Michael Bennet ad, hitting him on his support for health care reform

DE-Sen: The DSCC crams as much Christine O’Donnell insanity as it can into 30 seconds

IL-Sen: Mark Kirk goes back to where he began, with another bio spot of small town boy made good

PA-Sen: Joe Sestak’s newest ad keeps on trying to tie Pat Toomey to Wall Street

WV-Sen: The DSCC goes after John Raese for supporting eliminating the minimum wage and his own ooopses at his own company

CT-Gov: The DGA hits Tom Foley on outsourcing in his former career as textile magnate

MI-Gov: The RGA hits Virg Bernero on spending as mayor (OMG! he spent $1,277 on pencils!)

NM-Gov: Another Susana Martinez attack ad hits Diane Denish for some bungled solar power thingamajig

TX-Gov: Here’s a mindblowing stat: the DGA has never paid for advertising in Texas… until now. They’re out with an attack on Rick Perry, calling him what nobody wants to be called this cycle (“career politican”)

KY-03: Todd Lally’s out with two ads, one a bio spot, the other a pretty funny attack on John Yarmuth using the K-Tel greatest hits album motif

MI-07: Tim Walberg has to call on his mom for help: not to do any polling on his behalf, just to appear in an ad about Social Security

NC-02: This was probably inevitable… AJS weighs into the 2nd with an ad using Bob Etheridge going apeshit on a poor innocent little tracker

NC-11: Repent now or Jeff Miller will forever cast you into the fiery pits of Nancy Pelosi’s hell!

ND-AL: Earl Pomeroy touts how well he cooperated with George W. Bush! (on Medicare Part D, though, which probably plays well among North Dakota’s aging population)

PA-08: Outsourcing must be polling well for the Dems these days, as Patrick Murphy hits Mike Fitzpatrick on that

VA-05: Indie candidate Jeff Clark scrounged up enough money to advertise? And he’s attacking GOPer Robert Hurt? That’s good enough for me


CT-Gov: Dan Malloy (D) 50%, Tom Foley (R) 40%

WV-Sen: Joe Manchin (D) 46%, John Raese (R) 48%

Fox/Pulse (aka Rasmussen):

CO-Gov: John Hickenlooper (D) 44%, Dan Maes (R) 15%, Tom Tancredo (C) 34%

CO-Sen: Michael Bennet (D-inc) 43%, Ken Buck (R) 47%

IL-Gov: Pat Quinn (D-inc) 36%, Bill Brady (R) 46%, Rich Whitney (G) 8%

IL-Sen: Alexi Giannoulias (D) 40%, Mark Kirk (R) 42%, LeAlan Jones (G) 7%

OH-Gov: Ted Strickland (D-inc) 43%, John Kasich (R) 45%

OH-Sen: Lee Fisher (D) 37%, Rob Portman (R) 50%

WA-Sen: Patty Murray (D-inc) 48%, Dino Rossi (R) 47%

WI-Gov: Tom Barrett (D) 45%, Scott Walker (R) 49%

WI-Sen: Russ Feingold (D-inc) 44%, Ron Johnson (R) 52%

Louisville Mayoral Primary


    I wonder if I am the only one interested in the Louisville Mayoral election primary that is taking place on Tuesday. Jerry Abramson was eligible to run for another term yet shocked residents by giving up the title “Mayor for Life” to run for  Lieutenant Governor in the 2011 election. I thought it would be nice to give a brief overview of the candidates running before Tuesday’s primary.  

   I am a vocal supporter of Greg Fischer. He is a prominent local businessman who ran against Bruce Lunsford for the Democratic nomination for Senate in 2008. I honestly think he would be a good Mayor who could self finance a run for statewide office in the future. He comes off as very progressive to boot.

    If David Tandy gets the nomination I would probably vomit. He was the former Council President who, in my view, did a HORRIBLE job. I’m not too worried though because I think he will come in a solid third or possibly even fourth. Polling has indicated that Fischer is the front runner with Tandy coming close. However that was a long time ago.  

    Former Council President Jim King has been advertising constantly and I think he is making headway. His advertisements mainly include talk of job creation, his experience and attacks on front runner Fischer. Fischer has done adds responding to King’s attacks and talking about his record. I expect Fischer and King to run a close election. I have nothing against King’s record but I have not been impressed with his constant attacks on Fischer. I would still support King in November, but could not say the same about Tandy.

    Other candidates for the Democratic nomination include:

Tyler Allen- founder of 8664.

Connie Marshall- small business owner

Lisa Moxley- Barack Obama’s communication director for Kentucky

Shannon White- John Yarmuth’s finance director

    The Republicans have not put up any viable candidates in my view. The best they have is Hal Heiner who is a member of the City Council. The field will also include businessman Chris Thienemanm who unsuccessfully challenged Anne Northup for the Republican nomination in 2008 and small business owner Jonathan Robertson.  I feel that Heiner will win the primary by a fairly comfortable margin and will be crushed by either King or Fischer come November. Although a Republican victory is certainly not impossible.

    This election will certainly be interesting and I hope you will join me in supporting Greg Fischer on Tuesday. I hope this diary was well liked and if your view is different than mine please feel free to express it. Thanks!


Like him or not Fischer is the Democratic nominee. Tandy comes in a distance second and King in third. I’m looking forward to November!

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SSP Daily Digest: 7/21

AR-Sen: I’m not sure what it is about the Arkansas Senate race that’s making it flypaper for never-before-elected wingnuts. At any rate, former Army colonel Conrad Reynolds, from Conway, announced his candidacy on Monday.

