CO R – Jane Norton is now Drilling Jane

Even in Colorado this is not going to work….

http://www.janenortonforcolora… has a new front page with a new video and this language

Drilling Toward Independence

“I always scratch my head when liberals say you can’t drill your way to greater energy independence. More drilling means more homegrown energy, and more homegrown energy means we’re less reliant on thugs like Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Putin to power our homes, our cars, and our industry.”

As your US Senator, I will fight for a robust energy program in the Rocky Mountain West as part of a broader national energy program. We must:

Drill the Roan Plateau

Drill in ANWR

Expand oil, natural gas, and coal production on federal lands

Continue offshore drilling programs

Fight Cap and Trade  

Colorado Redistricting – Shoring Up the 5-2

The most likely redistricting scenario for 2010 is one in which Democrats control the House, Senate and Governor’s office in Colorado. The Governor’s office is the only one where there seems like there might be a problem. Mostly because Bill Ritter is no lock for re-election.

But the Democrats are in pretty solid (though not impregnable) control of the legislative branch at this point. They’re up 38-27 in the CO House and up 21-14 in the Senate. Thanks to partisan battlin’, redistricting last time around was, as the kids say, a hot mess.

Presumably, this time should be smoother and as long as the Democrats don’t do any overly-obvious gerrymandering that risks a political backlash, they’ll be fine. I would think that no hugely obvious changes in the composition of the delegation, currently 5-2 in favor of Dems, would do the trick on that front, even if they subtly manipulate the districts to their advantage. A gentle gerrymander, if you will….follow along for that!

CD-1 Diana DeGette (D) – Dark Blue

Her district shifts very slightly around the periphery, but largely remains the same–Denver-centric and safely Democratic, as one would expect for the dean of the delegation. For the record, Colorado has quite a young delegation…DeGette was elected in 1996, but John Salazar, the next most experienced, was only elected in 2004.

CD-2 Jared Polis (D) – Green

His district loses its last bits of Weld County and its liberal ski towns as it shifts south and grabs Golden, Wheat Ridge and the rest of Arvada. It’s slightly more conservative, perhaps, but not by too much–its liberal Boulder center pushes left on the suburban areas, which aren’t exactly the most conservative parts of the Denver suburbs anyway. The moderately liberal Polis should be fine, and it’s a safely Democratic seat regardless.

CD-3 John Salazar (D) – purple

Adds: Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek, Lake, Chafee

Loses: Jackson, Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Garfield, Custer, Otero, a bit of Mesa County

How to shore up a district that’s basically totally rural without dipping into the votes of the major cities on the Front Range? Two words: ski towns. The new district drops some ranching counties on the periphery while adding overwhelmingly liberal ski-centric counties.


3rd District adds these counties:

Pitkin: 74-25 Obama (15,000)

Summit: 66-33 Obama (23,500)

Lake: 62-36 Obama (8,000)

Eagle: 61-38 Obama (42,500)

Gilpin: 59-38 Obama  (5,150)

Clear Creek: 58-40 Obama (10,000)

Chaffee: tie  (16,000)

3rd District loses these counties:

Moffat 70-27 McCain (13,000)

Rio Blanco 77-21 McCain (6,000)

Jackson 68-30 McCain (1,500)

Custer 63-35 McCain (3,500)

Otero 55-44 McCain (20,000)

Garfield tie (44,000)

It’s over 100,000 people that will be magically transformed from rather Republican voters into heavily Democratic ones in this district. That should be enough to swing the PVI a good 5 points toward the blue, no? Still not hugely Democratic, but significantly more so.

CD-4 Betsy Markey (D) – Red

Adds: Grand, Jackson, Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Garfield, the rest of Weld County, and a bit more of Boulder County.

Loses: Everything east of Weld County (all of eastern CO, basically)

Markey smashed Marilyn Musgrave by racking up votes in Larimer and Weld counties which overwhelmed the heavily-Republican rural vote (which was about 10%-ish of the district). It’s the same principle in her new district, but with fewer to overwhelm. Plus, the addition of a few more competitive suburban Denver & Boulder voters should anchor it even more firmly. Finally, one of her rural counties is Routt County (Steamboat Springs–awesome ski town!), which went 63-36 for Obama and would be one of her most populous rural counties. So her new district is still swing-ish, but should be somewhat safer.