FL-Sen: The Fix confirms that Marco Rubio will stay in the Florida GOP Senate primary, despite a terrible fundraising disparity and a brief public flirtation with dropping down to the AG race in the hopes of, y’know, not getting demolished.

IL-Sen: Newly elected Rep. Mike Quigley became the third Democratic House member from Illinois to endorse Alexi Giannoulias today (although the endorsement may not even be necessary if Chris Kennedy doesn’t get around to showing up).

MO-Sen: State Senator Chuck Purgason has been sending around e-mails telling the press that tomorrow he’ll hold a press conference (at the Ozark Cafe, in West Plains, if you happen to be in the area) where he’ll announce his plans for the GOP primary race against Rep. Roy Blunt. Spoiler alert! Purgason’s own e-mail goes on to say “It is expected that Purgason will announce that he will enter the race…”

NH-Sen: Here are two items that fall in the “well, duh” file: Kelly Ayotte has set up an exploratory committee so she can consider running for Senate, and Senator Judd Gregg hints strongly that he plans to endorse her.

WV-Sen: Here’s some good news, not just because we like to see our friends stay healthy but because he’s badly needed for cloture votes: Robert Byrd is back on the job on the Hill, after six weeks of hospitalization and some additional time to recuperate.

KS-Gov: Kansas Democrats are back to Plan A in the 2010 Governor’s race (not that they ever really had a Plan B): going back to Gov. Mark Parkinson and begging him to reconsider his decision not to run for election to a full term. Parkinson remains adamant, though.

ME-Gov: Another entrant to the Democratic field in the slow-to-take-shape Maine governor’s race: Portland businesswoman Rosa Scarcelli, who owns a housing company. Former state House Speaker and AG Steve Rowe still seems to have inside track for the Dems; the GOP, by contrast, doesn’t seem to have anyone yet.

MI-Gov: The GOP primary in the Michigan governor’s race got even more cluttered today, when, as expected, businessman Rick Snyder got into the race. Snyder is a venture capitalist who briefly served as CEO of PC maker Gateway back in the 1990s.

NJ-Gov: Chris Christie picked Monmouth County Sheriff Kimberly Guadagno as his Lt. Gov. candidate yesterday. It’s consistent with his approach of running a law and order, outsider-ish campaign. Christie supposedly also gave a lot of consideration to picking Rep. Frank LoBiondo, who, had he won, would have created a tasty pickup opportunity in NJ-02.

UT-Gov: This week’s confirmation hearing of Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China is expected to be a quick affair. He could be in his new job before the summer recess, leaving Gary Herbert in charge of Utah in a matter of weeks.

AL-07: In the wake of recent fundraising reports, Roll Call takes a look at the race to fill the open seat left behind by Rep. Artur Davis, running for Alabama governor. Corporate attorney Terri Sewell, thanks to her job, seems to have the best fundraising connections, and leads the money chase by far ($173K last quarter). However, she probably trails two other candidates in name recognition: state Rep. Earl Hilliard Jr. (son of the former Representative that Davis beat in a primary) and Jefferson Co. Commissioner Shelia Smoot, who is also known for having her own radio show. Also in the race are former Selma mayor James Perkins Jr., attorney Martha Bozeman (Davis’s former campaign manager), and businessman Eddison Walters (who racked up 9% against Davis in a 2006 primary).

KS-02: Former Rep. Nancy Boyda landed on her feet, getting sworn in yesterday to her new job at the Pentagon, as deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for manpower and personnel. This would suggest she won’t be running again in KS-02, which is fine, as she seems better suited for a policy job than one that requires a lot of campaigning.

NY-23: In other confirmation news, John McHugh’s confirmation hearing as Secretary of the Army won’t happen until after the August recess (although no one expects holds on the moderate Republican to be a problem). McHugh will remain in office until his confirmation, and after that there will still be several months’ lead time until a special election.

TX-23: Republican lawyer and banker Quico Canseco is back for another whack at Rep. Ciro Rodriguez in the San Antonio-based 23rd. Actually, Canseco never got that whack in 2008 — highly touted by the NRCC, Canseco was upset in the GOP primary by Bexar Co. Commissioner Lyle Larson, despite spending over $1 million of his own money.

Mayors: You may remember businessman Greg Fischer, who lost the 2008 Democratic Senate primary in Kentucky to Bruce Lunsford. He announced that he’ll run for Louisville mayor in 2010, as 20-year mayor Jerry Abramson recently announced he won’t run again.

Kentucky Senate Race Continues to Heat up and Tighten up

It has been a rocky road in Kentucky’s Democratic Senate Primary. First, we kept losing candidates as the establishment lined it up for Bruce Lunsford.  I actually lost interest in the race knowing I would vote my straight ticket in the fall. Now it seems we will be able to mount a successful Progressive challenge after all. That is because Greg Fischer has stepped to the plate and is charging to the finish. This race is heating up and has begun to tighten.  

In exchanges yesterday and today, these campaigns kept slugging it out. First, Bruce Lunsford released this:

LOUISVILLE – In a stunning display of hypocrisy, U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer touted his record as “an open book,” yet he failed to file his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) report with the Senate Ethics Committee until 11 days after the deadline.

Fischer has repeatedly attacked fellow Democrat Bruce Lunsford for his management of Vencor and spread false information about Lunsford’s business record. Yet, when Fischer finally filed his PFD, it revealed he has investments in five different publicly traded funds which invest in either Ventas or Kindred – both corporate descendants of Vencor.

“Greg Fischer has gone against the will of Kentucky’s voters and Democratic leaders by taking a page out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook, slinging mud at his fellow Democrat Bruce Lunsford rather than focusing on what he would do as Senator to improve the lives of Kentucky families,” Lunsford spokesperson Allison Haley said. “The fact that all the while, Fischer has investments in the very companies he claims Bruce ran into the ground makes Fischer’s actions the ultimate hypocrisy.”

Senate ethics rules require all candidates in the Kentucky Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate to submit their PFD form to the Senate Ethic Committee 30 days before the election. Greg Fischer didn’t even sign his form until more than a week after the deadline and then took an additional three days to send it in.

Examination of Fischer’s PFD shows his investment portfolio includes public funds that have a combined total investment of over $26 million in Ventas and Kindred.

“If I were Greg Fischer, I wouldn’t want the public to know I had been investing in the same companies I was openly criticizing either. Maybe that’s why he waited so long to file his PFD.,” Haley said. “What else is he hiding?”…

The Fischer campaign was quick to respond:

LOUISVILLE, May 6, 2008 – Kim Geveden, Political Director for Greg Fischer’s U.S. Senate campaign blasted Lunsford’s Swift-Boat-Style attack yesterday saying.  “Bruce Lunsford’s latest negative attack against Greg Fischer is as false as it its ridiculous and desperate.  It looks like it could have been authored by Mitch McConnell.

“You know Lunsford is desperate when he reverts to his true Republican roots and takes a page from his 2003 playbook in which he spent $8 million falsely attacking Ben Chandler, only to quit, desert our Democratic Party, stand with Mitch McConnell and publicly endorse Ernie Fletcher,” Geveden said.

“Confronted with independent poll results showing Fischer gaining rapidly, Bruce Lunsford has abandoned his much touted “Integrity Pledge” and is once again falsely attacking an honorable Democrat in Greg Fischer, while desperately trying to stop the political hemorrhaging that threatens his ego and quest for the Democratic nomination.”

The campaign added this “fact sheet” to counter Lunsford’s claims:

Lunsford’s False Claim:

“Fischer has investments in the very companies (Ventas and Kindred Healthcare) he claims Bruce ran into the ground.”

Fischer Fact:

Fischer has no direct or indirect investment in Vencor, the company that Bruce Lunsford ran into the ground and bankrupted.  Lunsford’s mismanagement of Vencor in the period leading up to its bankruptcy is well-documented and includes charges of patient abuse and falsely billing the federal government.

Fischer Fact:

Ventas and Kindred have absolutely nothing to do with Bruce Lunsford’s mismanagement of Vencor. Bruce Lunsford has absolutely no managing control over either Ventas or Kindred.  Lunsford’s is attempting to use Kindred and Ventas as a smoke-screen to hide his appalling behavior as CEO of Vencor.

Fischer Fact:

Fischer holds no direct investment in Ventas or Kindred – The truth is, Fischer owns shares in two mutual investment funds – iShares Russell 1000 Growth Fund and iShares Russell 2000 Value Fund.  Ventas and Kindred make up an extremely small fraction of the holdings of the two funds.

Fischer Fact:

Fischer owns 5,500 shares of iShares Russell 1000 Growth Fund. At market close yesterday, the Ventas portion of Fischer’s investment in the fund was valued at $289.18.

Fischer Fact:

Fischer owns 1,300 shares of iShares Russell 2000 Value Fund. At market close yesterday, the Kindred portion of Fischer’s investment in the fund was valued at $113.47…

All this comes at the same time a new SurveyUsa poll is released which shows Fischer creep steadily up the polls as time runs quickly away:

Two Weeks Out, Lunsford Still Well in Front in KY Dem Senate Primary: In a Democratic Primary for United States Senator from Kentucky today, 05/06/08, 2 weeks until the primary, Bruce Lunsford defeats Greg Fischer, 41% to 22%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WHAS-TV Louisville and WCPO-TV Cincinnati. Five other candidates are in single digits. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released one week ago, Fischer is up 4, Lunsford is down 2. Among men, three weeks ago, Lunsford led by 40 points; one week ago, by 21; today, by 20. Among women, Lunsford led by 35, by 27, and now by 19. Among voters 50+, Lunsford led by 44, by 21, and now by 14. The winner of the 05/20/08 closed Democratic Primary advances to face incumbent Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the U.S. Senate, who is running for his 5th term.…

The Political Director of Fischer’s campaign had this to say about the new numbers, showing a steady rise for Fischer:

The polling trends clearly shows that Bruce Lunsford is a fatally flawed candidate,” said Kim Geveden, political director for the Fischer campaign.  Matt Stoller, a nationally prominent political commentator who regularly appears on CNN and other national news broadcasts, has described Lunsford as, “…definitely the worst Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in the country.”

She then went on to explain this sentiment which is shared by many Kentuckians including myself:

“Kentucky Democrats are starting to focus on this race.  They’re learning more about Greg Fischer.  And they’re remembering Lunsford’s defection to the Republican party in 2003 and his support of Republican Ernie Fletcher for governor.” said Geveden.  “The conclusion they’re coming to is the obvious one:  Greg Fischer is the best Democratic candidate in this race and he’ll give Mitch McConnell more than he’s bargained for in the general election this fall.”…

Now, Ms. Geveden summed up nicely how I feel about Bruce Lunsford and Greg Fischer. I don’t come upon this opinion lightly. Here are some of Lunsford’s political contributions:


This video sums it up nicely:

Now, Fischer’s rise in this race has given me hope that we can actually run a candidate I can be proud of, a candidate that hasn’t been fighting against me through all these long years we have been losing here. A candidate that is Progressive, and won’t turn on us if he gets mad.