CD-5 Doug Lamborn (R) – Yellow

Adds Custer, Crowley, Otero counties

Loses Chaffee, Lake and Park

Doug will be fine with this–trading three centrist counties for three conservative ones, plus keeping his Colorado Springs base? What’s not to like for him…and Republicans?

CD-6 Mike Coffman (R) – Turquoise

Gains: Some more of Jefferson County, most of rural eastern Colorado that was formerly Markey’s

Loses: most of Arapahoe

Assuming Mike can survive primary challenges, he should be fine in this safely Republican seat. His seat will change a lot in 2012 under this map, but Republicans should be fans of its new configuration, which makes it well-nigh impossible for Democrats to overcome their registration advantages.

CD-7 Ed Perlmutter (D) – Gray

It’s a similar district in terms of demographics, but it shifts east. Perlmutter should be fine here, and picks up all the remaining fast-growing suburban areas east of Denver. Now about two-thirds white (with 6% Af-Am., 3% Asian, 18% Latin), it’s the second most diverse district after the central-Denver-centric 1st.


There you have it. Three fairly liberal Dem seats (1, 2, 7), two fairly Dem seats (3, 4) districts and two safely Republican ones (5, 6). A gentle gerrymander, if you will.

Johnny Longtorso’s map has similar ideas to this one, and for the record I think he’s an ace redistricter, but I think mine fixes a crucial problem–shoring up Salazar’s district so that a less conservative Democrat could win it. He makes Markey safer than I do, though. So if you want more Colorado redistricting 2010 action, check it out:


By what margin will Bob Shamansky win?

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Congressional races 2010: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware

Previous diaries:

Today: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware


Colorado has 7 representatives: 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans.  The only seat that might be in danger is Markey’s in CO-04

Connecticut has 5 representative, all Democrats

Delaware has 1 representative, a Republican, and its a potential gain for the Democrats.


House vote in 2008 from WaPo

VoteView (ranked from 1 for most liberal to 447 for most conservative; more than 435 because some districts had more than one rep in the 110th congress)

Race Tracker

Obama vote by CD from Swing State

National Atlas for maps

and my previous diaries.

District: CO-01

Location This oddly shaped district includes metro Denver, southern suburbs like Glendale, south to Sheridan and Cherry Hills Village, and northeast in a stair step pattern map

Cook PVI D+21

Representative Diana DeGette (D)

VoteView rank 93/447

First elected  1996

2008 margin 72-24 over George Lilly

2006 margin 80-20 (against a Green)

2004 margin 73-25

Obama margin 74-24

Bush margin 2004 31-68

Current opponents None declared

Demographics 30% Latino (49th place)

Assessment Safe

District: CO-02

Location Boulder, and points west, in the Rockies.  Also the exurbs of Denver map

Cook PVI  D +11

Representative Jared Polis

VoteView rank 187.5/447

First elected  2008

2008 margin 62-34 over Scott Starin

2006 margin NA

2004 margin NA

Obama margin NA

Bush margin 2004 41-58

Current opponents Scott Starin is running again.

Demographics Not unusual on what I track

Assessment Polis won easily in 2008, should be safe

District: CO-03

Location Western Colorado (bordering UT), and east along the southern edge (bordering NM), includes Durango and Pueblo and Aspen map

Cook PVI R + 5

Representative John Salazar (D) Not confirmed

VoteView rank 207/447

First elected  2004

2008 margin 61-39 over Wayne Wolf

2006 margin 62-37

2004 margin 51-47

Obama margin 47-50

Bush margin 2004 55-44

Current opponents Martin Beeson

Demographics Relatively rural (39%, 95th place) few Blacks (0.7%, 23rd least) or Asians (0.5%, rank NA) but 21.5% Latino (69th most)

Assessment This is a Republican district, but Salazar, a moderate Democrat, seems safe.  It’d be nice to have a more progressive rep, but better a blue dog than a red Repub.  

District: CO-04

Location Shaped like a backwards F, this is eastern CO (bordering KS and NE) and moves a bit west to Fort Collins (bordering WY) and the northwestern suburbs of Denver map

Cook PVI R + 6

Representative Betsey Markey (D) Not confirmed

VoteView rank NA

First elected  2008

2008 margin 56-44 over Marilyn Musgrave

2006 margin NA

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 49-50

Bush margin 2004 58-41

Current opponents  Two confirmed Republicans and a bunch of possibles (see Wiki

Demographics 23rd fewest Blacks (0.7%)

Assessment This is a Republican district; Musgrave was an awful person; even if Markey runs, it will probably be hard-fought.