Greg Fischer believes in our kind of Change:

He tells a truth Kentuckians can believe in:

Please help us avoid risking our support to elect another DINO into the United States Senate. Greg Fischer can still win this race!! All the momentum is his, and he still has time. Two weeks can be an eternity in politics!! Please help us and support Greg here:…

Be sure to visit his site, and spread the word about a great Senator-to-be in Kentucky!!:

Greg Fischer for Senate: The Truth

The question of the Senate race in Kentucky is coming down to the question not of, do we want to replace Mitch McConnell, but who will be best to replace Mitch McConnell in the fall. I am one Democrat that would never entertain the thought of not only voting for McConnell but indeed NOT VOTING AGAIMST HIM. You can bet this is one Democrat that will be voting for our nominee.  

That being said this is one Democrat that that wants to vote for what he fights for. In this election year I just see no reason why Democrats can’t stand up and fight as Democrats without shame. It works when it is tried.

Now, I admit at the beginning of this process, I didn’t know who Greg Fischer was. I originally supported Greg Stumbo, former A.G. of Kentucky to run against McConnell. He made a trip to talk to the DSCC and never came back. Well, not as a candidate for Senate at least.

Then I went to automatic second choice Andrew Horne. His fate is more widely publicized and known than Greg Stumbo’s, but were basically the same. I went through a month when I didn’t know who I would vote for in that race, and I will admit lost interest in it to a certain degree. I like Kenneth Stepp a lot, but realized the problems he would have. He is a great Democrat though. I talked to the Cassaro campaign, and will admit those are some class folks who did respond over there. I just didn’t feel their views matched up with mine.

I began to think that I would have to vote for Bruce Lunsford, holding my nose and hoping that he voted my fight at least 50% of the time if he won. McConnell is after-all 0%. At least it would be an improvement.

But then in support of Heather Ryan I went to an event in Benton to meet with the DEC there. Greg Fischer showed up at the same meeting. After it was over he came up and wished Heather luck in her fall election. He said how he really hoped he would be on that ticket to. He asked my name, and for my support and I flat out told him there were a few things I was concerned about. He took the time to talk to me about his views on healthcare as I told him that I was recently stricken with Type 1 Diabetes.

Greg Fischer won my vote that day. Although he never said anything about the Presidential race, his views and statements seemed to have an Edwards Populist ring to them. From healthcare, to Fair Trade, to a sensible exit from Iraq, to fighting Corporate Greed, fighting for workers, all down the line, he shared my views, and wanted to fight for them. He would be an excellent Senator for a new Democratic President.

Now, I hate to trash Democrats, but I am never going to be anyone’s robot. (Not insinuating anyone is.) I can speak out on even my party and it’s candidates if I feel they are wrong. That is my right and I will do so. There are many things that can be used against Bruce Lunsford, but this one is foremost to me:

Do I even have to comment on that? Add to that his past contributions to Republicans up to and INCLUDING Mitch McConnell!!!, leads me to believe that he will not fight for me, and will turn coat more times than not. I mean, the whole time I was fighting uphill fights for Democratic candidates in several races Bruce Lunsford fought against me. I don’t dislike the man personally, but that is just the truth of reality.

Reality is I support Greg Fischer in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate. His truth is my truth, as summed up here:

Help Greg Fischer win here:…

Best wishes fellow Democrats!!

Heather Ryan and Greg Fischer Meet Kentucky Voters

Recently the small Western Kentucky town of Sedalia had their “Sedalia Days”, along with a parade. This was an excellent chance for candidates to get to walk the parade route along with the people they wish to represent, and indeed to meet the voters and hear their concerns. Unlike their opponents, Bruce Lunsford, Mitch McConnell and Exxon Ed Whitfield, Heather Ryan and Greg Fischer proved they can truly represent these citizens, by meeting them and listening to their concerns firsthand.

Here is Heather Ryan meeting with grassroots voters:


The great thing about Heather meeting with grassroots voters is when she does, they support her. This couple soon volunteered the services of their Mustang to ride in the parade for Heather:


Thats Heavan, Heather’s daughter and America’s favorite Mitch McConnell antagonist with the sign.

Here is Heather meeting some more of Western Kentucky’s voters, and giving them a Ryan for Kentucky sticker!!:


The parade route was indeed Ryan for Kentucky red and white!!

Here is Heather, husband Carl, and Heavan with another new grassroots Ryan for Kentucky supporter!!:


Not to be outdone by any Mustang, here is the Ryan for Kentucky van, proudly riding the parade route:


See the lastest thoughts of Heather from the campaign trail here:

I recently started Americans for Ryan to raise $1500 for Heather by May 20. I am now over two-thirds of the way there!! To celebrate I have decided that anyone who contributes to Americans for Ryan by May 20 will be entered into a drawing to win these pinback buttons from the 1960 campaign of JFK:


Win a piece of history by helping us to make history!! Enter here:…

Now, Heather Ryan is not the only candidate to expand our Congressional majorities here in Kentucky. Greg Fischer, the Progressive candidate in the Democratic primary to Ditch Mitch McConnell, also found time to meet the average voter in Western Kentucky by coming to Sedalia.

Here is Greg meeting with a senior citizen of Western Kentucky to hear his concerns:


And again, meeting with potential voters:



Here are grassroots supporters of Greg Fischer walking the parade route:



Of course they have a lot to be excited about!! Fischer recently outraised his competition in the Democratic Primary by 2 to 1 among voters.

Here is Greg Fischer’s new ad called “The Change” detailing what kind of change we need!!:

Please help keep this ad up and keep our momentum going, not to mention supporting the only Progressive option to Mitch McConnell here;…

We simply must fight for our great Democrats wherever they are!! Please help us keep our momentum in Kentucky going by supporting two awesome Kentucky Democrats!!!

Best wishes fellow Democrats!!

Special thanks to kilowat for the awsome pics!!!

KY-SEN: Greg Fischer Makes His Move

A lot has happened in the Democratic Primary for the Senate seat of Kentucky. Already, we have seen Greg Stumbo and Andrew Horne step aside. The consensus now seems to be that Bruce Lunsford should be the nominee for Kentucky’s Senate race. However, it seems another candidate has stepped foward as a true Democratic voice in this race. Now, it seems Greg Fischer is making his move in this race.

First, Greg Fischer has showed that he can raise funds. One of the main reason I believe that Lunsford was recruited was because he could self-fund. However, this story shows that Fischer can self-fund too, and raise seperate funds to boot:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Greg Fischer says his upcoming campaign finance report will show that he’s collected more than $500,000 from donors in addition to the $510,000 of his own money he has pumped into his bid.

Of course, Greg was encouraged by the numbers:

“Dollar by dollar, voter by voter, momentum is growing stronger in every region of the state. We are confident that our campaign is positioned to defeat Bruce Lunsford on May 20,” Fischer said in a statement. “Voters are beginning to realize I am the real Democrat offering real change.”…

Fischer is going to begin running T.V. in the state soon, about a month before the May 20 primary. I think when Kentucky Democrats get to know him a little better, they are going to like what they see.

Greg has also spoken out for a sane policy in Iraq. He recently took McConnell to task on that issue:

In 2002, Mitch McConnell handed President Bush a blank check for operations in Iraq – a war that was ill-conceived, ill-advised and terribly mismanaged. We have now been in Iraq longer than we were in World War II. To date, there have been more than 4,000 American military casualties. Over 30,000 U.S. soldiers have been injured. By the end of 2007, the war in Iraq cost American taxpayers more than $500 billion. Kentucky’s share of the bill: $3.5 billion – money that could have been invested in our economy, built 358 new elementary schools, provided 593,000 Kentucky students with college scholarships, delivered health care benefits to 970,000 Kentuckians, built miles of new roads and bridges or saved thousands of homeowners from foreclosure.

Today, Mitch McConnell still supports President Bush’s never ending war in Iraq, while continuing to play partisan political games and obstructing every opportunity to reach a bipartisan plan to end the war once and for all in Iraq.

Greg Fischer believes it’s time to bring our soldiers home from Iraq in a swift, safe and responsible manner. Our brave men and women have done everything we have asked of them and are still fighting a courageous fight. They put their lives on the line for us everyday and we owe them and their families an end to this war. Washington has failed them.

Although Greg will fight to begin a responsible draw down of our forces in Iraq and end the war, he knows we need to refocus our efforts in Afghanistan where Al Qaeda and Taliban are experiencing a resurgence.  That’s where Osama Bin Laden and the real war against terrorism is and needs to be fought.

He has endorsed A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq found here:

Greg also believes we must respect our returning heros. He endorses the G.I. Bill for the 21st century:

For our returning Veterans, Greg will make it a top priority to ensure that when veterans return home they are treated like the heroes they are. He will work to provide them and their families with benefits designed to meet the needs of today’s soldiers and their families. That is why Greg supports the bipartisan G.I. Bill for the 21st Century.  

The G.I. Bill for the 21st Century would repeal unfair tax burdens on military families and provide Veterans with the benefits they deserve; affordable health care, education and job training, strengthen our support for our men and women in uniform, and improve benefits for our National Guard and Reservists.

Most importantly, it will modernize and enhance the GI Bill Education and Job Training Programs to provide the full cost of tuition and fees, and a living allowance for 36 months of schooling, for those who enlist for four years of active duty military service. They have fought to defend our freedoms. They have fought to defend our families. Our Veterans deserve it.

The G.I. Bill for the 21st Century has been endorsed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA), the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS), Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).…

After the disappointments of the early primary season, I think that Greg Fischer as emerging as a serious candidate. He has shown his ability to not only self-fund, but to raise funds as well. Most importantly, he is showing that he can be depended on to fight for a Democratic vision for this country.

I hope Kentuckians and Americans will get behind Greg to defeat Bruce Lunsford, and then Mitch McConnell in the fall. Although he is a political newcomer the last month is showing him to be a serious candidate who can make a serious run at Mitch McConnell. Best of all, he will do it as a Democrat.

Find out more about Greg Fischer here:

Support Greg Fischer in his fight for Kentucky Democrats here:…

We can still have an awesome Senator from Kentucky so please join in the fight for Greg Fischer!!

Heather Ryan and Greg Fischer Meet Kentucky Voters

Recently the small Western Kentucky town of Benton had their annual Tater Day. What is Tater Day you may ask? Well, it is a festival that started in the late 1800s as a celebration of the first day of spring. Residents of Western Kentucky would gather together and trade sweet potatoes. It features a parade, that circles the town and a Ms. Tater Day pageant.

It also has political overtones and many candidates down through the years have come to meet their constituents in Western Kentucky and participate in the Tater Day parade.