District: CO-05

Location Central CO, including Colorado Springs map

Cook PVI R + 14

Representative Doug Lamborn (R)

VoteView rank 439.5/447

First elected  2006

2008 margin 60-37 over Hal Bidlack

2006 margin 60-40

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 40-59

Bush margin 2004 66-33

Current opponents None declared.  Possible primary challenge

Demographics More veterans than all but 4 districts, and the 33rd most Republican district.

Assessment A long shot

District: CO-06

Location Exurbs of Denver, and a large area south and east of Denver map

Cook PVI R + 8

Representative Mike Coffman (R) Not confirmed

VoteView rank NA

First elected  2008

2008 margin 60-40 over Hank Eng

2006 margin 59-40

2004 margin 59-39

Obama margin 46-53

Bush margin 2004 60-39

Current opponents Two declared Democrats:

David Canter


John Flerlage

I don’t have a strong sense of either of them.

Assessment This is a Republican district; if Coffman runs, it’s a longshot.  Even if he does not, it will be tough.

District: CO-07

Location More of suburban Denver, and a long strip eastward map

Cook PVI D + 4

Representative Ed Perlmutter (D)

VoteView rank 203.5/447

First elected  2006

2008 margin 63-37 over John Lerew

2006 margin 55-42

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 59-40

Bush margin 2004 48-51

Current opponents Brian Campbell

Demographics Not unusual in what I track

Assessment Of the Democrats in CO, this is probably the  least safe, but the Republicans don’t even have a declared candidate

District: CT-01

Location Shaped like a backwards C, including Hartford and suburbs, running north to tha border of MA, and looping south and then west to almost form a circle map

Cook PVI D + 13

Representative John Larson (D) Not confirmed

VoteView rank 119.5

First elected  1998

2008 margin 71-26 over Joe Visconti

2006 margin 74-26

2004 margin 73-27

Obama margin 66-33

Bush margin 2004 39-60

Current opponents None declared

Demographics Not unusual on things I track

Assessment Safe

District: CT-02

Location Eastern CT, bordering RI, MA and Long Island Sound, including Storrs and New London map

Cook PVI D + 6

Representative Joe Courtney (D)

VoteView rank 137/447

First elected  2006

2008 margin 65-32 over Sean Sullivan

2006 margin 83 votes

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 59-40

Bush margin 2004  44-54

Current opponents Matthew Daly and Daria Novak

Demographics 31st fewest people in poverty (5.8%)

Assessment One close race, one easy victory.  I won’t say “safe” but it looks good.  Novak’s website is like a joke (see the Wiki for a link), with no  issues and some pix of her at a tea party. Daly has a more professional website, but he’s a wingnut, not suited to the district.

District: CT-03

Location New Haven and areas around it map

Cook PVI D + 9

Representative Rosa DeLauro

VoteView rank 93/447

First elected  1990

2008 margin 77-20 over Bo Itshaky

2006 margin 76-22

2004 margin 72-25

Obama margin 63-36

Bush margin 2004 42-56

Current opponents Itshaky is running again.

Demographics Not unusual on what I track

Assessment Safe

District: CT-04

Location NYC suburbs – Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Bridgeport, bordering NY and Long Island Sound map

Cook PVI D + 5

Representative Jim Himes (D)

VoteView rank NA

First elected  2008

2008 margin 51-48 over Chris Shays

2006 margin NA

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 60-40

Bush margin 2004 48-52

Current opponents None declared

Demographics 30th richest district (median income = $67K)

Assessment Himes won a close one over the incumbent Shays; how safe this is probably depends on the opponent.

District: CT-05

Location Western CT, bordering NY and MA, but going inland to New Britain and Meriden map

Cook PVI D + 2

Representative Chris Murphy (D)

VoteView rank 142/447

First elected  2006

2008 margin 59-39 over David Capiello

2006 margin 54-44

2004 margin NA

Obama margin 56-42

Bush margin 2004 49-49

Current opponents Justin Bernier

Demographics Not unusual on what I track

Assessment Probably safe.

District: DE-AL

Location Delaware.  

Cook PVI D + 7

Representative Mike Castle (R) Not confirmed

VoteView rank 250/447

First elected  1992

2008 margin 61-38 over Karen Hartley Nagle

2006 margin 57-39

2004 margin 69-30

Obama margin 62-37

Bush margin 2004 46-53

Current opponents John Carney and Scott Spencer; neither website has much on the issues.