This year, Heather Ryan and Greg Fischer were there to meet the fine people of Benton, and participate in the parade. Their opponents, Exxon Ed Whitfield, Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford decided not to participate. Personally, I believe that a Representative or Senator should take every opportunity to meet the people they want to represent.

Well, two of the hardest working candidates to expand our Congressional majorities are Heather Ryan and Greg Fischer. Ryan is running against Exxon Ed Whitfield in Kentucky’s First Congressional District. Here she is meeting with a veteran constituent:


Unlike Exxon Ed Whitfield, Heather Ryan believes in meeting the veterans of our district and hearing their concerns. Of course Exxon Eddie doesn’t want to meet them because he voted against them. Heather would never vote against the welfare of our veterans as Exxon Eddie has here:

Whitfield voted for budget that cut veteran’s programs.  Voted for final passage of the $2.6 trillion budget conference report for 2006.  The report cut Medicaid spending by $10 Billion, every penny of the Social Security surplus, increased the national deficit by $167.5 Billion over 5 years and paved the way for drilling in ANWR.  Furthermore, the conference report cut fudning for veterans’ healthcare by $13.5 Billion over 5 years.  Yet the budget still found room for $106 BILLION in tax breaks for those who need it least.  [HRC 95, Vote #149, 4/28/2005; Passed Republicans; 214-15: Democrats; 0-195; Independent; 0-1]

And here:

Whitfield voted against a $53 Million boost for Veteran’s Health Care and Benefits on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 2005 (FAILED BY 1 VOTE – WHITFIELD’S VOTE).  The bill would have aded $8 million for combat-related trauma care, $6 million for poly-trauma centersto support wounded trops once they return to their homes, $9 million for VA medical and prosthetic research and $7 million for 100 additional staff to process claims for compenstation and pension benefits.  Finally, the amendment would provide $23 million to help approximately 4100 spouses of service members with children whose spouse died during the War on Terrorism between September 11, 2001 and November 30, 2004 by making them eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.  The amendment failed, 213-214 [HR 2528, Vote #224, 5/26/2005; Failed; Republicans; 19-210; Democrats; 193-4; Independent; 1-0]

You see, here at Ryan for Kentucky we believe in respecting our veterans with much more than talking points. We believe they have earned our respect, and all the benefits they and their families are entitled to. We consider it a disgrace that our Congressman rubber-stamped the Bush plan to send our soldiers to war without the proper training, equipment, and planning to accomplish their mission, and then allowed such disgraces as Walter Reed. Here is Heather’s take on respecting our veterans:

As a veteran of the United States Navy, and an active member of the American Legion, my dedication to the men and women in uniform is unyielding.  The current service member is highly skilled, highly trained and highly ignored by this administration.  The American people

were duped into an ill-conceived war under false pretenses and the administration continues to over utilize a national guard system which was never intended to be used for sustained combat missions.  Congress must insist that an exit strategy be planned and implemented immediately. By the Bush Administration’s own account, the nation will be forced to reinstate the draft system again should we continue to over-tax our National Guard with sustained combat.  I am not a supporter of reinstating the draft for as history clearly shows us, the draft is merely for those of us who are not wealthy enough to buy our way out of

active duty.  We must not allow this ill planned and ill executed war to continue to destroy the brave men and women in our armed forces while simultaneously placing our nation at a heightened risk with a limited national guard.

Every day we see reports about how our veterans services have fallen into severe disrepair.  The men and women who served this country deserve better.  Our VA system needs a complete overhaul; from the GI Bill to health care to disability benefits, without a modernized system, we do those who served our country a grave disservice.  Veterans deserve better.…

Of course, Heather is a fellow veteran, so her views stem from experience.

Here is Heather decorating the Ryan for Kentucky van with a personal thank you note for Whitfield, McConnell, Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans for our $3.29 gas!!


I think she speaks for all of us with that thank you note!! Just to think, many in this country consider $3.29 gas cheap!!!

Heather is an awesome grassroots candidate who isn’t afraid to rub elbows with the average people she wishes to represent. Exxon Ed Whitfield was a no-show on Tater Day. Wanna see who Exxon Eddie sees fit to rub elbows with instead of veterans and his constituents?:

Exxon Eddie and W

Well, that makes sense since Exxon Eddie has been an adoring rubber-stamp of W’s policies that hurt our veterans, while doling out hundreds of billions in corporate welfare to men like President Bush, and well himself!!!

Here is Heather and her daughter Ireland, our youngest member of Ryan for Kentucky, and future Democratic leader!!!:


Please help our grassroots campaign here:…

Heather wasn’t the only awesome grassroots Democrat at Tater Day. The Progressive candidate for Senate, Greg Fischer also saw fit to meet the good folks of Benton and Western Kentucky. It seems his grassroots supporters were waiting:


Maybe they are so excited because Greg Fischer will fight for the Transformational change that will ensure all Kentuckians have access to healthcare:

Since career politician Mitch McConnell took office, the number of Kentuckians without health insurance has skyrocketed to 520,000. And currently there are 47 million Americans uninsured; the health care system in the United States is broken.  An inefficient delivery system combined with non-patient focused bureaucratic barriers has caused health care costs to spiral out of control.

A single, serious injury or illness can be financially devastating for an insured, tax paying citizen.  By the year 2010, healthcare cost as a percentage of gross domestic product is estimated to be 20 percent in the U.S. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimate that by 2017, healthcare spending per person will approximately double to $13,000 per person, and total U.S. health care spending will double to more than $4 trillion. This level of spending is simply unsustainable.

Attempts by politicians to address the issues have largely been ineffective as a result of the failure to consider hard facts and predictions, some based on concrete data from our own government organizations and agencies. The common notion that health care in the United States, although expensive, is ranked at the top globally, is a myth. As an example, America’s infant and maternal mortality rates currently rank below France, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Sweden, all with lower health care costs.  

Transformational change is needed to address this crisis. A system is needed that not only serves as a catalyst for health care quality improvements, but also reduces the health care cost on businesses and individuals. A new system-understood by all American citizens and focused on prevention and public health-is needed.

The good news is health care solutions exist to spark this change. Additionally, our current national spending of $2.2 trillion provides adequate funding for the solutions.

Greg Fischer’s first legislative priority will be passing a bill that prevents members of Congress from accepting their gold-plated tax-payer funded health care coverage until universal health care is a reality for every American. Maybe then we can get started on real change for health care in America.

Solutions must be value-based and built around these principles:  

Universal health care access for all citizens- All Americans deserve the dignity of quality health care that guarantees eligibility, is affordable and portable, preserves the private practice of medicine, and allows freedom to choose among doctors and other health care providers.

System modernization – We must improve the utilization of health care system dollars to lower health care delivery costs and improve patient safety. Involving all health care providers in the development of standards for electronic health information management is one example of common sense system modernization.

Wellness and prevention Because a significant part of health care costs in America is driven by behavior, a focus on improving personal health and prevention of serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and coronary disease is imperative. The creation of reimbursement incentives around wellness and prevention not only improves quality of life but will also help to lessen serious laterstage illnesses.

Innovation – Americans are the world’s most innovative citizens. We can encourage innovation and reduce costs by removing bureaucratic barriers for the development of less invasive treatments, better medications and devices for testing and treatment.…

Here is Greg looking remarkably at ease among the voters of Western Kentucky despite chasing millionaire establishment candidate Bruce Lunsford in the primary, and millionaire Mitch McConnell when he wins the primary. Neither opponent saw fit to grace the good people of Western Kentucky with their prescense:


Wanna see where Bruce Lunsford’s sympathies lie?

Thats Ernie Fletcher, former corrupt Governor of Kentucky who Lunsford endorsed after losing the Democratic Primary to Ben Chandler in 2003.

Support Greg Fischer here:…

In Kentucky, we have two awesome candidates to expand our Congressional majorities with fighting Democrats who won’t be afraid to fight for us. Please help these campaigns as they both face millionaire oppositon, and the golden-plated smear machine of Mitch McConnell.

Best wishes fellow Democrats!!  

Kentucky Democrats: Ryan and Fischer Fight for Us!!!

Kentucky is a state that could make a huge difference in our Congress this year. Despite the circus that has become the Presidential Primary, Democrats simply must remember that no matter who wins, a Progressive direction is highly unlikely without expanded Congressional majorities. That is why this long, grueling primary may prove to be a disaster for our country. Not only are the last two candidates standing and their supporters hurting each other, they are stealing valuable oxygen and funding from our candidates who can truly change this country from the ground up, our Congressional and Senate candidates.

One case in point is the Democratic race in Kentucky to find a candidate who will run to Ditch Mitch McConnell. We have already lost one fine candidate in this race, Andrew Horne because the netroots ignored him and didn’t give him the funding he needed. Now, Chuck Schumer and our party leadership have recruited a millionaire businessman, Bruce Lunsford to run so they don’t have to invest in Kentucky Democrats yet again.

Forget the fact that Lunsford has donated to many Republicans, including donating AGAINST John Yarmuth, our only pickup in 06. Add to that the fact that when he lost the Democratic Primary in 03 against Ben Chandler, he ENDORSED Ernie Fletcher, the corrupt Governor we just ousted, and actually managed his transition team.

Luckily, after the loss of Greg Stumbo and Andrew Horne to this race, we still have a good Progressive Democrat. His name is Greg Fischer and his campaign is gaining steam. Here is an email sent to me from his campaign today:

It is with great pride and gratitude that I announce today we have exceeded our first quarter fundraising goal and will report an impressive amount to the FEC next week.

Dollar by dollar, support is coming in from across the state. Our backing has been strong and encouraging. We’re confident that our campaign will have the resources necessary to defeat Bruce Lunsford on May 20 and we have set our sights on ditching Mitch in November.

Thirty percent of the contributions were received from folks like you who received an e-mail from a friend or the campaign and then went online to to contribute. And, 44 percent of all contributions were for amounts of $200 or less. Every dollar counts.

Our support is multiplying each day. When people from Paducah to Covington learn about my candidacy, they realize I’m the contrast candidate with a clean record that has the best chance of defeating Mitch McConnell in the fall.

I am grateful for your encouragement and continued support.

Thank you,


If you don’t know Greg, here is some video of him:

Now, believe me, Bruce Lunsford in the Senate is not going to forward a Progressive agenda. With him replacing McConnell, we may have a Senator that votes with us half the time. Why should we settle for that? We need a Senator from Kentucky that will fight for our values, not back into them!!!

Please help the Greg Fischer campaign to defeat Lunsford and McConnell, two millionaires that will fight against us here:…

Now, on to the fight for my home. We have an awesome grassroots lady running here in Kentucky’s First Congressional District to unseat another millionaire and Mitch McConnell protege’ Ed Whitfield. We call Whitfield Exxon Eddie, because while Kentuckians and Americans are feeling much pain at the pump, Ed Whitfield is profiting handsomely with his Exxon and Chevron stock.