Demographics Not unusual on what I track

Assessment Castle used to win more easily, and he’s getting older, and has been ill, and Delaware is more and more Democratic…. we have a shot!

Several new Rasmussen Pres. swing state polls


McCain (R) 47%

Obama (D) 47%…


McCain (R) 48%

Obama (D) 47%…


Obama (D) 50%

McCain (R) 42%…


Obama (D) 49%

McCain (R) 48%…


Obama (D) 50%

McCain (R) 47%…

Solid numbers for Obama in all five states.

Weekend Update: Don Young, CO Personhood Amendment, MA Senate, NM

Don Young filed for re-election as Alaska’s deadline neared opening up a knock down drag out battle with Sean Parnell for the GOP nod.  Young’s announcement was frankly weird.  He admitted to be aggressive and a bully in Washington but said he got along with Alaskans unless they crossed him.  It sounded like bad dialogue from one of those really old westerns.

Young’s campaign site is further testament to his overblown ego.  While he uses the headline “Congressman for All Alaska”, Young freely admits that he only represents the people who vote for him and not those who voted for the other candidates.  I guess he’s not the Congressman for All Alaskans.

Then new headlines emerge: “No one has done more.  No one can do more.” All this while some truly magnificent pictures of Alaska scenery stream by in the background.  Folks, the site is borderline delusional and has just a hint of borderline blasphemy to it.  Don Young did not create mountains and glaciers and all these neat thins.  IIRC, no people either.  Guess he gets along better with the scenery than with the people.

Young’s announcement was expected and it may not have been the craziest item over the wekend. That probably goes to Amendment 48, a proposed set of changes to the Colorado Constitutionthat would change the definition of “person” to include “any human being from the moment of fertilization.”  The Amendment will be on the November 4 ballot having already survived a Colorado Court challenge and received 103,000 valid signatures.

Prominent backers of the Amendment include the Colorado Springs based Focus on the Family and the Catholic Church.  The Amendment would allow what the Denver Post blithely called the “preborn” to due and be sued just like real or corporate persons. The Denver Post says it “would guarantee the pre-born the right to life, liberty sand due process of law.”

Clearly, the Amendment would jeopardize the status of abortion and abortion providers within Colorado while opening up mew forms of employment for Colorado lawyers.  Mom, Dad, and the pre-born plus the prosecutor.  How expensive and nuts.  In the hands of a zealous prosecutor or a wingnut lawyer the number of suits against mom-to-be (or is it mom?) who drinks, drives fast or even over indulges on junk food is clearly in the cards.

I also wonder whether “pre-borns” would count in Colorado’s census and reapportionment (local) issues.  In 2006 Colorado had 70,737 borths giving the “pre-born” a population of 53,000.  Averaging over 5 years, the number would be 51,000.  How would you like to lose a Congressman to the pre-born? (And yes it sounds like the pre-cogs from that Tom Cruise picture of a few years ago).

The strategy is to make abortion this year’s anti-gun or anti-gay theme to turn out fundies in Colorado.  The state’s three Republican Congress critters are Tom Tancredo, Marilyn Musgrave and Doug Lamborn who flirts with the lowest score in the country on the Progressive Punch scale.  Lamborn may not be sufficiently colorful enough as he seems to be generating some serious opposition.

Colorado and Alaska are tied in, of course, by the use of Mt. denali as photo footage background by Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.

The Boston Globe is reporting that top Republican recruit Jim Ogonowski fell 82 valid signatures short of the required number to place on the primary ballot. Ogo’s spokesman says he has the signatures but they haven;t been reported yet.  Ogo’s opponent says he’ll mount a challenge if Ogo breaks the barrier. Fun, fun, fun.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, New Mexico’s Pajamas Pete Domenici is endorsing his protege, Heather Wilson, for the Senate calling Wilson one of the smartest people he knows.  A few years ago, this would have been a touching and meaningful tribute.  Now?  Who knows.

Background on the Staten Island situation.  A City Council member makes $112,000 for a part time job.  State Senators make an official $79,500 that expands routinely to $92,000.  Assembly members are more likely to take home $79,500 although many bring home $92 K

.  Given the costs of a second home or the possibility of part time legal work, the $165 salary really is not too attractive.