At Ryan for Kentucky, we believe we can do better. We believe we can find homegrown solutions for our dependence on foreign oil, and that we can have a Representative that votes for the betterment of our district, not the betterment of their own stock options.

Heather is a newcomer but is educated, passionate, and smart. We desperately need the resources to get our message out to the 63% of registered Democrats in this district who want to be invested in again. Many of them don’t know Heather, but look at the response she got recently when 3000+ of the people she is seeking to represent got their first look at her:

This was an event she was scheduled to speak at for a long time, and then Hillary decided to come too. From what I heard Heather and Hillary were the only two out of many that recieved standing ovations at this event.

Here her hear answering a Kossack about what it means to be a Democrat:

Yes, I know the feeling. George Bush makes me spit up too!!!

Now, we need your help in this race. Our district has long been ignored by the state and national party, despite being 63% registered Democrat. The Republicans have invested here, and all the Democrats here want is to be important to our party once more. If we get the resources we win, bottom line.

Please consider an investment in the expansion of our Congressional majorities here:…

With the help of grassroots Democrats, Kentucky can be what it always was for generations, BLUE!!!

Please consider helping out these two great Kentucky Democrats who want to make a difference for US in the next Congress. Our eventual nominee will thank you for it when they win the White House and have two awesome Democrats to work with!!

Best wishes fellow Democrats!!

KY-Sen: My Endorsement

It has been a wild ride for me trying to support a candidate for the Senate seat hopefully soon to be vacated by Sen. Mitch McConnell. First I supported Greg Stumbo, Kentucky’s former Attorney General. As A.G., I thought Mr. Stumbo did an excellent job representing Kentucky against powerful special interests, and against a corrupt Governor. I also remember well when someone I loved had an issue they needed his help on and his office was there with them every step of the way. I have no regrets in my support for him.  

After Greg decided not to run, I had no troubles switching my support to Col. Andrew Horne, a fine American and Kentuckian who has a long distinguished record of service to our country. I knew all along that Horne represented the values I hold dear and would make a fine Senator, I just didn’t have as much personal experience with him as Stumbo. Again, I have no regrets in my support for Horne. I do hope to see him and Greg Stumbo both resurface as they are great fighting Democrats.

Then we had the ugly episode with Col. Horne and the DSCC. Some of you may remember me and some of my fellow Kentucky bloggers ripping Chuck Schumer for their shameful actions towards Col. Horne, forcing him out for millionaire Republican contributor and Ernie Fletcher transition team manager, Bruce Lunsford. Again, I have no regrets for that.

Then I was at the point where the only thing I knew for sure was that Chuck Schumer could never make me vote for a man that was working for and contributing to Republicans the whole time I was fighting against them. Lunsford’s millions mean little to me and I consider it a slap in the face to Kentucky Democrats once again that our party wants a self financer instead of investing in Kentucky Democrats.

I cannot and will not vote for Bruce Lunsford unless I am forced to on the straight Democratic ticket I always vote in the fall. With that in mind I had to choose between the other candidates in the Democratic primary, and have finally settled on a choice.

Although Michael Cassaro has a great website, and his staff was very professional and prompt in trying to win my support, and I commend their efforts, I have decided to support Greg Fischer for United States Senate in Kentucky. I want to share a little about why.

First, many of you know I am now fighting for Heather Ryan in Kentucky’s First. One of our main issues is renewable energy and the promise it holds for Kentucky. Greg Fischer agrees:

Kentucky families are paying record -high prices for gas, home heating and agricultural fertilizer while big oil and gas companies report record profits. Mitch McConnell has pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money from “Big Oil” lobbyists while energy prices are skyrocketing.

Good, old fashioned leadership is needed to rally our country to energy independence. The people of America will rally around a President and Senate that calls for all of us to rid our dependence on hostile foreign energy providers. We need to change leadership in Washington so our rally toward energy independence can begin.

America is home to the world’s greatest innovators. Greg Fischer is a Kentucky entrepreneur – a job creator who’s used new ideas and bold solutions based on his Kentucky know-how to create answers and solve problems. By ending our dependence on foreign oil and generating a path to energy independence, Greg will invest in the resources we have right here in Kentucky to deliver clean energy solutions. A real pursuit of clean coal, as well as renewable energy alternatives like wind, solar, hydroelectric and biofuels will help create thousands of green collar jobs for decades to come – right here in Kentucky.  In doing so, we’ll also combat global warming and transition to a cleaner, greener and brighter economy.

Greg will also end Bush’s tax breaks for the oil and gas companies that have been enjoying record-breaking profits while everyday Americans suffer with higher gas prices. Greg will use that money to provide incentives for automakers to build more innovative and efficient vehicles and to increase tax breaks for homeowners and businesses to become more energy efficient.…

Also, I got to here Greg Fischer speak in Benton, Ky and meet with him briefly afterwards. After hearing him and speaking with him, I believe he shares my commitment to building One America. You can see my video of him speaking in Benton here, although I apoligize to you and to him for the poor quality:

So while this Senate race has been full of disappointment for me, I am pleased after hearing Greg Fischer and meeting him and feel like we still have a chance to replace McConnell with a fighting Democrat.

Please go to Fischer’s site and join his campaign by signing up for email updates. While there, consider that he is fighting millionaire Republican contributor and manager of Ernie Fletcher’s transition team, Bruce Lunsford in the primary, and then mighty Mitch McConnell, who will fire you for having the audacity to ask him a question. Consider helping Greg here:…

Greg can win both races with help from grassroots Democrats!!